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In the broom closet at Il Giardino, Deacon warns Ridge not to put his hands on him again. Ridge levels that he violated his bed and his wife. “It ends here.” Ridge accuses Deacon of spiking Brooke’s drink. As Deacon protests, Ridge bellows, “What did you do to my wife?”

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At Brooke’s place, she wonders if Taylor is there to gloat and complains that she didn’t give her a chance to tell Ridge the truth herself. She was just about to, but Taylor beat her to it. Taylor shakes her head. Brooke won’t explain herself to Taylor; she doesn’t owe her that. She and Ridge will work through this together. It was a kiss and she took responsibility for it. Taylor questions if she did, really. She points out this pattern has been going on for years and years. Brooke’s not up for an analysis. Taylor argues that maybe she needs one. “Do you see the theme here, Brooke?” Brooke doesn’t know what happened on New Year’s Eve. She’s gone over it a thousand times. Brooke suggests that Taylor should have more empathy. Taylor’s trying.

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Brooke explains that Deacon spent the night but there was only one kiss. None of it would have happened if alcohol wasn’t involved. She has no idea what made her take that first drink. Taylor does. “It was you.” She thinks Brooke wanted an excuse to cheat on Ridge. Brooke is aghast and informs Taylor that she has no right to come in there and lecture her. Taylor will always care about Ridge’s well-being. Brooke insists that something unusual overtook her on New Year’s Eve. Taylor snarks that it certainly wasn’t her conscience. Brooke reiterates that something had control over her. Taylor feels she’s making excuses. Brooke’s sick of her judgements and declares that Ridge trusts her. He told her he loves her and that they’re going to work through this. “We’re going to be fine.” Taylor wonders where he is.

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At Forrester Creations, Hope flashes back to her mother insisting it was time to come clean with Ridge about what happened with Deacon. Steffy enters the office and notices she seems preoccupied and wonders if it’s more than work. Hope sighs and asks what she’s getting at. Steffy feels sorry for her because of who her mother is. She informs Hope that Brooke’s dirty little secret is no longer a secret.
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Hope claims she has no idea what Steffy is talking about, but Steffy tells her that they all know about Brooke and Deacon ringing in the New Year together. They know the details, including her dad. “My mother told him.” Steffy complains that Brooke was unfaithful to her father and t threw away her marriage along with her sobriety. Hope is hopeful that he’ll forgive her. Steffy tells her not to hold her breath. Hope points out that Steffy’s not in a place to judge given her own scandals. Steffy recaps that this keeps happening with Brooke, decade after decade; she believes this will be the last time with her father.

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Hope can see that his is turning into another Logan vs. Forrester debate. Steffy snarks, “Of course you don’t, because the Logans always win.” She points out that Brooke has her father. Hope realizes she’s hoping this will end their marriage. Steffy’s tired of seeing her father struggle with a woman who always has one foot out the door. Hope counters that Taylor has hurt Ridge as well. Steffy predicts that it will end today when Ridge breaks it off with Brooke once and for all. She maintains that if Brooke really loved her father she wouldn’t be canoodling with another man. Hope insists that Ridge loves her mom. Steffy points out there’s another woman he can turn to. They argue until Hope orders Steffy to stop bashing her mom; she’ll never do anything like this again. Steffy’ says she’s heard it before and states that Ridge will go back to her mother where he belongs.
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In the broom closet, Deacon informs Ridge that Brooke was already drinking when he returned to the house to get his phone. “I didn’t spike her cocktail!” Ridge demands to know how he ended up kissing his wife. Deacon explains that they got caught up in memories and kissed once while the booze was flowing. Ridge wants to know what happened after he got her drunk and took her up to bed. Their arguing escalates and Deacon grits that he’s held off on kicking Ridge’s ass so many time. “Get out of here or make a move.” Ridge lunges for Deacon and it’s on. An epic fight ensues with karate kicks from Deacon and Ridge brandishing a broom, which Deacon snaps in half. More slugging follows until Brooke calls out Ridge’s name. She runs into the broom closet where Ridge is smashing glass over Deacon’s head. She rushes to Deacon to see if he’s okay and hollers at Ridge that it was her. She was drinking. Deacon didn’t do a thing! Ridge roars, “Deacon didn’t do a thing?!”
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