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At Brooke’s place, Deacon questions how much longer she can chase this ‘destiny’ with Ridge. She needs a man who truly sees her. “You need a man like me. I’m all you need in your life, Brooke, because I see you.” Deacon urges her to think back to years ago and how amazing they were together. He’ll be the man he deserves and can count on no matter what comes their way. Brooke understands the odds are against her now that Ridge is finding comfort with Taylor and his other family right now, but in time… She trails off, then tells Deacon that even if she were able to move on, Ridge would always have her heart. Brooke assures Deacon they’ll always be connected because of their daughter, but Ridge is her soulmate; her destiny. She doesn’t know why she and Ridge are being tested again, but it started that night. They go over her drinking and doing things she wouldn’t have done otherwise. Neither of them can figure out why she drank in the first place. Deacon is done spilling his guts, but wants her to know he’d do anything for her and will always be there for her. “I’m not going anywhere.” Brooke clasps his shoulders and husks, “Thank you.” Once alone, she looks at a framed photo of her and Ridge and asks, “What have I done?”
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At the cliff house, Steffy and Taylor debate about Brooke fighting for her marriage. Thomas comes in and they update him that Brooke paid a visit to Taylor’s office and wasn’t too happy. She feels that all of this is temporary because Ridge still loves her. Thomas goes on about the happiness and peace his mother brings to his father’s life. Steffy can see the love in his eyes when he looks at Taylor.
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Thomas asks Taylor if she ever imagined she’d have a fresh start with their dad when she returned to L.A. Steffy muses on his life being derailed by the train wreck that is Brooke. Taylor doesn’t like to see herself as someone’s way out. Thomas ruminates about the history they have together… that has to feel pretty perfect. Taylor agrees that family means everything to Ridge and her. Thomas hopes things settle down now that Ridge knows what he wants. No one will get in the way of that no matter how hard they try.

At Forrester Creations, Hope tells Ridge that he needs to understand that her mother defended Deacon because of her. “I can see that you still love my mom, and she is desperately in love with you… so let that be enough.” She pleads with him to tell her that he’ll try and work to save what the two of them had. Ridge resists and tries to get out of the office, but Hope insists there’s no other man for her mother but him. “And there will never be another man.” Ridge sighs. He respects Hope coming there and owning her part in this. Hope doesn’t believe he can give up on Brooke Logan so easily. She’s certain that part of him knows there’s a way back to each other. Hope runs down the obstacles they’ve overcome in the past. She knows their love is being tested, “But let it overcome this too.”
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Later, Steffy and Taylor arrive at Forrester Creations, where Ridge finishes up a fitting on Petra, who congratulates them on getting back together — Thomas told her. Taylor decides she’ll have a talk with Thomas, who stayed back at the house to finish up some calls. Once alone with her dad, Steffy tells him not to feel guilty about calling it quits with Brooke.

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At the cliff house, Thomas concludes a call about a house viewing as a knock comes at the door. He’s stunned to see Sheila. She’s looking for Taylor. Thomas informs her she’s not welcome there and should go… now. He recaps that Sheila shot his mother and the split in their family wouldn’t have happened if not for her. Sheila insists she’s not that person any longer. Taylor is trying to give her a chance. “Can’t you do the same?” Thomas can’t. They’re finally getting their family back together and he doesn’t want her messing with anything. She should get out of their lives forever. Sheila fumes. The demise of Brooke and Ridge is because of her. “You should be welcoming me here with open arms. You should be thanking me profusely for what I’ve done. After all these years, your mother finally has a chance with Ridge because of me Thomas! Because. Of. Me!”

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In her room, Sheila flashes to her confrontation with Brooke and muses, “If you only knew the truth, Brooke. But you never will.” She’s about to head out when the concierge appears at her door. He notes she’s just about taken up permanent residency and asks where she’s headed to.

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At Brooke’s place, Hope updates her mother on her visit to Ridge. “He still loves you, mom.” Brooke will always fight for their marriage, but she’s caused him all this pain and disappointment. “Maybe I need to be brutally honest with myself. Maybe I’m not the right woman for Ridge. Maybe… he’d be better off with Taylor.” Hope hates seeing her talk like this. Brooke reiterates that she lost Ridge because of the choices she made. “I am responsible”

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