Sheila panic B&B
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In her hospital room, Steffy gasps, “No! Shee-la.” Taylor and Ridge turn to see Sheila in the room behind them.

In the waiting area, Liam and Hope return from getting coffee and everyone’s gone. Bridget happens along and relays it’s good news — Steffy regained consciousness! They all embrace in relief. Liam asks if she’s out of danger and Bridget assures it’s a step in the right direction. The doctor takes off as Paris and Zende arrive. Liam shares the news that Steffy’s awake.

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In Steffy’s room, Thomas is thrilled to have his sister back. Ridge relays that he had a word with the big man upstairs and she came back. Steffy drowsily asks, “What… happened?” No one answers. She tries to say, “Hospital,” but Taylor tells her not to talk. Thomas realizes she doesn’t know why she’s there. Ridge tells her she was shot. As she digests this news, Sheila grimaces in the corner.

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In the hall, Zende and Paris question the shooting and she asks if Finn is really dead. Liam’s expression confirms it. Zende says, “Thank God we didn’t lose both of them.” Liam explains they think it was a robbery gone wrong. Paris finds it strange that they were even there. Zende wonders if they went there for dinner and parked out back. Paris asks if Steffy knows Finn is gone. Liam points out that depends on the timing… if Finn was shot first. Paris agonizes, “Who would do something like this?!?” Zende figures they walked into something they couldn’t have anticipated. Paris asks after Ridge. Liam says he’s trying to be strong but it’s tough. Zende can’t imagine what losing her would do to Ridge. Hope and Paris speak optimistically about Steffy fighting her way back to her kids. Zende asks how Liam is doing, so he opens up about the thought of Steffy not being around, which is something he wasn’t prepared to face. The group muses about not taking life for granted. Zende still can’t imagine who would just shoot them and then disappear into the night.
Paris, Zende, Liam, Hope hospital B&B

In Steffy’s room, Sheila flashes to Steffy yelling, “You’re sick!” at her in the alley. She suggests Taylor’s right about not rushing Steffy’s recovery. Ridge becomes irritated by her interjecting herself. Steffy says, “Shot… why?”

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In the hall, Liam tells Hope he’s beyond grateful Steffy’s awake but he’s still processing. Paris just can’t believe that Finn is gone. Zende can’t imagine Steffy without him. Liam frets that he never told Finn how much it meant that he loved his child. “I don’t know how to tell Kelly she’s never going to see him again.” Hope assures they’ll find a way to tell her as a family. Liam cringes. “It’s just the way we lost Finn… it’s so senseless.” Paris hopes the police are close to finding the person. Hope feels maybe Steffy will be able to shed light on it.

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In Steffy’s room, Ridge tells his daughter that she was shot in what appeared to be a robbery. She asks, “What happened?” Her father asks if she remembers anything. Steffy croaks, “I…” Taylor insists they let her rest, but Ridge wants to find the lunatic with a gun. Sheila pipes up that as a nurse, she feels they shouldn’t over-stress her. Ridge struggles to keep his patience with Sheila in check. He turns back to Steffy and asks who she thinks put her there. Steffy looks past him at Sheila.
Sheila panic B&B

In the hallway, Paris looks at photos of Finn, Steffy and the kids on her phone. She tells Zende that she can’t imagine moving on without Finn. She runs down his terrific attributes — he’s a wonderful guy who didn’t deserve this.
Zende, Paris B&B

Nearby, Hope remarks to Liam that what really hurts is this is the happiest she had seen Steffy in her life. Liam sighs and says they’ll all be there for her. Zende and Paris rejoin them as Liam hopes that this won’t change Steffy, who is such a fearless person. “Put me in a room with the guy who did this, I swear to God,” he stews. Hope reminds him they need to focus on getting Steffy back. Zende can’t imagine who would want to shut Steffy down like this.

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In the hospital room, Ridge asks Steffy why she was at Il Giardino’s. Steffy can’t remember. Sheila tries to get him to stop questioning her, but Ridge snarls that this is between him and his daughter. Steffy grunts and grimaces as she struggles to remember. Taylor says, “If you can tell us, please tell us.” Steffy grapples with her memory as Sheila watches intently.

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