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At the cliff house, Taylor tells Ridge she wishes she didn’t have to do this — if Brooke had been honest with him about what happened New Year’s Eve, she wouldn’t have to. Ridge asks how she knows what she did. Taylor doesn’t understand how he keeps forgiving the blonde, but reiterates that the truth has to come out. As the therapist rambles on, Ridge interrupts to say he already knows. Taken aback, Taylor marvels, “You do? And you’re okay with it? You’re okay with what Brooke did?!”
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Ridge sits with Taylor and explains that Brooke told him what happened, but she’s gone to a meeting and is back on the wagon. Taylor surprises him by saying she had no idea Brooke drank on New Year’s. He groans. Taylor muses, “But it might explain what happened.” Ridge insists his wife regrets what happened and insists they’re figuring this out. Taylor thinks that might have been true in the past, but there has to be a limit to what he’ll let her put him through. She reiterates that his commitment is misplaced.
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At Brooke’s place, she tells Steffy that she knows she never was a fan of her being in her father’s life, but she never stopped hoping she’d come around. Steffy never stopped hoping Brooke would learn from her past mistakes. Brooke doesn’t want to do this, and Steffy accuses her of being defensive. “Do you really think I don’t have a right to question your commitment to my father?” Brooke doesn’t find this to be anything new from Steffy. She knows she’s always wanted her parents together, but Ridge made his choice. Steffy muses, “And nothing could possibly change that… or so you think.” Brooke assures that her mistakes are behind her, but Steffy questions, “Are they really?” She recaps how Brooke betrayed her own daughter Bridget with Deacon — there must have been real feelings there.
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Liam arrives at the cabin. He got Hope’s text and asks what’s going on. She confirms it’s about her mom, and she alludes to something that’s about to happen. Liam wonders if Deacon’s going to go back on his promise about keeping the secret. Hope explains that her mother has made the decision to tell Ridge everything that happened that night. She opines that Brooke and Ridge have been through far worse, but now Taylor’s back in town. Hope just hopes that Steffy stays out of it; she doesn’t want the stupid Logans vs. Forresters rivalry reignited and can’t imagine Steffy wants to revive it either.
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In Sheila’s room, she calls Deacon out for saying more than he intended to when he said, “If Ridge only knew.” Sheila reveals she has a sixth sense when it comes to these things and she now realizes that a lot more went on between him and Brooke on New Year’s Eve than knocking back shots. Deacon tells her she’s fishing and if something did happen between him and Brooke, she’d be the last person he’d tell. Sheila’s not buying that nothing more happened. He orders her to stop trying to cause problems for Brooke — he won’t let it happen! With that, he walks out. Sheila leans against the door grinning from ear to ear. She paces the room and mutters about something happening between Deacon and Brooke, and her intention to bury her for once and for all.
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At the cabin, Liam also hopes it doesn’t turn into a … thing, but feels their job is to be there for her mom. Hope’s tried to be encouraging and thinks Ridge will get past it in time. Liam notes that Brooke wouldn’t be going through what she is if Deacon hadn’t left his phone there last night — they ended up in her bed, which is Ridge’s bed. Deacon strolls in and muses, “That does sound pretty damning, doesn’t it?” He wonders what he walked in on.
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Hope explains to her father that her mother has reached the point where she’s decided to tell Ridge everything that happened between the two of them that night.

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At Brooke’s house, she moves to call Ridge, but Steffy doesn’t let her. She notes Brooke’s smugness and informs her she’s going to get what’s coming to her… sooner than she realizes!

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At the cliff house, Taylor informs Ridge that the drinking wasn’t all that happened on New Year’s. They go over his commitment to Brooke and Taylor insists it isn’t reciprocated — otherwise, she wouldn’t turn to other men. She doesn’t think Brooke is capable of loving him the way he deserves. She has an insatiable need to be desired by other men. Ridge doesn’t want to listen to this, but Taylor blurts that she didn’t just drink on New Year’s. She wasn’t alone. “She was with another man you despise — another man that has been infiltrating your life for months. Deacon.” Ridge scoffs at the big reveal. He knows Deacon was there with Hope and the kids. Taylor explains that he came back. “Brooke has betrayed her vows to you… with Deacon.”

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