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At the cliff house, Steffy and Thomas discuss how unimaginable it is that Ridge would forgive Brooke and stay with her. They wonder why they haven’t heard from their mom yet and wonder if he’s with their dad. Taylor comes in and they clamor to know if it’s over between Ridge and Brooke. Taylor relays that it’s not, according to Brooke, who claims Ridge professed his undying love to her. Thomas and Steffy figure she was lying to save face. Steffy’s keen to hear from her father. Just then, Ridge walks in. They all gasp and ask what happened to his face. They figure it was Deacon and Ridge confirms he got what was coming to him. Steffy confronts him about telling Brooke he loves her after everything that transpired. “How could you do that?”
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At Brooke’s house, Hope updates Liam that Steffy is rooting for her mother’s marriage to end. She’s worried because her mom’s not getting back to her. Liam reminds her Brooke and Ridge have overcome many challenges and there’s no reason to think they can’t get past this too. Just then, Brooke comes in. Hope takes one look at her and asks, “What happened?” Brooke confirms she spoke to Ridge and was able to tell him the truth, but she was too late because apparently, Ridge learned about her and Deacon from Taylor. Hope knows because Steffy told her. She asks if Ridge listened to her side of things. Brooke says he did, but she’s not sure it makes much of a difference now.

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At the cliff house, Taylor gives Ridge something to ice his black eye and suggests Steffy call Finn. Ridge doesn’t want the fuss. His kids want to know if Deacon got what was coming and urge their father not to let Brooke get away with this. This has to be the final straw. Taylor interrupts to complain that they’re really putting Ridge on the spot. Thomas and Steffy keep protesting that Brooke will keep doing this — the minute his back was turned she was kissing Deacon. Taylor tries to intervene again, but to no avail. Steffy says that their mom went to see Brooke, who claimed he was forgiving. She assumes Brooke threw Deacon under the bus. Ridge stuns them by saying she didn’t — Brooke defended him.

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At home, Brooke flashes to Ridge walking out on her in the broom closet at Il Giardino. Hope asks if Ridge was understanding. Brooke ruminates about how much she hurt him and let him down. Liam and Hope figure he knows she’d never willingly cause him pain. Their love has been tested over the years and yet it still remains. Brooke explains that Ridge accused Deacon of spiking her drink, but she told him that wasn’t true. She still doesn’t understand what made her drink that night. “I really thought we were going to work through this.” Hope asks, “Mom? What do you mean ‘thought?”
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Brooke explains that Ridge was furious with Deacon, and then he left, saying he needed some fresh air. After that, Taylor stopped by. Hope and Liam assume she had come to gloat. Brooke relays that she accused her of drinking to give herself permission to cheat. Liam and Hope are stunned to hear that Brooke eventually found Ridge at Il Giardino fighting with Deacon. She stopped it and she took the blame for everything that happened. After that, everything just shifted. Hope asks, “Shifted how?” Brooke tears up. “He told me he couldn’t take it anymore, and he turned around and walked out that door. I’m just afraid I may have lost my soulmate forever.” Liam assures Brooke that Ridge will cool off, and Hope urges her not to give up. Brooke will never give up; it can’t be over. Liam asks where Ridge went after Il Giardino. Hope guesses he went to his other family. Brooke worries they’ll really pile on and decides she’s needs to talk to Ridge.

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At the cliff house, Ridge’s family are aghast that Brooke defended Deacon. Ridge confirms he can’t do this anymore — first it’s Spencer and now it’s Deacon. Steffy and Thomas agree; it’s never-ending with that woman. Steffy asks if he ended it with Brooke. Ridge sighs, “I had to.” Steffy knows it must have been hard, but it’s good that he came home to his family; the people who would never let him down. She hugs her dad. Over Steffy’s shoulder, Ridge exchanges a look with Taylor. After, as Steffy recaps Brooke’s transgression with Deacon and asks him to see that it’s never going to be different with her, Thomas notices Ridge’s cellphone lighting up with a call from Brooke. He slides the phone out of sight.
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At home, Brooke leaves Ridge a voicemail saying she loves him and to call her because they really need to talk.
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At the cliff house, Thomas eyeballs the hidden cellphone as Taylor watches Ridge and Steffy who implores her father to please come home to them.

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