Ridge drops Deacon B&B
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At Brooke’s place, Ridge asks her, “You kissed Deacon?” She’s really sorry and knows she should have told him when it happened. Ridge, mystified, tells her this can’t be right. “You wouldn’t do that.” He decides that the reason she drank that night is now clear — Deacon spiked her drink. “The little weasel.” Brooke protests, “No, I don’t think…” Ridge interrupts to demand she tell him everything that happened that night.

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Ridge knows it will hurt, but Brooke needs to be completely honest with him. Everything was fine until Deacon came into the house and then suddenly she wanted to drink. Brooke explains that he actually tried to stop her. She convinced him to join her and was very insistence. Ridge asks if she put her drink down somewhere where he could spike it. Brooke says no. Ridge can’t understand why she’d kiss him. She explains it was an impulse — he was telling her how much he loved her and she just let it happen. “Drinking brings out the worst in me.” Ridge states that Deacon brings out the worst in her. She describes him putting on the Santa hat, which they thought was kinda funny. Ridge grunts, “Funny?!” Brooke says, “I’m sorry. I really am sorry.”
Brooke, Ridge argue B&B

At the cliff house, Thomas joins Taylor and Steffy, who updates him that their mom already told their father abut Brooke kissing Deacon. He’s surprised, and confused, to hear that Ridge is trying to come up with another explanation for the kiss. Taylor warns that Brooke relapsed, so she’ll probably try to blame the alcohol. Steffy’s sorry that happened to Brooke, but Ridge warned her not to have Deacon in the house. “Are we really surprised that Brooke ended up kissing him?” She feels that’s exactly who Brooke is — it wasn’t that long ago it was Bill. When it comes to Brooke there’s always another man; they just have to get their dad to realize it.
Steffy Thomas Taylor talk B&B

They continue to debate the issue and Steffy argues that it will be impossible for Brooke to deny it when there’s video footage. Thomas questions if it’s enough to get their dad to leave his wife. He grimaces, “Dad has got to wake up and leave Brooke once and for all.” Steffy feels he’d be so better off without all of Brooke’s drama. She complains the woman slept her way through the Forrester family. Taylor reflects that she always finds her way out of it — but not this time. Taylor gets up and walks out and Steffy and Thomas high five.

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At Il Giardino, Sheila startles Deacon in the broom closet. She figures he’s thinking about Brooke and notes his jumpiness. “What’s got you so on edge?” Deacon snarls that he’s on edge because every time he turns around she’s there with that creepy smile grilling him about Brooke. Sheila keeps digging and offers to go back to the hotel to engage in some “pillow talk.” Deacon sighs that she really is relentless and decides he might as well tell her — it’s about to come out anyway.
Sheila grills Deacon B&B

Sheila learns off-screen that Deacon and Brooke kissed and he spent the night. She marvels that the names they call her are really true! Deacon insists nothing happened. Sheila argues that it’s still enough to end Brooke’s marriage. Deacon concedes he’ll be upset at first, but then logic should kick in. Sheila hollers, “You shared a bed!” She chuckles. Sheila knew he was keeping a juicy secret from her, but she had no idea. Deacon says it won’t be a secret much longer — Brooke is probably telling Ridge right now. Sheila grins. She relishes this happening to Brooke, who once pretended to be her friend and is now telling her she’ll do everything in her power to keep her from her son and grandson. “So yes, the idea of Brooke finally having a little comeuppance? I do find joy in that. Immense joy.”

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At Brooke’s, Ridge paints a picture of his wife being kind enough to let Deacon sleep on the couch, but Brooke explains that he actually helped her up to bed. “He led me upstairs, and when I woke up the next morning, he was there right next to me.” Ridge blinks. “He was there?” Brooke insists nothing happened. Ridge wonders how she knows. Brooke swears nothing happened. Ridge asks what that means — nothing happened? The guy came to the house, she drank with him, made out with him, and slept with him. Deacon did exactly as he predicted he’d do — this is all on him. Brooke tearfully tells Ridge she should have listened to him. He could have had more; he could have had a life with Taylor, and instead he got this mess. She doesn’t know why she keeps sabotaging their marriage, but she does. Brooke understands if he wants to walk away, but that’s not what she wants. “I choose you, Ridge.” Ridge replies, “You let me down. You hurt me.” Brooke hangs her head. Ridge continues, “But you’re the love of my life. My Logan.” He has to get some air and needs to make this right. He walks out. Brooke exhales as tears flow down her face.

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At the cliff house, Steffy and Thomas wish they could be there to watch Taylor take Brooke down. Thomas mimics Brooke making an excuse, “Oh my God, I don’t know how it happened; he just slipped and fell on my lips.” Steffy laughs. They don’t understand how their father falls for it every time. Brooke will never compare to their mother.

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Brooke opens her door to Taylor and informs her she’s not in the mood. Taylor walks in anyone. Brooke glares. Taylor informs Brooke she knows all about her and Deacon.
Brooke glare B&B

In the broom closet at Il Giardino, Deacon turns when he hears the door open. Ridge knocks him down with a sucker punch. Deacon falls to the floor and looks up. Ridge barks, “Get up.”
Ridge, Deacon punch B&B

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