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At Il Giardino in the broom closet, Deacon looks at his bruises in the mirror and muses, “Oh brother, you’re a mess.” Sheila comes in and observes that he either got hit by a bus or someone really, really doesn’t like him.

At Brooke’s place, she recaps Ridge and Deacon’s fight for Hope and Liam. Ridge couldn’t believe that she defended Deacon — she went too far. “I’ve made a terrible mistake.”
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At the cliff house, Ridge’s children and Taylor don’t want him going back to Brooke’s house because she manipulates him. Thomas says, “You need to stay here with our family.”

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In the broom closet, Deacon warns Sheila to look out for the broken glass as he sweeps. She’s a nurse and wants to check out his wounds, but he says it’s nothing. Sheila feels it’s definitely something. “Did you run into Ridge’s fist after he found out you spent the night with his wife?” She chuckles at Deacon saying he took it easy on Ridge. Deacon insists he could have annihilated him if he’d wanted to. He flashes to the fight as Sheila asks, “Why didn’t you?” Deacon restrained himself for Brooke. “Sometimes the best thing a fighter can do is not fight.” Sheila asks where Brooke is. Deacon doesn’t know, but she defended him when she saw what Ridge was doing. Sheila smiles.
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At Brooke’s place, Liam assures that Ridge is probably just cooling off, but Brooke recalls that he said, “I can’t do this anymore.” Now he’s not picking up his phone! She needs to talk to him and can’t understand why he’s not picking up.

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At the cliff house, Thomas secretively deletes Brooke’s voicemail from Ridge’s phone, which he’s keeping hidden. Steffy implores her father to see that Brooke hasn’t been giving him even a small amount of respect and doesn’t deserve a life with him. Taylor cautions, “Steffy…” It’s Ridge’s life and his choices. Hayes cries, so Taylor goes to him. Thomas and Steffy assure Ridge it doesn’t have to be this way — he needs to accept that Brooke’s never going to change. “She’s never going to commit herself to you the way that mom could,” Steffy exclaims.
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Thomas notices another incoming call from Brooke on his father’s phone in his pocket and ignores it.
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At Brooke’s place, she leaves Ridge another voicemail and then decides she can’t take this. Liam and Hope ask where she’s going as she grabs her coat, keys and purse. Brooke declares she’s going to find Ridge… and she has a pretty good idea where to look.

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In the broom closet, Sheila hopes Deacon doesn’t think that Brooke was impressed by his caveman antics — it’s a red flag. Deacon assures she didn’t like it. She stopped the fight and practically pulled Ridge off him. Sheila is stunned that she came to Deacon’s rescue. Deacon recalls how Ridge tried to pin everything on him, but Brooke defended him. Sheila learns that Ridge was angry and walked out on her. She grins.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Thomas keep angling for Ridge to leave Brooke. Thomas acknowledges that Brooke’s a huge part of Douglas’ life and Hope’s mother, but she’s hurting his father. He needs to see that there’s someone in the other room that would love him as he deserves. Thomas notices a message from Brooke on Ridge’s phone that says she’s on her way over there. He announces he’s getting some fresh air.

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At Brooke’s place, Hope muses to Liam that Ridge has walked out before and always comes back. She agrees with her mother that they need to speak in person. Liam’s sure she’ll make him understand she didn’t choose Deacon. Hope worries about what her mom may be walking into at Steffy’s. Liam wonders if they should head back to the cabin, but Hope wants to be there for her mom if she can’t find Ridge. Liam assures her everything will be fine. Hope can’t stop thinking about the things Steffy said about where Ridge belongs and who he should be with. She hopes he remembers how much he loves her mom.

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At the cliff house, Brooke gets out of her car, spots Thomas, and asks if his dad is there. She doesn’t have time to explain, but needs to see him right away. Thomas replies, “He doesn’t need to see you.” Brooke is flummoxed — she can see Ridge’s car right there! Thomas points out if Ridge had wanted to see her, he’d have come to her house, but instead he came there to be with his family. Brooke gawps, “What are you doing?!” She needs to discuss something with his father and orders Thomas to get out of her way. Thomas blocks her path and informs her that it will have to be another time and place… he’s not letting her anywhere near his father right now. Brooke’s jaw drops.
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Inside the cliff house, Steffy pleads with Ridge to tell her that his eyes are finally open where Brooke’s concerned. She’s a serial cheater! Steffy goes over what happened and asks when he’s going to get off this merry-go-round. “Brooke’s never going to commit herself to you. She’s never going to be loyal to you… not the way mom could be.” She rants at her father until Taylor interrupts. Steffy can’t understand how Ridge keeps choosing Brooke over Taylor!

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