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At Brooke’s place, she asks Ridge to tell her that she’ll always be his Logan. He does, so she assumes everything’s going to be fine. But Ridge doesn’t think she understands. Brooke apologizes again for that night and wants to know why he’s not wearing his wedding band. “Don’t tell me you’re giving up on us.” Ridge admits he spent the night in Malibu. Brooke says, “With Steffy.” Ridge nods. “With Steffy… and Taylor.” Brooke can only imagine what his kids were saying. Ridge won’t deny they believe he’d be happier with Taylor after what happened with Deacon. He tells her, “I love you so much, but we can’t keep doing this to each other. I don’t belong here anymore.”

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Brooke protests that they are husband and wife and can’t let anyone change that. Ridge barks, “It’s already changed!” This is why he took off his wedding band. Brooke can’t believe he’d do this. “Are you actually saying you made love to Taylor?” Ridge assures it didn’t go that far, but it could have if they didn’t stop it. Brooke decides one night won’t affect what they have. “I won’t let it.” She caresses his shoulder and informs him, “We’ll survive this. You’ll see.”
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In her office, Taylor flashes to kissing Ridge and smiles. Sheila comes in and says she knows who Taylor must be thinking of, and asks how Ridge is doing. Taylor chastises Sheila for coming on in there without waiting for the receptionist to return. Sheila gets right into Brooke’s transgressions. There’s no way Ridge will be able to forgive and put up with a tramp wife like that. Taylor balks at bashing the blonde. Sheila explains she’s on Team Taylor. She took the high road as she always does and now the path is clear for her to reunite with Ridge. Sheila hopes Taylor takes advantage of this opportunity. “I know how long you have waited to be reunited with Ridge.” She hopes the wait is not too much longer. “Unless… it already is over.” Taylor’s face gives it away and Sheila enthuses, “Ridge is through with Brooke!’ Sheila recaps that Taylor allowed her to come over at Christmas, while Brooke vowed to keep her away from her son and grandson. Taylor thinks it sounds like she has a vested interest in this. Sheila is just happy for Taylor and her family.
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At Forrester Creations, Steffy expresses concern to Thomas that Ridge might cave to Brooke if she turns on the waterworks. Thomas mulls about getting Brooke to accept that Ridge is with Taylor as Hope comes in. They tell her it’s not looking good for her mother. Thomas realizes that Hope wants the issue to be solved because Brooke drank, but she still hurt their father. Steffy feels none of that matters now because that destiny is about to end. Hope warns she wouldn’t count her mother out just yet and takes Thomas to task for keeping Brooke from seeing Ridge. Steffy alludes to her father staying the night at her place and Hope asks what she’s implying, then proceeds to say, “Fine. Tell me about last night.” Steffy explains that her father’s had enough and never has to question her mother’s loyalty. Is it really a surprise he’d want to spend the night with her? Hope learns that Taylor and Ridge had a magical night of reconnection and that Ridge took his wedding ring off. Hope accuses Steffy for rooting for her mother’s marriage to fail. Steffy feels Brooke only has herself to blame.
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In her hotel room, Sheila celebrates her plan working as Brooke’s destiny comes to an end. She mutters out loud. “I warned you, Brooke, not to mess with my life and my family’s. You’re paying the ultimate price now.” Sheila begins to cackle.

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In Brooke’s living room, she suggests to Ridge that they forgive each other and work harder at their relationship. They can do better. “We can, and we will.” Ridge thought it was going to be the two of them in the end, but too much has happened. He can’t do this anymore. Brooke, mystified, reminds him she’s sorry for everything that happened. She pulls him into an embrace. “I love you. I don’t want to lose you. You are my soulmate. You are my destiny.” Ridge pulls away and tells her she’s more beautiful than the first day he saw her. He loves her, but he can’t do this anymore. “I can’t.” Ridge kisses Brooke and rests his forehead against hers before pulling back. “You will always be my Logan.” Tears stream silently down her face as she watches his walk out. Brooke goes to sit in a chair and cries.

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