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In her room at the cliff house, Taylor backs away from Ridge’s kiss. She reminds him there are no expectations, the kiss was nice though. If he ever did it again, she might be into it, she teases. Talk turns to Brooke giving him his freedom and letting him go. Taylor tells him they can’t happen until he knows what he wants. “Do you even know if you’re ready to move on?” Ridge is ready to move on from the drama and heartache. Taylor’s encouraged to hear that and laughs that they should leave the drama to the grandkids. She reflects that they’ve been like one big multi-generational family again lately and notes, as they grow closer, that this is a good moment. “I miss this… your company. I never stopped loving you.” Ridge kisses her and they fall back onto the bed. They cuddle and Taylor knows his head is spinning. Ridge thanks her for understanding.
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At Brooke’s place, she agonizes over setting Ridge free. Hope walks in from the terrace and asks what’s going on. Brooke informs her daughter that her marriage to Ridge is over and she has no one to blame but herself. Hope is stunned to learn that Brooke told him to go and to be with Taylor, for his sake. She can’t believe her mother is just giving up. Brooke feels she doesn’t have much choice. Hope argues the point; she has to fight. Brooke doesn’t want him staying with her out of obligation if he’d rather be with Taylor. “I’m trying to do the right thing.” Hope doesn’t think that’s pushing him to Taylor. Brooke feels she may be better for him; she’s calm and sweet. He deserves someone completely devoted to him, and it certainly isn’t her. “All I ever bring him is disappointment.” Suddenly, she worries she’s made a mistake. Hope asks, “You do want your marriage to Ridge, right?”

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Brooke replies, “More than anything.” Hope feels she must continue fighting. Brooke recaps how many times she’s let him down — maybe Stephanie was right all those years ago. “Brooke Logan, slut from the valley.” Hope becomes indignant on her mother’s behalf, but Brooke understands that Stephanie wanted him to be happy. She wants that kind of joy for Ridge. “He should have that.” Hope reminds her that Taylor is human and has made many mistakes. She’s not buying her mother’s martyr act and knows she still wants a life with Ridge. Brooke sobs, “I don’t want this. I didn’t want any of this.” She doesn’t think she’ll love any man as much as she loves Ridge, and will always wonder what went wrong and why she let her destiny slip away.

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At Forrester Creations, Thomas tries to work but is distracted by thoughts of what Sheila did to Brooke. Steffy walks in and tells him she wants to know what’s going on. “And please, don’t tell me it’s nothing.” She questions the attitude change about Brooke. Thomas simply doesn’t see the need to kick her while she’s down — they got what they wanted, their parents are back together. Steffy doesn’t understand why he sounds guilty about it. “What’s changed?” Steffy reminds him that he shouldn’t feel sorry for Brooke; she brought all of this on herself! Once alone, Thomas agonizes as he flashes to Sheila telling him that all he has to do to keep his parents together is keep quiet.
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At the loft, Grace is having palpitations over what she just heard, so Paris repeats it — she and Carter are in love. Grace challenges Carter to look her in the eye and tell her he is worthy of her daughter. “We both know you aren’t.” She declares, “This is so wrong,” and announces she doesn’t intend to let this continue. Paris narrows her eyes. She pleads with her mother to hear her out, but Grace warns if she ties herself to this man it will be her downfall. Grace can only imagine how the Forresters would react and reiterates that Paris should be with Zende. She won’t allow her daughter to ruin everything she’s been working for.

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Grace rants about what Zende would say if he knew she was there lusting over Carter, and demands that Carter tell her daughter to go back to the designer. Paris informs her mother that she’s not a child and she has no say in who she dates — she can’t order her around or tell Carter to push her toward Zende. Grace wonders if Carter agrees that she doesn’t have a right to her opinion or fear the damage this fling will cause. Carter intones, “She’s right.” He loves Paris too much to let her ruin her life. “If Zende proposes, say yes. Be his wife.”
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