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At the cliff house, Ridge asks Taylor, “Why are you doing this?” Taylor says he deserves the truth. Ridge asks what she’s saying. Taylor reiterates that Brooke betrayed him again… this time with Deacon. Ridge stammers that he doesn’t know where this is coming from, but he’s certain his wife would never betray him with Deacon. Taylor asks him if he thinks she’d tell him this is she weren’t 100% sure. She thinks the drinking perhaps explains what happened. “The kiss.” Ridge bellows that Taylor wasn’t there. Taylor says someone was there who wouldn’t lie. “Our grandson, Douglas. He saw Brooke and Deacon kiss.” Ridge argues that she’s taking a kid’s innocent story and making it sinister. “Why?” Taylor informs him that she saw it on the security camera. She say Deacon return to the house that night and she saw him leave the next morning. Ridge asks, “What are you saying?” Taylor states that Brooke spent the night with Deacon.
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At Brooke’s place, she tells Steffy is she has something to say, then she should just say it. Steffy’s refers to her latest mess, with Deacon; the way she let him in with no respect for her father. “One day your bad decisions are going to catch up with you, Brooke.” The blonde wants to tell Steffy something about her marriage before she goes — all of the difficulties they overcome haven’t weakened their union, but strengthened it. Steffy sneers that there’s nothing more painful than watching history repeat itself. Brooke feels she should go. Steffy’s leaving — she’s getting as far away as this impending catastrophe as she can.
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At the cabin, Deacon isn’t sure it’s the best idea for Brooke to confess to Ridge. Hope explains she can’t live with the guilt. Deacon questions if she’s ready for what’s going to happen when she does. He’s just surprised given she’s been so determined to keep the secret. Liam questions if it’s not secretly what Deacon wants — for Brooke’s marriage to blow up. He lectures Deacon about not realizing how much trouble he’s caused, including with Douglas. Hope’s dad is apologetic and notes the poor kids is going to need therapy.
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Liam just wants to be realistic — Ridge is going to blow a gasket when he hears about the kiss. Hope assures they’ll be there for her mother when that happens. Deacon agrees; they’ll have her back. Maybe it’s best the truth comes out. Brooke didn’t intend this to happen and neither did he. Liam accuses him of the opposite. Hope defends him by pointing out that Deacon could have gone to Ridge and told him. Her father is not all to blame! She goes on to say that Ridge has forgiven her mother for much worse; she chooses to believe that he will again. Deacon worries that he’s a trigger for Ridge and that Brooke is walking into a buzz saw.
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At the cliff house, Ridge is still skeptical. Taylor understands; he’s been supporting Brooke and her sobriety but there’s more to the story and Brooke wasn’t entirely honest with him. Deacon spent the night. Ridge knows Brooke wouldn’t do that. Taylor questions, then, why she’s been so upset and not going into work. Ridge tells her, “Enough. Brooke wouldn’t do that to me.” Taylor suggests he not take her word for it, but go ask his wife. She tears up and holds his face as she insists she’s not saying any of this to hurt him. “You deserve so much better.”

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Soon after Ridge leaves, Steffy comes home and finds Taylor distraught. She asks if she told her father what they saw on the security footage. Taylor sighs, “He didn’t believe me.” Steffy wants to go after him, but her mother explains that he’s gone to Brooke’s. Steffy is surprised he didn’t believe her — he knows Taylor wouldn’t lie. Taylor thinks defending his wife is a reflex for him. She reminds her daughter that we don’t know what happened at the house, only that Deacon spent the night. Steffy argues they know they kissed. Taylor isn’t sure Ridge is ready to hear that; he’s put so much faith in Brooke and their marriage.
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Ridge arrives at home, where Brooke is relieved to see him. She stands up and announces there’s something she has to tell him — something she should have told him a while ago. She hedges that on New Year’s Eve, there was more to what happened than drinking. Brooke explains that Deacon was there getting his phone when he called to say he wasn’t coming home. She was upset and grabbed the bottle of vodka. Ridge asks if he stayed. Brooke confirms it. “He did stay.”
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Brooke can’t explain her behavior, but says something happened between her and Deacon. Ridge asks what happened. Brooke confesses, “We kissed.” She knows the drinking isn’t an excuse. Ridge stuns her by saying he already knew — Taylor told him. He defended Brooke and told Taylor it was something she’d never do. Ridge muses that Taylor seems to think that Deacon stayed the night, which makes no sense to him. “You wouldn’t have an affair with Deacon, right?”

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