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At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn wonder why Thomas was in the alley talking to Sheila. Steffy muses, “What has my brother gotten himself into?” She recaps that Thomas has been acting really strange. She followed him after overhearing his intense phone call. Finn wonders why she didn’t confront them. Steffy didn’t want to give Sheila a chance to spin a story. “Something is going on with Thomas, I need to know what it is,” she laments. Steffy’s worried he’s in trouble, but Finn argues he could have met with Sheila to put her on notice and make sure that nothing gets in the way of their parents reuniting. Steffy doesn’t understand why he’d hide it. Finn thinks it might be because of him. Steffy figures it does make sense; there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to get their parents back together.
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Finn thinks Sheila has been on her best behavior and doubts she’d be willing to risk the progress she made over the holidays. Steffy supposes Thomas could just be protecting his family. Finn pulls her into an embrace and assures her everything will be okay. She sighs, “This is nice.” He points out the kids are asleep. He’ll check on them and she can meet him in the bedroom. Steffy smiles, but looks over at a framed photo of Thomas with concern.

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In the design office at Forrester, Thomas thinks about his situation and pulls out his phone. Taylor walks in looking to take him to lunch and can tell that something is wrong. Thomas insists he’s okay and asks her to trust him. She muses, “You’re deflecting.” He denies it and claims he’s a little worried that their reunion won’t stick. Taylor recaps that she and Ridge have been reconnecting and it’s been really nice. Thomas winces. Taylor asks, “Thomas?” He remarks on their bond and how amazing and loving a person she is. Her love shines through, and he wants the same for her. Thomas believes his dad loves her and he wants to make sure nothing gets in the way of that. Taylor reminds him their relationship isn’t his responsibility. Thomas just wants her to be happy with the kind of fulfilment she deserves. She and his dad obviously give that to one another. Taylor tells her son how much she loves his dad — but with everything going on with Brooke, she doesn’t want to admit she wants a life with him, but she really does hope for that. Thomas smiles, “I do too.”
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At Brooke’s house, she acknowledges to Ridge that she hurt him and continues to hurt him. She wants to know if they can get through anything. Ridge interrupts that he came to check on her. Brooke wants him back. “You’re my husband. Come home. Be my husband.” Ridge states the obvious, “You want me to come home.” Brooke confirms she does — they’ve been through too much for it to end like this. “Please, please come home. Please be with me.” Ridge contemplates her through squinted eyes with an inscrutable expression. Brooke reminds him that he is her destiny. They’ve gone on an incredible journey and she doesn’t want it to end. “I don’t think you do either.” She insists they can do it. “What do you say?” Ridge didn’t come there tonight for this. Brooke assures him she hasn’t had a drink. Ridge doesn’t want her triggered again. She insists she doesn’t want a drink. “All I want is you.” She understands his reluctance and declares that she will wait as long as he needs her to. Brooke will always love him and knows he will always love her too. She is walking away when Ridge grabs her hand and tells her she’s right. He loves her and will always love her. Brooke gasps with joy and relief and falls into his arms.

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Steffy enters her bedroom, which is awash in candlelight. Finn, shirtless, tells his wife, “It’s been too long.” She nods and pulls him into a passionate kiss. After she admires how he got the room ready so quickly, Finn gives her a heartfelt speech about how much he loves her and how sexy she is. “You have brought so much into my life and I’m looking forward to a long, happy future with you. I love you.” Steffy whispers, “I love you.” They start kissing again and Finn undresses his wife before lowering her onto rose petal covered bed, to make love to her.
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