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At home, Brooke thinks back to Ridge saying she’ll always be his Logan and then leaving her. She sits on the stairs where she breaks down in heartbroken sobs. Hope comes in and asks, “Mom, what happened? What is it?”
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Brooke tells her Ridge was there; he just left. He didn’t come home last night because he was with Taylor. Brooke reports that they were kissing and everything — she doesn’t want to believe it. Hope sighs. She didn’t want to believe it either, and explains that Steffy and Thomas told her he’d stayed the night. Brooke elaborates that Ridge loves her but he can’t be with her any longer — he needs peace and stability. She cries out as she questions why she drank that night. “It can’t end this way, Hope. It can’t!” Hope feels Brooke and Ridge may have gotten through this, but Taylor came back and Steffy and Thomas started pushing to get their family back together. Brooke needs to remind Ridge that this is where he belongs. “If I don’t let him know that, I am going to lose him to Taylor for good!”

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge sits pensively behind his desk. Thomas and Steffy come in and wonder why their father hasn’t been back in touch with their mother since going to see Brooke. Thomas fears he let Brooke talk him into giving her another chance. Ridge told her the truth — that he spent the night at Steffy’s house with their mom. “Not an easy conversation.” Steffy and Thomas go over why Ridge can’t be with Brooke anymore. Ridge appreciates their loyalty to Taylor, but doesn’t want to answer any more questions. Steffy and Thomas keep pressing about him coming home until Steffy says there’s something she needs to take care of and exits.

In the hallway, Steffy calls Taylor and updates her that Ridge spoke with Brooke. “Can you come by the office now? Dad needs you.”

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At Il Giardino, Deacon is aggravated when Sheila appears — Brooke could show up and see her! Sheila urges him to come into the broom closet, because what she has to tell him, he’ll definitely want to hear. “I’m about to make you a very happy man, Deacon Sharpe.” Deacon mutters that he’s not going back to her room. Sheila teases that the door may be open now… to Brooke.
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Sheila breaks the news that Brooke coming to Deacon’s defense was the end of her and Ridge. “Ridge is going home to Taylor.” Deacon asks if Taylor told her this. Sheila’s irked that he’s questioning her. She repeats that Brooke defending Deacon sent Ridge right into Taylor’s arms. “Good things are happening… for you and Taylor. And it’s all because of your drunken night with Brooke,” Sheila beams. Deacon muses, “So if I finally get a shot with Brooke, I have karma to thank.” As he steps away, Sheila adds, “And me. Especially me.”

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At the loft, Carter does pull-ups as he tries not to think about kissing Paris. He flashes to her mother Grace’s threat to him. Suddenly, Paris comes to the door. “Surprised to see me?” she asks. Carter confirms he is and asks what brings her by. She admits she couldn’t stay away any longer.
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Carter informs her this can’t happen — he won’t repeat what he did to Eric. Paris argues he wouldn’t be betraying anyone. Zende misunderstood their relationship, making all those plans. She wants to feel Carter’s body pressed up against hers and knows he wants that too. Carter warns, “Paris, we already talked about this.” Paris can’t understand why they’re denying themselves; they could be so good together. She wants to know what’s going on with him. “I need to know.” Paris can’t stop thinking about the last time they were together. Carter can’t either. Paris asks why he’s fighting this. Carter gives in and they start kissing.
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At Forrester Creations, Steffy reminds her dad that he has someone now that he can rely on. Just then, Taylor walks into the office. Ridge smiles. They all agree it’s best for him to stay in the guest house due to the complicated emotions involved. Thomas and Steffy think it’s pretty simple, now that he’s away from Brooke’s constant crises, but Taylor warns their father doesn’t feel this is something to celebrate. Steffy declares it’s time for the Forrester family to reunite. “We can.” Thomas hugs Taylor and Ridge hugs Steffy as they all smile.
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