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In Taylor’s room at the cliff house, Ridge wishes her a good morning. She sits up in bed and muses that he’s still there — it wasn’t a dream. He came home. Taylor begins, “So about last night…” Ridge asks, “What about it?” Taylor tells him how good it felt being in his arms… it felt so right. She has to ask though… “Any regrets?” Taylor points out that a lot changed — literally overnight. She wants to know if he regrets any of it. Ridge thinks him sleeping across the room was the right call. The only thing he regrets is not seeing that Brooke would throw away everything they had with Deacon. He doesn’t regret being there with Taylor; she’s always been there for him. Taylor thinks Steffy and Thomas must be wondering what they’re doing. They laugh at how relentless they were, especially Steffy, who would have made her grandmother proud. Ridge asks Taylor if he can take her for coffee. She knows a great place.
Taylor, Ridge regrets B&B

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Downstairs in the cliff house, Steffy updates Thomas that their dad never left — he and their mother are together as they speak. Thomas leaps for joy. He admits he was afraid to trust it; even though he kept Brooke away she can be pretty resourceful. All Steffy knows is that mom and dad went to her bedroom last night and she hasn’t seen them since. Thomas learns that Finn took the kids out, and Steffy explains she didn’t want anything getting in the way of what’s happening with their parents. Just then, Taylor and Ridge appear. Taylor declares, “Your dad’s home!” Thomas and Steffy, thrilled, give them hugs.

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At Brooke’s place, she tells Hope that Ridge didn’t come home last night. Hope figures he maybe just needed more time to calm down and booked a hotel room. Eric comes in and Brooke tells him he’s her last hope. She’s hoping he’ll tell her he spoke to Ridge last night and he’s not where she thinks he is.
Hope, Brooke discuss Ridge B&B

Eric hasn’t spoken to Ridge and doesn’t know where he spent the night last night. Brooke grimaces. “I think we all know.” Hope urges her not to jump to conclusions. Brooke frets that if Ridge spent the night at Taylor’s, how is she not supposed to worry about the future of her marriage? They go over how Thomas blocked Brooke from talking to Ridge. She thinks she might have been able to get through to him. Eric doesn’t condone Steffy and Thomas’ tactics, but understands why they want their family back together. Brooke laments New Year’s Eve and wonders again why she drank that night. She won’t give up. Brooke picks up the phone and leaves another message imploring her husband to come home so they can talk.
Eric no help B&B

At the cliff house, Steffy and Thomas express their delight at their parents reuniting. Steffy notices Ridge isn’t wearing his wedding ring. Ridge announces he’s going to talk to Brooke and starts looking for his phone. Thomas “finds” it and Ridge notices all the missed calls from Brooke. “Oh boy.” He assures them all he’ll be back and leaves. Taylor tells Steffy her dad is just doing what he has to do. “It will be fine.” Steffy replies, “I hope you’re right,” and looks worried as her mom embraces her.
Taylor hug Steffy B&B

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They sit, and Taylor talks about ending a marriage in person being the right thing to do. Thomas frets that Brooke might reel their father back in. Steffy urges her mom to go stake her claim. Taylor’s reluctant. Steffy honestly believes this is the end for her dad and Brooke.

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At home, Brooke reflects on good memories from her relationship with Ridge. Suddenly, he comes in. She gasps, “Ridge, you’re home!” She pulls him into an embrace and thanks him for coming back before apologizing for betraying his trust. Brooke claims if she was sober, she’d never have kissed Deacon. “It was unthinkable.” Ridge grunts, “Until it wasn’t.”

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Brooke reminds him it was the alcohol and that he said they could work through this. He also told her to keep that guy out of their lives. Brooke was just supporting her daughter. She recaps the strange and unpredictable events of New Year’s Eve. Ridge reiterates that he warned if she let Deacon in something bad would happen… and then she defended him. Brooke relays that she came to see him at the cliff house and Thomas wouldn’t let her in. She ask if he stayed there and slept on the couch. Ridge confirms, “I stayed there.” Brooke reminds him he belongs there with her. “We love each other. We said vows to each other.” They’re going to be together for the rest of their lives. Suddenly, she notices he’s not wearing his wedding ring. “What happened last night?” Ridge just looks at her. Brooke hopes he’s not giving up — she loves him. “Tell me you love me too!”

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