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In the alley, a frantic Deacon asks Steffy if she can hear him, hollers for the ambulance, and wonders what the hell happened.

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In her hotel room, Sheila shakes and paces in agony as she flashes back to her encounter with Steffy in the alley and to shooting Finn. “My boy. My precious boy. What have I done?” she croaks. Sheila runs to the wastebasket and vomits.

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At Forrester Creations, Thomas, Taylor and Ridge continue their conversation about how much Steffy loves running the company. Ridge doesn’t think she needs him anymore, especially with Thomas by her side. Taylor and Ridge are just thrilled that their kids are happy and will live long, healthy lives. Taylor thinks it’s great the way the three of them work together, and talk turns to Steffy being a “doer” who gets things done, just like her grandmother Stephanie. Talk turns to Finn and Ridge goes on about how much he likes him. He wonders where all his good qualities come from given his birth mother is a psycho.
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In the alley, the paramedics have arrived, and Deacon informs them he found them like this. He gives their names when asked and pleads with them to do something. “Is she alive?!?” Deacon watches in horror as the paramedics work on Steffy. The paramedic relays that Steffy is alive. A cop arrives and the paramedic relays they have two gunshot victims who are critical. Deacon tells the officer he couldn’t find a pulse and frets.

In her hotel room, Sheila rocks and mutters that she didn’t want to hurt anybody. Finn wasn’t even supposed to be there. “No, Finn. Not my son.”
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In the alley, Deacon rants that Finn can’t be dead as they cover his face with a sheet and wheel him away. The cop questions Deacon, who just found them on the ground and didn’t hear gunshots. He wonders, “Who the hell would do this?”
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In her room, Sheila looks into the mirror and says, “I killed my own son.” She brushes her hair aggressively.

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At the hospital, Bridget is there when Steffy is wheeled in. She says she knows her. “We’re going to take good care of you.”
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In the alley, Deacon is insistent on making a call to let the family know what’s going on. The officer tells him to do it, but put it on speakerphone. Deacon calls Ridge and pleads with him not to hang up. “I’m at the restaurant and there’s been a shooting.” In the office, Ridge reels as Deacon tells him that Finn and Steffy were shot. “Finn didn’t make it and Steffy’s not doing well,” Deacon tells him before warning, “Ridge, go now. Steffy needs you.”
Ridge gets bad news call B&B

In the office, Ridge disconnects and relays to Thomas and Taylor that Steffy and Finn have been shot. They all take off.

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In her hotel room, Sheila flashes to warning Steffy not to make the call. “Steffy wouldn’t listen. Now they’re both dead.” Just then, Deacon knocks. “Sheila it’s me. Open up, I need to talk to you.” Sheila straightens up before answering the door and joking that if were a couple minutes earlier he could have taken a shower with her. Deacon walks to the mini-bar and downs a shot. Sheila asks, “Is something wrong?” Deacon tells her it’s terrible… she needs to sit down. “It’s Steffy and Finn. They’ve been shot.” Sheila reacts, “Shot?” She asks if they’re okay and says they’d better go. Deacon stops her. “Sheila. Sorry…” Sheila shakes her head and cries, “Don’t.” Deacon says, “Sheila he’s gone. He didn’t make it. I’m so sorry.” Sheila falls onto the bed sobbing.
Deacon break news Sheila B&B

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Taylor, Thomas and Ridge fly into the hospital and ask about Steffy. Bridget appears and says she’s been shot. She’s unconscious and has lost a lot of blood. Steffy’s in grave condition and they’re awaiting results of her CT scan for head trauma. Taylor demands that they be allowed to see her. Bridget reluctantly says, “Follow me.”
Ridge, Taylor, Bridget B&B

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In Steffy’s hospital room, Bridget warns, “She’s very weak, you can only stay a few minutes.” Taylor gasps at the sight of her daughter and Ridge holds her. Ridge and Thomas tell Steffy they’re there. Taylor says, “We love you, baby.” Ridge declares that she’ll pull through this; she has to. Taylor gets close to Steffy to urge her to keep breathing. “That’s all you have to do right now.” Thomas and Ridge exchange a pained glance as Taylor tells Steffy her babies need her. “I want you to fight with everything inside of you.” She sobs, “Steffy…” Ridge takes Taylor in his arms as she breaks down.

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Deacon tries to comfort Sheila, and Brooke’s intuition goes into overdrive.

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