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At Brooke’s place, she tells Ridge he doesn’t need to a person who destroys their happiness. Brooke loves him and always will. Ridge questions if a divorce is what he wants. She assumed it was what he wanted… he’s staying with Taylor. Ridge says he’s sleeping in the guesthouse. Brooke just thought he’d be happy. Ridge is astounded that she believes any part of this makes him happy. Brooke doesn’t want to hurt him anymore than she already has. She’ll always hate what happened that night and what she did to their marriage. “I’ll never forgive myself for that Ridge.” She wishes to God that she deserved his love, but she doesn’t. That’s why Brooke is letting him go. Ridge mutters, “I can’t… I’m going to have somebody else pick up my stuff.” As he turns to go, he pauses to tell her, for the record, that the only life he ever wanted was with her. Once alone, Brooke sits down, holds her head and cries. After, she walks over to look at framed photos and paces around the living room. Perching on the arm of the sofa, Brooke sighs.
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At the cliff house, Steffy and Thomas see Amelia off for the night. Steffy questions Thomas about him backsliding on dad and Brooke. She has to check on the kids, but then they’ll talk. Thomas flashes to Sheila admitting she switched the labels on the champagne bottles. Steffy rejoins Thomas to warn about giving Brooke leeway and Taylor comes in. She relays that their father came by the office because he wanted to see her, but is still struggling with what happened with Brooke. Steffy reminds her mother and brother that Brooke brought this all on herself. Thomas tells his sister to stop picking on Brooke, who’s been through a lot lately. He steps away to take a call and then announces he has to head in to work. Steffy first wants to know why he keeps defending Brooke. Thomas just feels they shouldn’t assume they know what happened. Just then, Ridge comes in. He says the whole situation with Brooke just keeps getting more upsetting. He only wants to be there with them. Thomas wants what’s best for him and says he has to go to work. “I’ll see you.” Ridge gives him a puzzled look as he heads out. Steffy urges her father to go be with Taylor while she checks on the kids.
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Upstairs, Ridge finds Taylor and tells her that Brooke offered him a divorce; she’s letting him go. Taylor guesses he has mixed feelings. Ridge has mixed feelings about a lot of things, but being there in that house with her… Ridge lunges for Taylor and pulls her into a passionate kiss.
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At Forrester Creations, Quinn and Zende work to pair jewelry with a gown. She thinks Paris would look great in it and asks what happened with the engagement ring he asked her to make for her. Zende understands why she’s asking since they never made an announcement and Paris isn’t wearing the ring. He admits he never got a chance to pop the question, but confides that he might go for it again anyway and see how she feels now. Quinn learns that Grace thinks her daughter will say yes if he proposes now, and finds that encouraging. She asks if he’ll finally do it. Zende doesn’t want to pressure Paris, but feels it would be the start of a beautiful new journey. She’s the woman he wants to marry. He hopes there’s no other guy for Paris than him.
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At Carter’s loft, he and Paris exchange concerned looks as, outside the door, Grace demands he let her in… she will not be ignored! Paris can’t understand why her mother is there. Carter urges Paris to go upstairs and he’ll talk to her. Paris thinks that her mother wants her to be happy and will understand. She lets her in. Grace takes in Paris wearing Carter’s shirt and cries, “How dare you do this?!” Paris understands that this is a shock, but she and Carter have been getting closer recently. Grace protests, “What about Zende?!” She reminds her daughter that they’ve been dating for months. “How could you do this to him?” Paris insists it’s not like that, but Grace thinks it absolutely is… and it’s all because of Carter, a man who has no morals. She declares that this will not go on a moment longer. “Not a moment longer.” Paris interjects that she doesn’t want to hurt Zende. Grace sniffs that Carter said he doesn’t either, but that didn’t stop him from making a move on her. She calls him a back-stabber.
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Carter begins, “With all due respect, that is not what…” Grace cuts him off. She doesn’t want to hear from him. None of this would be happening if not for him. Paris disagrees and reminds her Zende has been seeing other people. Grace explains that Zende doesn’t want them, he wants a future with Paris. She won’t allow Carter to hurt Paris the way he hurt her sister. The man is a player. Paris protests. Grace informs her she won’t allow this to go on another minute. Whatever was between them is over, right here and right now. “Do I make myself clear?!?” Paris wants her mom to listen, but Grace complains that Carter betrayed the Forresters by being with Eric’s wife, and now he’s doing the same thing to Zende. Her mother tries to drag Paris out the door with her, but she refuses to leave. “I love him and he loves me too,” Paris protests as she takes Carter’s hand.

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas is haunted by keeping Sheila’s secret, and Paris sets Grace straight.

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