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In Steffy’s hospital room, Ridge tells his unconscious daughter this is not how it’s supposed to be. He can’t get over someone pulling a gun on her and wonders who would do something so horrible.

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In the corridor, Li fumes as she warns Sheila to stop calling herself Finn’s mother. Sheila pleads with her to let her see him one last time. Li flatly refuses and grits out, “No.” Sheila argues that Li can’t keep her from Finn. Li can and will. Taylor tries to intervene but Sheila persists. She feels she didn’t get to see Finn grow up and deserves one final goodbye. Li demands that Sheila to respect her wishes — she is the mother who was always there for him!

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Nearby, Liam works to reassure Thomas that Steffy will be okay. She won’t leave her children. Thomas questions, “Why? Why did this happen?” Liam suggests they focus on being there for Steffy right now. Thomas worries, “What if it’s not enough?” Liam insists that kind of thinking isn’t helping anyone.
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In Steffy’s hospital room, Ridge predicts that she’ll soon open her eyes and make him very happy. He urges her to rest. “I’m right here.” Liam enters the room and asks, “How is she?” Ridge says, “She’s here. With us.” He walks out and leaves Liam alone with her.

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Ridge joins the women arguing in the hall. He wants to help. Li bellows that he can’t help. There’s nothing anyone can do! Her only child is dead. Just then, Deputy Chief Baker shows up. Ridge wants to know if he found the animal who did this. Baker thinks they should have the conversation in private. Ridge introduces Baker to Li. Baker greets her and repeats they should talk in private. Sheila figures it has to do with her and explains she’s Finn’s birth mother. Baker tells the group that the shooting appears to be a robbery since Finn’s wallet and Steffy’s purse are missing, but it’s a mystery as to why they were back there and there are no cameras in the area. He asks if any of them know if they know of anyone who had a vendetta against Steffy or Finn. Li says everyone who knew Finn loved him. Baker promises her the perpetrator will be found and brought to justice. Sheila looks ill.
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In Steffy’s room, Liam doesn’t know if she can hear him, but he wants to assume she can. He figures she’s wondering why he’s there. They’re still a part of each other and always will be through Kelly and through the experiences they’ve shared… the joy, the struggles. They beat them all. He knows this because they still care about each other and support each other, “And love each other.” Liam can’t imagine his life without her — he won’t accept a world without her in it. “Come on back. Come on. We can’t lose you.” Liam tells her there’s no one like her in the world and gets choked up before continuing about the loving and kind “supermom” she is. He’s so grateful he got to have Kelly with her. Liam pleads with her to fight and keep fighting. When she comes back it will make so many people happy… but no one more than him.
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In the corridor, Li tells Taylor and Ridge she has to get going; she just came by to check on Steffy. Taylor knows Finn was her world and assures they’ll keep him alive for Hayes’ sake. Li tells them to focus on Steffy — she’ll take care of everything for her son.

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Elsewhere, Sheila paces angrily as she flashes through her arguments with Li. Thomas corners her and she tells him it’s not the time or place. Thomas informs Sheila she should leave. Sheila won’t allow Li to block her access to her son. Thomas says she’s grieving. Sheila scoffs, “And I’m not.” Thomas isn’t on her side. He knows her; he knows what she’s capable of. Thomas thinks about how she did something so awful to Brooke and has to wonder if she could have something to do with this. “Are you involved at all in what happened to my sister?”
Thomas confronts Sheila B&B

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In Steffy’s room, Liam flashes through memories of his happiest days with her. He tells Steffy they have so many more milestones to hit, and she needs to be there for all of them. “You will not be taken from us, Steffy. I won’t let you.” Kelly and Hayes need their mother and he needs her too. “Come back. I will always love you. Always.”

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