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In Taylor’s office, Brooke accuses her of being friendly while biding her time where Ridge is concerned. She can’t have her husband! Brooke sniffs that Taylor’s supposed to be better than her, but there’s nothing high-minded about going after someone else’s husband. Taylor points out that Brooke drove Ridge away and now he wants to come home to his family. Brooke narrows her eyes. “Ridge already is home… with me.” Taylor says he took off his wedding ring, so she’s not sure how much longer Brooke can make that claim.

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Taylor admits she never stopped loving Ridge, but she also never wished harm on Brooke’s marriage. Brooke laughs; she doesn’t believe her. Taylor repeats that Brooke is responsible for what’s happened. Brooke knows it was all her fault and wishes she could take it all back. But Ridge told her he loved her and they’d work it out… until he went to see Deacon. She intervened and after that Ridge went to Taylor. “You should enjoy it while you can,” Brooke muses. “It’s not going to last. Ridge will come back to me, Taylor. He always does.” With that, she walks to the door, and pauses to say, “He loves me. You know that.” Brooke then leaves, and Taylor looks unsure of herself.
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At Forrester Creations, Deacon appeals to Ridge to take Brooke back. Ridge is irritated, but Deacon persists, urging him not to fall back into old patterns by returning to Taylor. He insists that Brooke wasn’t herself that night. Ridge notes that’s because she was drinking, and complains that she defended Deacon. The con argues that she just stopped them from killing each other. Ridge counters that she took him aside. Deacon decides maybe he’s right and it is too late for him and Brooke after all. He walks out.

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In the cabin, Liam questions the wisdom of sending Deacon to plead Brooke’s case to Ridge. “It may not have the desired effect.” Hope laments that her mother may lose her husband to Taylor again… all because of one drunken night.

At the cliff house, a half-naked Finn and Steffy relish the silence of having the place to themselves and decide to take full advantage as they start making out. Steffy, unfortunately, has to pull away as her mother could come home at any moment. Finn’s disappointed and she hopes he’s not regretting her mom moving in with them. He reassures her, and they talk about life being like a dream since she returned.
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Steffy and Finn take to the couch and she tells him the favorite things about her parents growing up. She admired their mutual respect, their laughter, and their love for one another. As a kid, that’s what she knew she wanted when she got older. After a few false starts, she finally got it. They kiss.

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Later, Taylor arrives home to find Steffy baking cookies for her dad. Steffy asks her mom if everything’s okay. Taylor muses that dreams sometimes come with a rude awakening. She had a visit from Brooke today. Steffy can’t even imagine what she had to say. Taylor explains she was upset and told her she wouldn’t stand by and let her steal her husband. Steffy titters; Brooke sabotaged her own marriage. “I’m telling you, mom, it’s over. He’s coming home to you. You’ll see.”

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge is in a mood when Hope arrives. “I think you and I need to talk.” Ridge sighs. “I didn’t want any of this, but here we are.” Hope urges him to fight for her mother and for his marriage. “Can you please just not turn your back on her? Please Ridge?” Ridge wonders if she’s a tag-team with Deacon now. Hope apologizes for her part in what happened — she never should have let her need for a relationship with her father to have a negative impact on his marriage. Her mom loves him and never would have had kissed Deacon that night if she’d been sober. Hope encourages him to look into her mother’s eyes and maybe he’ll find forgiveness.
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Deacon arrives at Brooke’s place and tells her he’s sorry; he knows her marriage is in trouble. “I’m sorry you’re going through this because you don’t deserve it.” He thinks Ridge is being too hard on her. Brooke reminds Deacon that she hurt him. She feels her whole world is crashing down around her. She can’t understand how she could betray her husband like this. They go over what happened. Deacon thinks Ridge should man up and work things out with his wife rather than go running to Taylor. Brooke admits it bothers her. Deacon caresses her hair and wonders how many times she’s going to go through this — she’s always had to question her place in Ridge’s heart while he bounces back and forth between her and Taylor. Deacon wants her to see her worth; she loves to be cherished and loved unconditionally. He thinks she should move on from Ridge… to a man who has always loved her and who will never let her down no matter what. “I know you want that man to be Ridge, but it isn’t… But that man does exist, and he’s standing right here in front of you.”

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