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In Sheila’s hotel room, Thomas tells her what she did to Brooke was wrong — he was ‘thisclose’ to telling his dad. Sheila smugly says, “But you didn’t.” She knows Thomas kept his mouth shut because it keeps Ridge from returning to Brooke. Sheila says he made a wise decision, but he’s not so sure. She wonders if he wants to be responsible for taking his parents’ happiness away. Thomas notes that Sheila set this up and put the whole thing in motion — why would he keep that a secret?! Sheila can’t understand why he’s defending Brooke. Thomas declares that it’s evil to dupe an alcoholic into drinking. He wants to know how she tricked her. “Tell me exactly what you did to Brooke. Right now!” Sheila rants that it doesn’t matter and won’t change a thing. Thomas threatens to go right to his father if she doesn’t spit it out. Sheila fumes, “If you want to know, I’ll tell you.” She describes how she switched out the champagne labels on New Year’s Eve. Thomas marvels, “You switched the labels.” Sheila grins. “It really was some of my finest work.”

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At home, Brooke is pleased to see Ridge knock and come in. She asks what he’s doing there. Ridge just wanted to pick up some clothes. He could have sent someone to do it, but he wanted to see her. “I’m worried about you.” Brooke shrugs that she’s getting by. Ridge asks her not to do that; they may not be together, but he loves her. She loves him too. He wants her to know he’s supportive and assures her she’s been doing a great job with her sobriety. Brooke admits she’s consumed with the desire to know what caused her to slip up and destroy her life. She knows Ridge has sympathy for her. Ridge is concerned about her despite everything that happened. He loves her and wishes he could take the pain away. She wishes he could too. Brooke recaps that because of the choices she made that night, she wakes up every day without him. She’s lost the person she loves more than life itself. Brooke messed up and can’t blame it all on the alcohol. She hurt him and let him down. “I can’t blame that on anybody else.” Ridge pulls her into an embrace.
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At Forrester Creations in the design office, Grace tells Zende she knows love when she sees it, and she can tell he’s in love with her daughter. Grace goes over Zende avoiding a date with Sequoyah. She thinks it’s because he really wants to be with Paris. Grace is rooting for Zende, but he appreciates Paris being honest about wanting to keep things casual. Paris’ mother thinks he’s ready to be exclusive. He is, but he’s going with the flow. Grace urges him not to give up just yet. Zende asks Grace if Paris is seeing someone else. She flashes to warning Carter to end things with her daughter. Zende asks if she knows something he doesn’t. “Is Paris involved with some other guy?” Grace says she doesn’t think Paris is seeing anyone, but that could change. She thinks Zende is the kind of man who’s worthy of her daughter, so he should make a move before it’s too late. “If you want a future with Paris, don’t wait… or you might lose her forever!”
Zende, Grace advise B&B

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At the loft, Paris smiles at Carter, “I just can’t stay away from you.” Carter reminds her that Zende considers her a friend. She counters that they’re not doing anything wrong, and asks if they can forget about everyone else and focus on the two of them. They start kissing. When they stop, Carter goes over how much is at stake. Paris doesn’t want to hurt Zende, but can’t shut off her feelings and doesn’t think Carter can either. They kiss some more and start undressing as Carter leads Paris up the stairs to his bedroom, pausing to kiss her halfway up and at the top. After sex, Paris tells Carter that he really is amazing. He doesn’t think he’s met a woman so spectacular in every way… but she’s trouble. Paris wants to stay present and in the moment. What they just shared was beautiful and she doesn’t want to take away from it. She wants to experience it again. Paris perches on Carter’s lap as they kiss and smile at each other.
Carter, Paris debate B&B

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At the hotel, Thomas recaps that Brooke was sabotaged. Sheila complains that the blonde wanted to keep her from her son. Thomas argues she can hate her all she wants, but to compromise her sobriety? What if she’d gotten behind the wheel and driven? He orders Sheila to stay away from Brooke. “You’re not to mess with her anymore. Is that understood?” Sheila grins. “I just lit the match.” She’s not responsible for Brooke kissing Deacon and betraying Ridge. Thomas levels that she went too far. Sheila tells Thomas this is his chance to save Ridge from Brooke, who will only cheat on him again. “All you have to do is keep quiet.” No one can know about this. “We have to keep this between us, Thomas. This has to be our secret and you’ve got to take it to your grave.”

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