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On the hospital roof, Sheila hangs onto Taylor by one arm as she screams, “Don’t drop me!!!”

In the waiting area, Thomas, Liam and Ridge worry about Steffy. Thomas hasn’t heard from his mom and decides to text her.

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In Steffy’s room, Hope tells her unconscious step-sister, “It’s not your time, Steffy. It’s not.” She admits that, growing up, she always looked up to her. She always had an innate strength within her. “I’ve learned a lot from you. So, we can’t stop now.” Hope feels if anyone can overcome this tragedy, it’s Steffy.
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In the waiting area, Thomas gets no response from Taylor and the men debate her taking time to help Sheila when she has her own stuff going on. Ridge doesn’t think it’s the best thing right now — she’s barely holding on.

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On the roof, Taylor scrabbles and claws her way back up onto the ledge with Sheila’s help. They embrace, look down at the ground, and Taylor sobs in Sheila’s arms, “Thank you. You saved my life. You saved my life!”
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Hope rejoins Liam, Thomas and Ridge in the waiting area. She says Bridget’s in with Steffy now. Ridge decides to go in. Liam asks if Hope’s okay. She tears up. Thomas was right that it’s really hard to see her like that — fighting for her life.
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In Steffy’s room, Ridge asks Bridget to tell him she has something; anything. Bridget wishes she could. She encourages him to talk to his daughter and try to reach her. “We really need her to wake up.” Once alone with Steffy, Ridge tells her it’s time to open her eyes and come back to them.

On the roof, Taylor keeps thanking Sheila, who says, “Don’t thank me. I am so sorry, Taylor.” Taylor understands she’s in so much pain. Sheila gasps, “If you had died too…” Taylor states that she didn’t, because Sheila saved her life. Sheila says, “You saved mine.” Taylor feels she deserves a happy life. Sheila asks, “Do I?” Taylor says she does, with Hayes, “And I’m here for you. You saved my life, Sheila.” If that doesn’t give her a place in their family, she doesn’t know what does. Taylor reminds her what happened to Finn and Steffy was not her fault. But she just stopped a tragedy from happening. “Finn would be so proud of you.” Taylor wants to go inside and assures, “We don’t have to tell anyone what happened.” Sheila cries and they sit with their heads together on the ground.
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In the hospital corridor, Hope knows this is painful for Liam, who says he just keeps thinking about the history. He can’t handle the idea that Kelly and Hayes would lose Steffy. Taylor and Sheila appear. Taylor claims her phone was on silent and she was just having a much-needed heart-to-heart. She asks after Steffy and Thomas explains there’s no change. They hope Ridge will be able to reach her.

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In Steffy’s room, Ridge doesn’t know what to do. Everyone’s been in to talk to her and nothing’s changing. He decides to pray to God for help for Steffy to pull herself out of this. “I can’t lose her. You’ve already taken my other daughter and I’m still not sure why you would do that.” He asks God to take him instead. “I don’t need to be here anymore. She does.” He appeals to God to let her raise her kids. “Help her find a way back, please.” Just then, Steffy’s hand jerks and she slowly begins to come around. Ridge assures her it will be okay and then looks up and says, “Thank you.”
Steffy awakens B&B

Steffy tries to croak out something. Ridge tells her she’s in the hospital and they need to have Bridget look her over. Bridget rushes in and sits down to ask, “Steffy?”

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In the corridor, Sheila confirms that Steffy’s still unconscious and hasn’t been able to tell anyone what happened. Just then, Ridge rushes out and spreads the joyous news that she’s awake! Thomas, Taylor and Ridge all go back into Steffy’s room as Sheila grimaces. She steps in to watch as the family surrounds Steffy’s bed and explains she’s in the hospital and had surgery. They vow they’re looking after the kids and will pitch in until she’s back. Steffy tries to focus on her parents and whispers, “Dad. Mom.” She spots Thomas and then Sheila in the back of the room. She croaks, “No.” Taylor asks, “What is it, Steffy?” Steffy bites out, “Shee…la.”

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