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At the hospital, a weary Taylor gets some coffee from Ridge. She relays they’re still in with Steffy and they express relief that she made it through the night. Ridge remarks on Liam still being there — he still loves her very much.

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Elsewhere, Hope has brought some food and clothes for Liam, who tells her Steffy’s hanging in and he can’t help but think about the kids — they just lost Finn, are they going to lose their mother too? Hope reassures him. Liam agonizes about Steffy being all hooked up to the machines. She looks vulnerable, which is eerie because it’s not her. Hope can’t imagine what Ridge and Taylor are going through.

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In another hallway, Thomas catches up to Sheila and complains she never answers his question. She flashes to the scene in the alley as he asks, “Were you involved in the shooting?” Sheila gawps, “You think I wanted this to happen?” Thomas points out that what she did to Brooke proves she hasn’t changed. If the police asked him who hates his sister enough to shoot her, “Are you that person, Sheila?”
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Outside Steffy’s room, Bridget joins Ridge and Taylor and laments that there has been no improvement in their daughter’s condition. Brooke comes in, hugs Bridget and asks about Steffy. Bridget walks off and Brooke tells Ridge and Taylor she’s so sorry. “How could this happen?!?’ she exclaims.

In a waiting area, Liam rejoins Hope after changing his clothes. She assures him Steffy is a fighter and will be there for Hayes and Kelly. In the meantime, she will do everything she can for them because they’re all connected. The only way they’ll get though this is together. Hope goes over how she’s always respected Steffy even though they’ve had difficult times. She was so happy for her when she met Finn and now she’ll be waking up to a shattered world. Liam shakes his head. “It’s not going to be easy on her. But first things first — she’s got to wake up.”
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In the hall near Steffy’s room, Taylor thanks Brooke for coming. Brooke asks if there’s anything she can do and wonders if anyone has spoken to Finn’s family. Taylor and Ridge tell her about the scene between Li and Sheila. Taylor steps away to let them talk. Brooke imagines Ridge is scared and upset. He is and confides he doesn’t know what he should be doing. Brooke counsels that he just has to be there for Steffy and Taylor. Ridge reflects that the worst has already happened with Phoebe — it can’t happen again. “I can’t lose Steffy.” Brooke is still his wife and is there for him whatever he needs. They embrace.
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In their corner of the hospital, Sheila insists that Steffy being in there clinging to life scares her as much as it does Thomas. She hollers, “Do you really think I could shoot my own son? What kind of an animal would that make me?!?” Taylor appears and asks what’s going on. Thomas explains he asked Sheila if she was responsible for what happened to Steffy and Finn. Taylor can’t believe what he’s suggesting. Sheila interrupts, “Neither can I.” She knows Thomas is scared for Steffy and wondering if she’ll wake up and remember what happened. “I keep picturing it and I wonder how this could have happened. How life could be so cruel. What was Finn doing in that alley? Why was he there?!” She finally got to meet her son and tell him how proud she was of him… Sheila sobs about how spending Christmas Eve with him brought her so much joy. They were so close and now he’s ripped away from her forever. Taylor is so sorry. Sheila throws up her hands. “You can’t help me, Taylor! My son is gone and I’m never going to see him again.” She rushes off. Taylor asks Thomas to think about what Sheila is going through before following her.
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In the waiting area, Liam asks Hope if anyone has spoken to the kids. She says no, not until they know more. They’ll surround them with people who love them because that’s what Steffy and Finn would want. Liam marvels over the tragedy. He’s upset that Steffy was finally happy and a random monster decided to take it all away. Liam hates the feeling of trying to remember the last conversation he had with her. “Was it enough? Should I have said more?” Hope assures him Steffy knows how much he cares about her. Liam admits he’s been overwhelmed by memories. “The truth is, even if Steffy pulls through, nothing is going to be the same ever again.”

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Outside Steffy’s room, Thomas joins Ridge and Brooke, who tells him how sorry she is about Steffy. Thomas thanks her and updates Ridge that Taylor went after Sheila, who was all upset. He thinks it’s weird — she’s always the one who’s hurting people, but this time she’s the one in pain.

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On the roof of the hospital, Sheila flashes to Finn taking the bullet and asks the sky, “Why?!” She just wanted to be loved and be with her son and grandson. Of all the horrible things she’s done in her life… taking her own son’s life… She flashes to embracing Finn. “I can’t go on without you.” Sheila steps up on the ledge and cries, “I’m coming! I’m coming Finn!” She looks down at the ground below as Taylor appears and screams, “Sheila! Don’t do it! Don’t jump! Don’t!!!”
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