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Sheila holds Steffy up against the dumpster in the alley. Steffy tells her to let go of her, but Sheila wants her to let go of the idea she has any say in this. “You think I’m not going to have a place in my son’s life? My grandson’s? You think again.”
Sheila, Steffy dumpster B&B

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At Forrester Creations, Taylor tells Ridge she wishes Thomas would ease up a bit, but he likes that their kids don’t hide their feelings. Taylor muses that they’ll be fine no matter what happens — their happiness doesn’t hinge on them being a couple. She wishes Thomas would focus on his future and his own love life. Ridge marvels jokingly that Steffy has it all and still has time to meddle in their lives. Taylor is proud of her and reveals she was so worried about her when she was stuck in that cycle with Liam. She watched it with them growing up. Taylor’s not worried now that she’s found Finn. Ridge couldn’t have picked a better husband for her — he’s perfect except for his mother. They launch into a discussion about Sheila. Taylor insists her guard is always up when she’s interacting with her. Ridge is glad because she’s as dangerous now as she’s always been.

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He asks why Sheila’s been coming around Taylor, who explains she wants them together… maybe it’s because she shot her. She thinks Sheila wants to change. Ridge warns her to be very, very careful about believing in Sheila. Taylor knows what she’s capable of, but she’s Finn’s mother… they share a grandson. “I’m on high alert.” Talk turns back to Finn being a good guy. Taylor’s so happy; her daughter is so fulfilled. Ridge agrees. Taylor thinks everything is just going to get better for Steffy. She gushes over what a great team Finn and Steffy are.

At the hospital, Finn looks at his phone and says, “Come on, Steffy. Text me back.” He frowns at the phone and puzzles, “Il Giardino? What are you doing there?” He tells a staff member he has to go out and leaves.
Finn looks at phone B&B

In the alley, Steffy tells Sheila she doesn’t want to fight with her. Sheila lets her go — she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. She wants to be loved as a member of the family. Steffy informs her she’ll never be loved; not by her, and not by Finn.

In the car, Finn frets over Steffy not texting him back and flashes through conversations with Sheila and about her. He muses that his mother is never going to change. “Getting Brooke drunk, you need to stay away from my wife.” He steps on the gas with a furious look on his face.

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In the alley, Sheila tries to convince Steffy to let her parents get together and put this stuff with Brooke behind them. They can say something later down the line after Taylor and Ridge have remarried. Steffy won’t let her parents start their life together based on a lie. Sheila hisses, “Stop being so high and mighty!” She did this for Steffy and her family. Steffy retorts that she did this for herself. Is she supposed to be thanking a psychopath for putting this all in motion. She should be thanking Brooke or anyone who is willing to join her in keeping Sheila away from her husband and son. Sheila intones, “The losing team.” Dark music plays as Sheila moves in closer and warns, “No one is ever going to keep me away from Finn and Hayes. Not even you, Steffy.”

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Steffy tells Sheila that Finn is going to know everything. Once he hears what she’s been saying he’ll hate her as much as she does. Sheila grimaces in anger. “Why do you have to fight me?” Steffy wants nothing to do with her — she’s sick, unhinged and shot her mother. Sheila argues she served her time. Steffy hollers that she’s right back to her old ways. She hurts people to get what she wants. Finn is her husband, Hayes is her son and she’s in control, “Know when to give up.” Sheila vows she will stop her. “You know what it’s like, you’re a mother. You’d do the same. Finn means everything to me. I love him more than life itself. You’d do anything in your power to protect your relationship with your child.” Steffy says that’s what she doesn’t get — she doesn’t have a relationship, not with Finn and not with Hayes “You’re never going to see them again.” The words “never see them again” reverberate repeatedly though Sheila’s mind as she pivots away and pulls out a gun. Just as she turns around to shoot Steffy, Finn appears and runs in between them. Sheila’s bullet rips through Finn’s gut. Finn falls onto a pile of garbage as Steffy looks on in shocked horror and Sheila screams, “No! Noooo!”

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At Forrester, Ridge tells Taylor that Steffy’s ready to run the company alone. “I know she can do it. It’s a nice feeling. She’s one hell of a leader.” Taylor thinks she’s one hell of a woman. She goes on about how proud she is and how bright her future is. Ridge can’t wait to see what she does next.
Steffy, Finn dead B&B

In the alley, Steffy sobs over Finn’s body, “Oh my God there’s so much blood!” She begs and pleads for him to wake up. Suddenly he coughs and asks, “What happened.” Steffy hyperventilates as she gasps that they have to get him to a hospital. “I love you.” Finn’s chest rises and falls as he begins dying. He asks her to make sure Hayes has a good life and tells Steffy he loves her. When he’s gone, Steffy wails and screams,”Nooo!” Sheila cries, standing over them. “My baby.” Steffy hollers that she’s a monster and starts dialing 911. She hits 9, then 1, and as her finger hovers over the 1, Sheila aims the gun tells her to put down the phone and snarls, “Don’t do it, Steffy.”

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