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At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Taylor banter about him sleeping in the guesthouse. Talk turns to Thomas and his mysterious meeting. Ridge wonders if maybe he was trying to find a new house and suggests they not worry about it until they have to worry about it. He muses that whatever it is, their son will tell them when he’s ready.
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Thomas shows up at Sheila’s hotel room and informs her they need to talk. Sheila hisses that he better not have told Steffy what they talked about. Thomas demands to know if she’s responsible for getting Brooke to drink. Sheila reminds him his parents are getting back together and it wouldn’t be happening if she hadn’t put it in motion. Thomas muses, “You got an alcoholic to drink, really respectable.” Sheila sneers that Brooke had it coming — that bitch deserved every last drop! Thomas doesn’t understand how she got Brooke to drink since she wasn’t there. Sheila confirms she was nowhere near, but she gets full credit. She fumes that Thomas should adjust his attitude — she’s the kind of person you want working for you, not against. “Just ask Brooke.” Sheila informs Thomas that this will be their little secret — does he really want to put his mother through pain? Thomas wants to know how she did it, but she feels the less he knows the better. Thanks to her, Brooke will be permanently out of the picture for Ridge, unless Thomas opens that door. She knows Thomas wants his parents together and warns, “Not a word of my involvement. Not a word to anyone.”

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At home, Brooke agonizes about losing Ridge because of what happened with Deacon on New Year’s Eve. Deacon suddenly enters the house and asks, “Brooke? Are you okay?” The blonde tells him he shouldn’t be there, but he feels he’s exactly where he needs to be. Deacon still can’t believe that Ridge would take off on her; it’s got to be hurtful for him to go back to Taylor. Brooke confirms that it is, but thinks it’s also understandable. She didn’t listen to her husband’s concerns about Deacon. Deacon assures her she’s not alone; not as long as he’s there. Brooke appreciates his support, but she needs to own this. “I need to take responsibility.” She’s the one who drank, convinced Deacon to drink with her, and lied to Ridge about it. Deacon wishes she wouldn’t put all the blame on herself. She wonders who else there is to blame? Wiping away tears she marvels that she was kissing a man her husband despises. Deacon doesn’t think Ridge needed to act the way he did — or act like the grass is greener with Taylor. Brooke shrugs. Maybe Thomas and Steffy are right and she’ll never be able to break this pattern; this behavior of hers. Maybe Taylor is the better woman for Ridge. Deacon doesn’t want to hear Brooke say that again. She’s letting her guilt tear her down. Just because Ridge doesn’t see her value, doesn’t mean he can’t. “I just think you’re amazing.”
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Thomas arrives at the Forrester office as Taylor and Ridge are laughing together over him remembering her latte order. Ridge admits to his son that she lifts his spirits. Thomas smiles to himself as they continue joking. Taylor prompts Ridge to “ask” Thomas, so they inquire about the meeting he mentioned that surprised him. Taylor gets called away, and Thomas assures her there’s nothing he needs to tell them. She leaves and Thomas lets his dad know that happiness looks good on him — he hopes it stays that way.

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Taylor is concluding a call with a patient when Sheila comes into her office. She just can’t stop thinking about her and Ridge working their way back together — it makes her so happy. Taylor didn’t tell her that; she’s jumping to conclusions. Sheila thinks it’s written all over her face and predicts a long, happy relationship for the two of them. Brooke crossed a line and there’s no way Ridge will go back to her. Taylor says they’re taking it one day at a time and confides it’s been nice spending time with him. “It feels like a dream.” Sheila muses that one crazy night was all it took for Brooke to destroy her marriage. Taylor reflects that she still doesn’t know what possessed her to drink alcohol. Taylor takes a call and Sheila muses, “She probably never will.”

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At Forrester, Ridge confides to Thomas that he’s at an age now where he deserves some happiness and Brooke always self-destructs and makes bad choices. Switching gears, he asks Thomas what he was talking about “something surprising?” Thomas muses it could change everything. Just then, Sheila calls Thomas and tells him she’s with his mother and has never seen her so happy. “Don’t say anything, Thomas. Promise me.” Thomas disconnects. Ridge asks his son what’s going on. “I need to know what it is.”

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