Taylor learns Brooke spent night with Deacon BB
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At the cliff house, Steffy and Thomas tell Taylor that Brooke’s been unfaithful with Deacon. Taylor notes this is a serious accusation and asks how they know this. Thomas and Steffy fill her in on what Douglas saw. Taylor realizes this is why Brooke’s been a mess and notes Ridge obviously won’t like it, but it was just a kiss.

Thomas and Steffy tell their mom about Brooke BB

Steffy tells Taylor there is more, and that Deacon spent the night. She and Thomas explain they had Charlie hack into the security footage, and they show her the video of Deacon leaving the next day. Taylor is stunned. Steffy knows once their father finds out it will be the final straw in his marriage to Brooke. She knows her mom didn’t come back to break up Brooke and Ridge’s marriage, but maybe now she and dad can reunite and they’ll be a family again. Taylor shakes her head as if conflicted.

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At the mansion, Ridge tells Brooke that she needs to forget about New Year’s Eve. She admits she is ashamed of drinking and what happened that night. He wants her to learn to forgive herself. Brooke isn’t sure if she can. He suggests she keep going to meetings, and he’ll even go with her. He wants to help her fix this.

Ridge wants to help Brooke BB

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Later they return after attending a meeting together. Ridge is impressed at how she can be so open and honest with strangers. He is so proud of her for telling the truth about what happened, and that they have no more secrets. They kiss, and he says seeing her bravery in front of everyone makes him love her even more. They embrace, and Brooke has a concerned expression on her face.

Brooke feels guilty BB

At Carter’s place, Paris tells him that she’s falling for him and thought he was falling for her too. Carter thinks back to Paris’ mother ordering him to end things with her so she could be with Zende, and if he didn’t, she’d go to Ridge. He admits he’s fallen for her, but they can’t be together.

Carter dumps Paris BB

Paris knows he’s worried about how the Forresters might feel, and she’d like to think they’d be happy for them. He tells her that this isn’t about them, but all she’s worked for and built at Forrester Creations. He doesn’t want her to lose that. She tells him these feelings aren’t going anywhere, and she refuses to give up on them.

paris won't let carter go BB

Later, Grace drops by Forrester Creations to see Paris. She thinks Paris seems down and perhaps she should reach out to Zende and invite him to dinner. Paris says he’s probably working, and they have lunch scheduled later this week. She lets her mom know she must get to a meeting, so Grace will see her later at home. Once Paris leaves, Grace calls Carter, who is at home working out. Grace hopes he ended things with Paris. He confirms he did, but only to protect Paris so she doesn’t ruin what she’s built at Forrester Creations. Grace is glad, but she’ll be watching to make sure he stays away from her daughter.

Grace sees Paris BB

Sheila drops by Finn’s office at the hospital with a gift. She picked up cookies at the bakery around the corner, something she couldn’t do for him as a little boy. He reminds her that Steffy would be upset by her coming by unannounced like this, but Sheila figured she would be at work as usual. She can’t make up the time they lost, but just prays she gets a chance to spend time with him and Hayes in the future. She knows she’s done things many won’t forgive her for, and hopes Taylor can convince Steffy to forgive her one day.

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Sheila visits Finn BB

Sheila knows Brooke will also do anything to keep her away from Finn and Steffy, but she thinks her day of reckoning is coming soon. Finn asks what she means. Sheila simply says Brooke has never been supportive of her, and she won’t let her come between them. Later as she sits alone in Finn’s office, Sheila reflects back to swapping Brooke’s champagne. She knows it’s only a matter of time before Brooke screws up even worse.

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