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In the alley, Steffy tells Sheila she hasn’t changed. Sheila argues Brooke is the one who hasn’t changed. Steffy points out what happened was because of her. She’ll never have a relationship with Finn and Hayes. She’s a psychopath and Steffy knows just how far she’s willing to go to get what she wants.

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At home, Brooke updates Hope and Liam that she went to see Ridge. She betrayed his trust and now will have to deal with the consequences whatever they may be. Hope suggests she forgive herself either way. Brooke confirms that’s also what Ridge says. She muses that he seems happier at Steffy’s and may feel safer with Taylor. Hope reminds her mom she’s still married to him, so she still has a chance. Brooke won’t give up. Liam and Hope urge her to have faith that they belong together. Brooke recaps that she pleaded with him to come home and she could tell he was torn, though he’s staying put for now. Thomas and Steffy are doing everything they possibly can to keep them apart.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge walks up to the office door and listens as Thomas asks Taylor to confirm she wants to get back together with him. Ridge enters and is glad to see the “pretty one” is still there. Taylor jokes he must be looking for Thomas. Ridge wants to hear the answer to his son’s question. Taylor muses about whether she wants to get back together with him and quips, “What do you think?” She thinks she’s been honest about how she feels, but she also thinks Ridge needs to heal right now and doesn’t need any pressure. Thomas admits he and his sister have been “a little vocal” on the matter. Taylor tells her son they need to ease up on them. Ridge could go back to Brooke at any time. Thomas understands if they’re going to make a go of it, his father has to want to be with his mother as much as she wants to be with him. Taylor asks him to promise he won’t do anything to interfere with his father making his own decision about Brooke.
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In the alley, Steffy hollers about Sheila switching the labels on the champagne bottles and getting Brooke drunk. Sheila snaps and admits it. Steffy should be thanking her; she just solidified her father’s place in her family. Sheila taunts, “Don’t try to pretend this isn’t what you’ve always wanted,” and creeps in close to whisper, “You’re welcome.”
Steffy, Sheila alley B&B

Sheila chortles that Ridge has thrown his life away on a drunken slut. She allowed Brooke to stop suppressing her desire to drink and cheat — and because she did, Steffy’s father is living at her house. It won’t be long until he and Taylor are back together again. That, Sheila tells Steffy, is what she wants. “Because you’re my family too.” Sheila feels Steffy will one day be able to accept her the way her mother has. “She’s so wonderful. Giving me a chance. Believing that I’ve changed.” Steffy yells, “No you haven’t! What you did to Brooke proves it! You will never have a place in our lives. I’m putting an end to this.” Sheila asks, “To what?” Steffy snarls, “To you.” She informs Sheila she’s done — she never wants to see her face again!
Steffy, Sheila alley B&B

At home, Brooke takes a call from Bridget, who is at the hospital in town. Brooke asks her to stop by soon. She disconnects and updates Hope and Liam. Hope is pleased since she’ll have backup now. Talk turns back to the split from Ridge. Brooke explains she’s having a feeling lately that she and Ridge are up against more than they realize. Hope wonders if she’s suggesting Thomas and Steffy are manipulating somehow. Brooke just thinks there’s a bigger explanation to all of this.

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In the alley, Sheila warns Steffy she can’t say anything to Taylor. She can’t tell anyone why Brooke drank. “Think of your mother.” Steffy tells her she’s insane. She demands to know how long Thomas has been involved. Sheila relays he just found out recently and she told him the same thing. “You need to keep quiet Steffy.” Doesn’t her father deserve to be free of Brooke? Steffy says he does, but not this way; not because Sheila did something sick. Sheila tries, “I exposed Brooke.” Steffy counters, “You exposed yourself for the dangerous person that you are. Everyone’s going to know the truth.” She adds, “You are never having a relationship with Finn.” Sheila gets in Steffy’s face and warns her not to do a damn thing to get between her and Finn. “You keep your mouth shut,” she seethes.
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At Forrester Creations, Thomas seeks to establish if his father still has feelings for his mom. Ridge replies, “Of course I do.” Thomas realizes he’s still married to Brooke, but he sees two people who could build an incredible life together and it seems meant to be. Ridge and Taylor smile.

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In the alley, Steffy asks, “You’re warning me? Or threatening me?” Sheila accuses her daughter-in-law of baiting her. Steffy remarks, “To show that you haven’t changed? Yeah, whatever works.” Sheila complains she hasn’t given her a chance since she returned. Only her mother was willing to do that. Steffy sneers, “You’re not reformed, Sheila.” Sheila wonders what Steffy would have done in her place — Brooke told her she would never have a relationship with her son. “I couldn’t let her get in the way and I won’t let you either.” Steffy muses, “So this is a threat.” Sheila didn’t want it to be this way, but Finn’s the only child she can have a life with… a life she could have had with her too. “I really wanted that Steffy. A chance to love you.” Steffy informs Sheila that being loved by her is a curse and she will make Finn realize that. She will never be a part of their lives. Sheila lunges for Steffy, “No!” Holding her up against a dumpster by her lapels, Sheila grits, “If one of us isn’t meant to be in Finn’s life, it’s going to be you, Steffy. You.”

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