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At the cabin, Liam waves Brooke in the door as he concludes a work call. He can see his mother-in-law isn’t okay and asks how he can help. Brooke is looking for Hope. Liam encourages her to talk to him if she needs to unload. Brooke says that means a lot and opens up that everything happened so quickly. It’s all her fault, but she just misses her husband. Brooke is still mystified as to why she did what she did. Liam questions her handing Ridge over to Taylor on a silver platter. Brooke admits she offered him a divorce. Liam is aghast and urges her to go fight for her marriage. Brooke agrees, hugs him, and takes off.
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At Forrester Creations, Hope tells Ridge that her mother loves him with everything she has — she messed up and if she could take it back, she would. Steffy shakes her head.

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At Il Giardino, Sheila hisses into the phone at Thomas about keeping the secret to keep his parents together. Thomas points out his father is sleeping in the guest house. Sheila is sure her plan will work in time. She urges him to keep the secret and intones, “You got it? Are we good?” As she concludes the call, Deacon asks from behind her, “Scheming much?” Sheila wonders how long he was standing there. He intimates that he heard something she doesn’t want him to know. Sheila doubts it and starts working on him to go to Brooke, who is alone. They’re on the verge of getting what they both want, which is the end of Ridge and Brooke. She urges him to seize the moment and asks, “What are you going to do?”

Deacon scoffs and wonders if Sheila thinks he should put Brooke over his shoulder and haul her off to his cave — he thinks she’s just projecting now. Sheila thinks that Deacon can push Deacon into the Taylor column, and as a bonus he gets to spend time with the woman of his nightmares. She chuckles, “I mean dreams.” She husks, “So why don’t you go after it… caveman.”
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At Forrester, Steffy brings up Brooke’s drinking and Hope argues that she’s an alcoholic; it’s wrong to punish her for one slip. Steffy counters that she kissed Deacon. Thomas enters as Steffy points out this isn’t the first time that Brooke has betrayed her father. Hope recaps that Brooke didn’t plan to drink that night, or to be with Deacon. Steffy’s sick of her and Brooke using alcohol to excuse her behavior. If Brooke had sent Deacon on his way, they wouldn’t be having this conversation. Her father is back with her mother where he belongs. Hope understands that Ridge is upset with Brooke defending Deacon, but she was doing that for her. She knows that underneath his hurt and anger he still loves her too.

Brooke’s about to leave the house when Deacon arrives and asks her to hear him out. He presents her with a box of her favorite chocolates. She’s amazed to learn he remembered. Deacon declares that he remembers every single moment. Brooke assures Deacon that they’re not going to skip down memory lane. Deacon insists he just came to check on her. Brooke reveals that she sent Ridge to Taylor and trashed her own happiness and asks, “What is wrong with me?” Deacon replies, “Nothing,” and insists if Ridge really loved her he’d forgive her. Brooke declares there’s nobody better than Ridge and questions how she could have let him go. She can’t imagine what she was thinking pushing him into another woman’s arms — Ridge and Taylor have history and because of that he has feelings for her. Deacon understands she hasn’t given up on Ridge. Brooke confirms, “I love him, Deacon. I never should have let him go.”
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At Forrester, Steffy tells Thomas and Ridge that this has become a pattern with Brooke, who always turns to another man. She gets that she was drinking, but she chose to drink. Ridge realizes that… he realizes everything. He knows Steffy wants the family back together, and that Brooke blew the marriage up, but Hope is right that a part of him loves Brooke and he doesn’t think that will ever go away.

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Hope returns to the cabin, where her expression reveals she had a bad day. Liam hugs her and learns that she had a run-in with Steffy at the office. She explains there’s a strong difference of opinion on who Ridge should be with. She acknowledges that she and Steffy both want what’s best for their mothers, but feels Ridge still loves Brooke. Liam divulges that Brooke stopped by earlier and he urged her to fight for her marriage. Hope agrees and feels validated.

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Alone in his office, Ridge flashes to better days with Brooke and kissing her.

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In the design office, Thomas calls Sheila, who is at her hotel room. She asks why he’s calling her and he says he has no one to talk to about this. He complains that his father loves his mother but he also loves Brooke — if he were to find out why she started drinking that night… Sheila asserts that he won’t and feels it’s only a matter of time before he moves out of the guest house. She also thinks Brooke has feelings for Deacon or nothing would have happened, booze-fueled or not. Thomas muses, “Booze-fueled by you.” He asks why Sheila’s so invested in this. Sheila explains she wants to see her son and grandson and that Taylor is a good person who deserves to be with the man she loves. “We take this to our graves, right Thomas? Thomas?!?” Thomas retorts, “Yes! I hear you!” At the door, Steffy peeks in and appears taken aback.

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