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At the cliffhouse, Finn and Steffy kiss. She tells him he’s her little bit of sanity in a world gone crazy and remarks on Brooke cheating with Deacon. Not only were they kissing but he spent the night. “What was Brooke thinking?” Taylor appears and admits she’s been asking herself the same thing all night. What possessed Brooke to betray Ridge?
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After Finn exits, Steffy recaps that they never would have known what Brooke did if not for Douglas. Taylor’s shocked to hear that Brooke tried to get the boy to conceal it. Steffy declares that her father needs to be free of the blonde and back with their family where he belongs. They look at the incriminating footage again and Steffy tells her mother that Ridge deserves to know that Deacon spent the night. Taylor agrees. “He does. We can’t let Brooke get away with this.” Steffy doesn’t want to wait until Brooke comes up with some excuse. Taylor has no desire to break up Brooke’s marriage, but Steffy points out she’s doing that all on her own. Taylor decides she’s right – she’s back to her old patterns and lies. She’ll be the one to tell Ridge. Steffy knows it will be hard for her father to hear, but it could be a wonderful new chapter for their family. Taylor and Steffy embrace.
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At Brooke’s place, Ridge tells her he’s worried about her. She’s still beating herself up about what happened New Year’s Eve. He assures her they all make mistakes and suggests she give herself credit for getting back on the wagon. Hope comes in as Brooke states that he deserves better than the woman she was that night. She still can’t understand why she made the choices she did that night. Ridge lets Brooke know how much she’s loved and reminds her that, as she’s often said, they can get through anything together. Brooke cryptically replies, “I wish I could believe that.” Ridge reassures her again and then gets called away.
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Once alone, Brooke sighs to Hope, “Oh God. Keeping this secret is killing me. I really don’t think I can do it anymore.” Hope asks what she’s saying. Brooke has to tell Ridge about Deacon. He deserves to know; he’s been so supportive, which makes her feel guilty. Hope values honesty and thinks it’s a really brave thing to do. She bets that her mother will be able to make Ridge understand and he will forgive her.

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In her room Sheila’s thinking about discovering she successfully made Brooke fall off the wagon, when Deacon comes to the door. She asks what happened with Ridge came gunning for him at Il Giardino. Deacon reveals that Ridge tried to run him out of town, but he doesn’t take orders from Forrester. Sheila isn’t surprised he’s still there, since he’s not yet achieved his goal of playing happy families with Hope and his grandchildren… and his main motivator, Brooke.
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Sheila admits that Deacon may just pull this off. Deacon thanks her for the vote of semi-confidence. He reveals that he doesn’t have a plan; he’s just shooting from the hip. Sheila laments that he’s made inroads, while she’s still on the outside looking in when it comes to her son. Deacon points out she shot his mother-in-law and urges her to hang in there. Sheila can’t help but be a little jealous of him — he spent New Year’s Eve knocking back drinks with Brooke. She asks if he’s not just a little bit tempted to throw it in Ridge’s face. Sheila feels it’s powerful ammunition. “Come on, Deacon. Admit it. Don’t you want him out of the picture for good?” Deacon sighs that it’s not what Brooke wants and he’d never take a wrecking ball to their marriage. He would like to take Ridge Forrester down a few pegs though. He gets worked up at how arrogant Ridge was toward him; telling him Brooke would never be interested in him. “If he only knew.” Sheila queries, “If he only knew what?”

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In her living room, Brooke shoots off a text to Ridge telling him that they need to talk. She then flashes to being with Deacon on New Year’s. The door opens and closes – Steffy has arrived. She’s there to talk to Brooke and reflects on what a lucky woman she is, before ruminating about how much Ridge has been through because of her. She marvels that he always forgives her for her scandals and always takes her back. Brooke wonders where this is coming from. Steffy wants someone in her father’s life who is true; who is committed to him and only him. “And that will never be you, Brooke.”

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Ridge arrives at the cliff house, where Taylor thanks him for coming so quickly. She lets him know she always has his best interests at heart and rambles that she wouldn’t be a good friend if she kept this from him. Ridge checks that the kids are okay before letting her continue. Taylor brings up Brooke and informs him that his loyalty are misplaced. Ridge asks what she’s implying. Taylor’s not implying anything. She wishes she didn’t have this information because she knows how much pain it will cause him, but says, “It’s about your wife, and what she did on New Year’s Eve.”

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