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At the cliff house, Ridge tells Taylor that his home is with her and they share a kiss. Thomas and Steffy enter and interrupt. They joke if they saw them kissing as kids that they’d be grossed out. Now, Steffy thinks this seems like a dream, and Thomas says it’s incredible. Ridge says this is his home, metaphorically, with all of them. Ridge thinks they have a lot of time to make up for. Steffy and Thomas hope they can do that together. Taylor admits she stayed away for so long because it was hard to be without Ridge and their family. Thomas just wants them to be happy, and Steffy feels her mom deserves this. Taylor notes they all deserve this. Thomas and Steffy leave them to talk.

At the Forrester mansion, Brooke vents to Liam and Hope that Ridge is with Taylor right now and Thomas blocked her from seeing him. She fills them in on the fight between Ridge and Deacon, and she feels he is slipping away from her. She also notes Thomas has Ridge’s phone, so he’s not even getting her texts. Liam thought Thomas was done with his manipulations, but Hope thinks he’s just doing Steffy’s dirty work. Brooke vents that Steffy and Thomas are working to push their parents back together. She is afraid Ridge isn’t going to come home and asks Liam if he can go over and talk to Ridge for her. Liam agrees to try and heads out.

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Back at the cliff house, Taylor tells Ridge, “Welcome home.” She wonders if this is really happening and believes perhaps they had to go through everything to get where they are now. They embrace, and Taylor says it feels so good to be in his arms. They kiss again, and she feels like the kids are watching them. Ridge suggests they go somewhere private.

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Thomas and Steffy return and realize their parents went somewhere for privacy. Liam shows up claiming he wanted to see Kelly. Steffy reminds him that Kelly is on a playdate, and Thomas suspects Brooke sent him to speak to their father. Liam admits it and says she’s really scared. He asks why they aren’t even letting Brooke in. Thomas says she’d only screw their dad over again, and he needs time away from her. Steffy says their dad is moving on with their mom. Thomas and Steffy say they’ve given Brooke plenty of chances and it’s over now. Liam asks why they won’t even let her see him, and why does Thomas have his phone? Thomas says they aren’t holding their father hostage, and he’s free to leave. Liam wonders why they seem so afraid to let Brooke see Ridge. Steffy says Brooke did this to herself and this is the last time she will disappoint their father.

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In the bedroom, Taylor asks, “Are we doing this?” They move closer, and Taylor says she’s never stopped loving him. They kiss, and then Ridge removes his wedding ring. They share another kiss.

Back at the Forrester mansion, Brooke thinks Taylor will use the situation to get Ridge back. Hope tries to convince her mom that Ridge loves her, but Brooke knows Steffy and Thomas will push Ridge to reunite with their mother. She cries she could lose the love of her life. Hope feels partly responsible, but Brooke says she is the one who ruined her sobriety. Hope thinks she should have respected Ridge’s home and not have pushed to have her dad invited into his house. Brooke tells her daughter not to feel guilty, and they have to hope Liam can get through to Ridge. Brooke doesn’t understand why she’s done what she’s done, including defending Deacon to Ridge. She fears she’s losing Ridge to Taylor as they speak.

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