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At home, Brooke can’t get a hold of Ridge and Hope wonders if she’s tried email. She tells her mother that she’s going to help her fight by going to see the one person who actually might be able to make this right with Ridge.

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At the cliff house, Steffy and Thomas talk about how happy they are now that their father has finally realized this is where he belongs. Taylor reminds her kids to be mindful of what this means for their father and Brooke. Steffy is willing to do anything to help Ridge navigate his break-up. Thomas tells his dad that Taylor is exactly what he needs. Steffy and Thomas think Phoebe would be just as excited as they are about their parents getting back together. Thomas understands the power of his father’s attraction to Brooke, but that doesn’t justify the trauma that he’s gone through with her. He thanks his father for seeing that and giving himself the life that he deserves.
Steffy, Thomas happy B&B

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Ridge grows uncomfortable as Steffy talks about him having peace and contentment. Thomas and Steffy file out and Ridge tells Taylor his mind is spinning. He doesn’t know why Brooke drank or why she started making out with Deacon. “I don’t understand why she’d throw everything away.” Taylor can here the pain in his voice; he’s mourning his marriage. She admits it was amazing to kiss his lips, but whatever happens, she’ll support him. “I won’t betray you, I won’t let you down. I’m right here in this moment.” Ridge kisses Taylor.

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At Il Giardino, Sheila thinks Deacon should be celebrating Brooke’s marriage coming to an end, but Deacon can only imagine how heartbroken she is. Suddenly, he realizes Hope is coming and tells Sheila to go. “She can’t see us together.” Sheila hides, listening, as Hope appears. Deacon learns that Brooke is devastated and thinks she’s lost Ridge forever. Sheila takes off. Deacon tells Hope that Ridge has done this before and he always comes back. Hope confides that Ridge spent the night with Taylor. “Mom is devastated.” She explains that Brooke wants to save her marriage, which is why she came to talk to him. Deacon doesn’t know what he could do. Hope thinks he could talk to Ridge, make him understand and convince him not to give up on her mom. “Do it, dad. Save mom’s marriage.”
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At the loft, Paris urges Carter not to feel guilty; Zende’s dating Sequoya. She pulls him into another kiss. Carter pushes her away and rants that she’d be crazy to give up her position and prestige for him. Paris is undeterred and moves up close to him again. Carter tells her she has no idea how much he wants to kiss her and touch her, but they can’t do this. Paris feels they owe it to themselves to try based on their connection and chemistry. Carter wont’ do to Zende what he did to Eric and believes Zende wouldn’t forgive her. “I’m not worth it!” Paris insists he is; he just can’t see it. Carter tries to fight his attraction, but gives in and makes love to Paris on the sofa.
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At home, Brooke texts Ridge that they need to talk. There’s a knock at the door and Brooke wonders aloud, “Ridge is that you?” She opens the door to Sheila. Brooke says she’s busy right now. Sheila questions, “Failing at another marriage? I heard.” She muses, “Destiny’s not what it’s cracked up to be, is it?” Brooke seethes, “Get out!” Sheila reminds her she told her she had no place in her son’s life. “You were thrilled that I might never get a chance to know him,” she levels at Brooke. One of them is losing a chance with a loved one today, “But it sure as hell isn’t me,” Sheila intones.
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Brooke glares. Sheila levels that Ridge is going back to Taylor where he belongs. Being with someone that good much feel beautiful after all the years he spent… Brooke interrupts, “With me?!?” Sheila reminds her he was gone for one night and she was making out with Deacon. Brooke argues she was drunk and she has no idea what made her drink that night. She won’t give up on her marriage. She won’t let one drunken night ruin what she had with her husband!

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Carter and Paris share a fun moment, and Sheila spars with Brooke.

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