Brooke, Ridge dance B&B
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In Brooke’s living room, she thanks Hope for bringing up dinner. She just wishes things were different with Ridge. Hope’s encouraged by their recent communication. She has to get going back to Liam and the kids. Brooke doesn’t like to be alone. Hope reminds her how loved she is — she can look back on her life and take comfort in all of the loves she’s had. That’s the wonderful thing about memories; they’re always there when you need them. They hug and say good night.
Brooke, Hope living room B&B

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Once alone, Brooke recalls Ridge returning after his year away and surprising her with a rose outside by the fountain. She turns out the light, lays down on the sofa and dozes off…
Brooke sleep sofa B&B

Brooke “awakens” to find Eric sitting on the sofa pouring tea. He’ll never stop caring about her and muses, “Is it really 35 years?” They agree they had a wonderful time together and made a beautiful family. Eric teases, “We made a beautiful couple.” They flashback to when they first met and through their romance and weddings. Eric will always cherish their time together despite knowing where her true destiny lies. He tells Brooke to know her is to know beauty, class and most of all, love.
Eric, Brooke dream B&B

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Brooke receives a notification on her tablet and smiles when she sees a romantic photo of her and Ridge on the screen. A voice from the corner — Thorne — says he knows that smile. He wishes he could put that kind of smile on her face, but he knows it’s for his brother. Thorne and Brooke look back on memories of their romance. Thorne muses, “How lucky am I? How lucky is any man to love you, Brooke?” He knows his mother had tough words for her through the years, but she’s just a girl from the valley who follows her heart — and they all know where that leaves her. Brooke glances at the photo again and laughs.
Thorne, Brooke B&B

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Next, Brooke is startled by a clanging bell. Nick appears in his navy whites and requests permission to come aboard. She welcomes him and lets him know she’s been thinking about him what with all the wonderful things she’s read about him in the press. Nick’s been thinking of her too. They discuss how she’s not good at being alone and he reminds her so many people love her. From his perspective, she’ll never be alone. They look back fondly on the times they shared. Nick’s been thinking a lot about the journey they call life. The time with her felt like clear skies. He’s there for her… always.
Nick smile Brooke B&B

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Brooke is sitting alone again when Bill appears. “My Cherie!” He can’t have her sitting around like this and offers to take her to the Stella Maris. She titters, “You know we can’t, Bill.” He knows, but feels she has to admit they had some epic times together. They flash back through their romantic adventures. Bill loved that Brooke loved him for him and didn’t judge him. The same holds true for her. How could they? “How could any of us?” He gestures into the living room, where Eric, Thorne and Nick are standing. Brooke thanks them for being there and for helping her to feel she’s not alone. If she’s being honest, however, there’s really only one thing she wants to hear. Ridge’s voice intones, “Logan.”
Brooke, Bill dream B&B

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Ridge enters the house and asks if she really thought she’d make it through this night without him. “You’re unforgettable.” They share a romantic dance to Unforgettable by the crackling fireplace. “35 years and we’re only getting stronger,” he tells her. Brooke replies, “I love you, Ridge.” He loves her too. They share a deep kiss and a happy embrace.
Brooke, Ridge kiss dream B&B

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