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At Forrester, Ridge warns Taylor that people are going to talk. An exec, Max, appears. He heard something’s going on between Ridge and Brooke and wonders if he’s okay. Ridge brushes him off then listens as Max talks about wanting to get Carter to go out to Bikini later. After Max leaves, Taylor assures Ridge she’s fine and knows people are going to hear about him and Brooke. Ridge relays that Brooke feels abandoned but he can’t understand why she lied to him — why this happened in the first place. Taylor knows Ridge doesn’t want to hurt Brooke or her and vows that she and the kids are there for him… and Brooke has her kids to support her. She wants him to just breathe. He agrees then takes Taylor in his arms.

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At the cliff house, Thomas questions Sheila —she’s the reason his parents are back together? Sheila wonders if it’s so hard to believe she could do something good. Thomas orders her to stay away from his family but Sheila calls him arrogant. How could he think this just happened? “Your family is reunited because of me!” Thomas insists that he doesn’t owe her anything, she had nothing to do with his parents’ reunion. Sheila calls Thomas just as delusional as Brooke. This had nothing to do with destiny. “Why do you think Brooke got drunk in the first place?” Thomas wonders what she did but Sheila acts as though Thomas is putting words into her mouth.

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Thomas pushes her to admit it but Sheila thinks Brooke got exactly what she deserved, exactly what she ordered. “She ordered non-alcoholic champagne,” Thomas states. “Non- alcoholic, huh, really?” Sheila replies. She didn’t know you could get drunk on non-alcoholic champagne. Thomas says you can’t then repeats some of the things Sheila said earlier. “Are you saying she drank alcoholic champagne without realizing it? Thomas asks. “I’m right, aren’t I?” Thomas accuses Sheila of getting Brooke drunk and wonders if it was all part of her plan to sabotage Brooke and his father. Suddenly, Ridge calls and invites Thomas to meet up. Thomas can’t — he had an unexpected meeting and says he needs a bit more time to look into some developments. After he hangs up, Thomas blames Sheila for getting Brooke drunk. Sheila wants some gratitude, his parents have the opportunity for real happiness. She warns him to stay quiet and not to hand Ridge back over to Brooke!

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Over lunch at Il Giardino, Bill expresses to Liam and Wyatt that he’s not surprised about what’s become of Ridge and Brooke. Ridge just needed an excuse to run back to Taylor. Brooke deserves more than she’s ever gotten from Ridge. Wyatt and Liam argue with Bill’s theory but Bill sticks to his belief that Ridge is a deadbeat — just like Deacon — and Brooke should be mad as hell that Ridge quit on her. Liam relays how things went down but Bill just thinks it’s another excuse for Ridge to leave her hanging for Taylor — again. Wyatt calls Bill out for his lack of compassion. Liam lets them know Hope’s afraid this is the final nail in the coffin — she was doing so good and they don’t understand what caused Brooke to blow her whole life up.

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Hope tries to comfort her mother at the mansion and urges her not to give up, but Brooke thinks maybe it’s time to set Ridge free. She doesn’t really want to give him up and can’t believe this has happened. Hope feels guilty for inviting Deacon over for New Year’s Eve but Brooke assures Hope it wasn’t her fault and wonders if maybe Taylor is the right person for Ridge. Hope doesn’t believe that and knows her mother doesn’t either. “Ridge does,” Brooke says. Hope wants her to hang onto the fact that Ridge still loves her. Brooke wishes she would have told Ridge the truth from the beginning. Hope pushes her to go talk to Ridge before it’s too late.

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