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At Brooke’s place, she finishes her hug with Ridge and wishes she could just wake up and not be in this horrible situation. She recaps that she let him down and doesn’t even know why or how. Ridge lets the blonde know that she’s always with him — he carries her with him in his heart. Brooke is encouraged to hear he still cares about her. Ridge says she’s part of him; that’s never going to change. Brooke has done a lot of soul-searching about why she self-destructs and questions why she can’t change. Ridge doesn’t have an answer. Brooke did the same thing with Deacon that she did with Bill. “That’s just who I am.” She wants Ridge to be truly happy and that’s why she’s going to say this even though it kills her. “I am going to let you go.” There will be no scandals with Taylor, who is steady and predictable. “You want to be able to trust your partner, right?” Brooke loves him and always will and that’s why she’s doing this. “That’s why I’m willing to let you go.” Brooke tears up and says, “I will give you a divorce.”
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At Forrester Creations, Thomas flashes to Sheila’s confession about switching the labels on the champagne bottles. Steffy comes in and senses he’s thinking about something. “What’s on your mind?” She notes he looks serious and intense. Thomas is just thinking. Steffy teases about the strain on his brain. She thinks he should be happy right now that their father finally sees Brooke for who she really is. Steffy goes over what Brooke did with Deacon under their father’s nose. She realizes she was drinking, but that doesn’t make her blameless. “You get that, right?” Thomas knows the drinking isn’t an excuse. Steffy urges Thomas to let Ridge be happy with Taylor. There is no excuse for what Brooke did — none.
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In the design office, Zende’s surprised by Grace’s sense of urgency and asks why she said he needed to make a move before it’s too late. Grace goes over what an extraordinary young woman her daughter is and warns Zende is probably not the only one who thinks that. He asks if there’s another man in Paris’ life. Grace says there isn’t; Zende is the perfect man for her daughter. Zende isn’t sure what he did to inspire Grace’s confidence in him, but he appreciates it. Grace knows he’ll love Paris as she deserves. Zende goes over them not being on the same page as his girlfriend when he was about to propose. He thinks something changed in Paris, but he doesn’t know what. Grace encourages him to go get the ring and go through with the proposal this time. She can’t say why Paris pulled back on his proposal before, but he needs to stop holding back and claim his future. “I don’t want that, and you don’t want that. I want the best man for my daughter and that’s you, Zende.” Zende argues that Paris doesn’t want to get married. Grace insists she spoke to her daughter and this time, she’ll say yes.

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At the loft, Carter flashes to Grace threatening to go to the Forresters if he doesn’t stop seeing her daughter. On his lap, Paris sighs contentedly after their latest romp. Carter tells her they have to stop. Paris disagrees that this will be a dead-end and declares that she’d do anything to be with Carter. He tells her he can’t get enough of her, even though he knows it’s wrong for them to be together. She questions how something that feels so right could be wrong. Carter isn’t the right man for her — it’s Zende. “I’ll only drag you down.” Paris will never believe that.

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Carter doesn’t want to be responsible for bringing Paris down and urges her to accept if Zende proposes. Paris argues that something happened that changed everything. “You happened, Carter.” Carter can’t dispute their connection, but there are so many people who would never accept their relationship. Paris insists it’s in their hands; all they have to do is make it happen. Carter wonders if she’s willing to throw away her future at Forrester. Paris loves her job, but she loves him more. Carter’s astounded, “You love me?” Paris says, “Yeah, now what?” Carter tells her, “I love you too.” They’re kissing when a knock comes at the door. “Carter, it’s Grace Buckingham. Open this door now!”
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At Brooke’s place, she tells Ridge she sees now that there’s no chance for them after she carried on with Deacon, but she’s grateful for all their adventures and moments. “I have to let you go. I’m not going to fight this; I’m not.” Ridge is trying to wrap his head around this. Brooke is willing to make the divorce painless. He said he can’t be with her anymore so he should be with Taylor. “Go be with them, Ridge.” Ridge asks how they got there. Brooke just knows she messed up and she’s so, so sorry. Ridge walks over to her and pulls her into an embrace. She gasps, “Please, you have to know how much I love you. I will never ever stop loving you.”

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