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In the broom closet at Il Giardino, Brooke screams at Ridge to stop and rushes to Deacon, on the floor, to see if he’s alright. She hollers that it was her; Deacon didn’t do a thing! Ridge roars, “He didn’t do a thing?!” He lunges toward Deacon again and Brooke holds out a hand to stop him. Ridge sneers about her coming in there and the first thing she does is check on Deacon. He sneers about Deacon drinking with an alcoholic so he can slither into her bed and asks, “What kind of woman defends a man like that.” He adds, “Please no more. Please.”
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At Forrester Creations, Hope tells Steffy to stop talking like her mother and father had an affair. There was drinking, a kiss; things got out of hand. Steffy scoffs at this take and informs Hope that she has to believe that Brooke’s hold over her father is coming to an end. Hope understands that she blames Brooke for Ridge leaving their family, but it was, in fact, her father who chose to leave. She thinks Steffy underestimates Ridge’s commitment to her mother. Steffy argues that Brooke reverted to her old ways by cheating on her dad. She asks Hope, “How can you defend what Brooke did with Deacon?” Hope argues that her mother relapsed and her judgement was impaired. Steffy feels that’s still no excuse for hooking up with Deacon. Hope reminds Steffy she, too, has made mistakes. She invites Steffy to blame her if she needs to blame someone; it’s her fault Deacon was at the house that night. Steffy won’t let Brooke off the hook and doesn’t imagine her father will either.

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Steffy informs Hope that her father hasn’t changed, and her mother opened the door to that train wreck. Hope replies, “For me.” Steffy asks Hope to stop trying to defend her – it’s embarrassing. Hope says the only opinion that matters is Ridge’s. They debate whether he’ll forgive her yet again. Steffy figures she’ll play her dad for a fool. He’ll never get respect from Brooke, but he’ll always get it from her mother. Hope is sorry that Ridge got hurt, that her mother fell off the wagon with Deacon, and that she pushed too hard to make everyone let Deacon in. Steffy thinks she should go on a real campaign to bring her parents back together, because, soon, Brooke’s going to be free. “My father is done with this.”
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In her office, Taylor flashes to breaking the news about Brooke and Deacon to Ridge. Sheila walks in and says, “You must be psychic. You picked the exact right time to come home.” Taylor isn’t sure what she means and asks what Sheila is doing there. Sheila wanted to come by to say how happy she is for her and let her know she’s Team Taylor all the way. She spoke to Deacon and has news that can only benefit Taylor. Sheila ruminates about the blows to Ridge’s pride over the years courtesy of Brooke. Taylor doesn’t feel comfortable bashing Brooke with her and informs Sheila that Ridge makes his own choices. Sheila feels Ridge should have stayed with her. Taylor shrugs, “Well, thank you, I guess.”

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Sheila figures Taylor’s excited beneath the cool exterior – she’s clearly still in love with Ridge and wants to reunite her family… and now that Brooke did what she did, Sheila’s confident she and Ridge will find their way back to one another. Taylor isn’t out to destroy Brooke’s marriage. Sheila enthuses that’s the beauty of it – she doesn’t even have to; Brooke did it herself. She figures that maybe Ridge’s destiny isn’t with the blonde after all. Taylor says Brooke made a mistake. Sheila giggles, “Ya think?!” When Taylor answers a page. Sheila flashes to swapping the champagne bottles out and mutters that every little piece is falling into place. Taylor returns and wonders aloud about what the trigger was for Brooke to start drinking again. Sheila asks, “Could it have been Deacon.” Taylor confirms it could have been, if they used to drink together, but she figures that they’ll probably never know. Sheila muses that the damage has already been done.
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In the broom closet, Ridge hollers at Deacon to shut up. Brooke pushes his chest to keep them apart. Ridge asks her why she does this. “How do you stand there and defend this guy?!” Brooke recaps how sorry she is for what happened that night. She doesn’t even know how it happened, but she has to own it. Ridge doesn’t. He can’t take this anymore. Brooke is aghast. “Ridge, what are you saying?” Brooke doesn’t want either one of them to end up in the hospital and insists Deacon did nothing wrong. Ridge can’t understand what that means to her.
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Brooke doesn’t know why she had an uncontrollable urge to drink and wishes she could take it all back. Ridge does too. Brooke reminds Ridge that he said he loved her and that they could get through this. Ridge states that she was with Deacon and didn’t tell her – they had to find out from a little boy. Brooke pleads with him to forgive her; they can move past this, together. Ridge reminds Brooke that he told her he didn’t want this guy coming in and out of their lives. Brooke reiterates that nothing happened. Ridge roars, “He slept in my bed, that is something!” Deacon chimes in and Ridge shouts at him, “Shut up!” Brooke holds her head and yells at Ridge to stop. Ridge sneers, “Oh sorry, did I yell at your boy? So sorry.” He doesn’t know whether Brooke didn’t hear his warnings or just didn’t care. Brooke was just supporting her daughter. Ridge screams, “How was making out with this idiot on New Year’s Eve supporting your daughter?!” He wonders why he’s not enough for her. Brooke vows that he is. Ridge says that’s true until Bill comes along flexing or Deacon tells her he never stopped loving her. Brooke just needs him to forgive her… just this one time. “I can’t live without you,” she sobs.
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Ridge touches Brooke’s cheek and tells her, “You chose Deacon over me.” Brooke wails, “No.” Ridge told her he would drive a wedge between them. He loves her so much, but he’s tired and he can’t do this anymore. Brooke shakes her head. “No, no don’t go Ridge please.” He walks out as she screams, “I love you! Please don’t walk out!” Brooke breaks down sobbing as Deacon looks on with deep concern.

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