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In the hospital, Ridge asks Steffy if she remembers who shot her that night. Taylor explains they don’t want to cause her stress but can she recall anything that happened at Il Giardino. Steffy croaks out a word that sounds like ‘mother’ but is probably ‘water’.

In the waiting area, Liam, Hope, Paris and Zende have reason to hope now that Steffy’s regained consciousness. They go over how fierce Steffy is and how she would never leave Kelly and Hayes. Liam sighs a breath of relief that she’s been given another chance.

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Hope calls Brooke off screen and reports that she’s thrilled Steffy’s awake and wants to come to the hospital, but also wants to be respectful of Taylor and Ridge at this time. Paris goes back to wondering who shot Steffy.

In the hospital room, Thomas realizes it hurts Steffy to talk. He suggests they let her write it down, but Sheila intervenes. Ridge barks at her to stay out of it and they finally understand Steffy is asking for water. Taylor gives her a drink through a straw. Ridge asks again, “Do you remember anything?” Steffy shakes her head. Sheila exhales with a tiny smile of relief.
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In the hallway, Zende hangs up from updating Carter as Thomas comes out of Steffy’s room. Liam asks if she’s spoken yet. Thomas says she asked for some water. Zende thinks Taylor and Ridge must be relieved and Paris figures Steffy can feel the love. Liam asks if the worst of it is over. Thomas explains she won the battle but there’s a whole war… they have to hope there are no more surprises.

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In Steffy’s room, Taylor urges her daughter to rest so she can heal. Sheila stands there and listens as Taylor tells Steffy she’s not being given opioids and that they’re ensuring she has excellent care. Bridget comes in to check on the patient and asks how Steffy’s feeling. She croaks, “Okay.” Bridget asks if she knows why she’s there. Steffy says, “Shot.” Taylor worries she’s not saying much and guesses she’s repressed the traumatic memory. Sheila asks if there’s a chance she’ll never remember. Bridget explains her memories could come back in snippets or all at once. Taylor knows Steffy will want justice — whoever did this will be held accountable. For now, as her mother, all she cares about is that she’s back with them. Ridge slings an arm around Taylor’s shoulder and Sheila stares nervously at Steffy.

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In the corridor, Liam worries about other things that could go wrong for Steffy. Thomas tells the group to keep up the positivity. Paris wants Thomas to let her know that everyone at Forrester was cheering when they learned she’d woken up. Liam asks if she has any memory of what happened. Thomas explains that as of now she doesn’t remember anything.
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In the room, Sheila fishes with Bridget to find out if Steffy is improving. She reports that she’s responding really well to treatment. Taylor and Ridge are thrilled. Finn would be happy to know she’s being looked after by such an amazing doctor. They all head out into the hallway, where Sheila warns Ridge and Taylor, “We shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.” They look at her oddly, and she tells Taylor she’s happy for her. Taylor enthuses to Ridge that they’re blessed — they really are — but wonders how they’ll tell her about Finn. Ridge feels they’ll have to be strong for her; they’ll have to be there for her. He turns to Sheila and informs her they feel for her and hope she finds peace, but it’s time for her to go. Taylor intervenes to say she can stay. Sheila is the grandmother of Steffy’s child — she’s part of them. “She belongs here.”
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Hope and Liam pay a visit to Steffy in her hospital room, but she has her eyes closed. They marvel that she came back to them and will be back to her old self in no time. Hope relays that everyone at Forrester sends their love and so does her mom. Liam tells Steffy that the kids are doing great. She’ll be back on her feet with Kelly and Hayes in no time. They leave her to rest, but she opens her eyes and watches them exit the room.

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In the hall, Ridge informs Taylor that Steffy is not part of them. Sheila interjects, “My son is dead.” Ridge knows that, but she can mourn him in her own way. He doesn’t think Steffy would want Sheila here. Taylor blurts that she would if she knew! She tells Sheila, “I have to tell him.” She recounts how she found Sheila on the roof ready to jump. “Something happened up there, Ridge. Sheila saved my life.” Ridge, bewildered, asks how. Taylor explains how she slipped and fell off the roof and was literally dangling off the ledge. Sheila found the strength to pull her back up onto the roof. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her!” Ridge looks at Sheila and then at Taylor. Sheila looks in at Steffy in her hospital bed through the window blinds.

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