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At Forrester Creations, Steffy listens outside the office door, horrified, as Thomas bickers with Sheila about pushing Brooke off the wagon and tells her, “You orchestrated the whole thing.” Sheila warns Thomas if he says a word to anyone, he can kiss his family’s future goodbye, and Thomas asks what good it is to reunite his family if it’s all built on a pack of lies. Sheila tells him there’s something else he needs to know… about their little meeting in the alley. Taylor enters, so Thomas abruptly lets Sheila go and disconnects.

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In her hotel room, a furious Sheila throws her cellphone and fumes that Steffy is going to ruin everything for her. She vows she will not lose her son.

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In the design office, Brooke wipes away a tear as she protests to Ridge that she can’t move on with her life until she finds out what made her drink that night. Ridge figures she had a bad night and wasn’t herself. He encourages her to leave the past in the past and stop torturing herself. Brooke’s afraid to look to a future without him in it. She insists something or someone is working against them! Brooke wants to move forward — they were happy until this feeling started creeping in; this evil — she decided to keep searching for answers and that’s exactly what she’s going to do. Ridge is concerned about her. Brooke admits her mind’s on a loop these days. He urges her not to lose sight of who she is and what she’s accomplished. Brooke declares that her life means nothing without him. She never should have let him go and offered a divorce. Brooke’s convinced they’ll salvage this, somehow, some way. She vows not to let anyone come between them. Brooke made a mess, but feels she has the power to fix it. “And that’s exactly what I’m going to hold onto.
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In his office, Finn is working quietly when Steffy arrives. He can tell she’s wound up and asks what it is. She exclaims, “It’s your mother… Sheila. She’s back to her old manipulative ways!” She rambles that this has to do with the meeting between Sheila and Thomas, then rants about Sheila making nice with Taylor — she’s planned this all along — before blurting that his mother attacked Brooke. Finn gawps, “What?!?” Steffy tells him the booze, kissing Deacon… it was all set in motion by Sheila! She explains about the label-switching and declares that it proves that Sheila has never changed. Finn asks how she found out and thinks it sounds insane — why would she do this? Steffy explains about over-hearing Thomas. Finn gets paged and tells her he hopes this is just some kind of misunderstanding. He kisses her and leaves the office.
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In the Forrester office, Taylor knows Thomas and Steffy want their parents together. She wants it to, if the circumstances are right, but they’re not right now. Thomas reflects that Brooke’s relationship with his dad has been toxic practically since day one. Taylor knows. She recaps that it was Brooke defending Deacon that sent his father over the edge. Even though they want him to come home, Brooke is his wife. Taylor feels she raised amazing kids. Thomas loves her so much and just wants to do what’s best for her. Taylor reflects on how nice it’s been spending time with Ridge again. Thomas knows she wants more. Taylor feels his father needs time to heal. She thanks her son for believing in them and gives him a hug. She’s sure there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to ensure she and his father end up together.

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Sheila shows up at Il Giardino, where Deacon is bussing tables. He asks what’s going on. Sheila complains about how patient she’s been, waiting to connect with her son. She’s starting to wonder if she’s even going to have a future with Finn if he’s with Steffy. She sits down with a glass of wine and suddenly gets a call from Steffy, who asks if she’s available to talk. Sheila hopes she can show her mother-in-law a little more respect this time and reports she’s at Il Giardino. Steffy informs her she’ll be right there and disconnects.
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Sheila sits sipping her wine, glances at the champagne bottles, and smiles as she flashes back. She muses, “I warned Brooke not to come between me and my son. I will be in Finn’s life for many more years to come.” A nearby employee asks, “What’s that?” She rebuffs him as Steffy appears. Sheila asks if she’s found a place in her heart for her after all. Steffy knows Sheila wants to get close to the family — she’s had a hard time believing that would be possible in the past… and she still does, because now she sees she’s worse than ever! “I know what you did!” Steffy exclaims.

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Sheila gets up and makes a beeline for the alley with Steffy in hot pursuit. She grabs at Sheila’s arm and they tussle as Steffy fumes, “You claimed to be a reformed woman. You said you’d put your devious ways behind you.” Sheila insists, “I have!” Steffy retorts, “No you haven’t! You are the same twisted sociopath you have always been.” She got Brooke to drink on New Year’s Eve — a reformed alcoholic! “You don’t change, Sheila. You just find new ways to hurt people.” She continues, “There’s no hope for you. You’re never getting better. Everyone’s going to know what you did. Everyone. And you will never have a place in our lives. Not ever!” Sheila takes on a sinister expression and moves closer to Steffy’s face.

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