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At the cliffhouse, Thomas wonders if Charlie can do this — hack into a security system. Charlie is an authorized user so doesn’t think it’s hacking. After Charlie logs in, with the password: lemon bars, he’s able to access the footage at Brooke’s on New Year’s Eve. Charlie points out someone arriving at Brooke’s doorstep but Steffy says it appears to be a delivery person. Charlie stands up and looks for a pen, in order to write down everything he’s suppose to look for, but ends up poking himself on a cactus. Thomas and Steffy get him back to the laptop — and to the task at hand — and finally Charlie finds proof that Deacon returned to the mansion that night. “Gotcha Brooke,” Steffy says. They then see Douglas approaching outside, to which Steffy thinks that must be when Brooke and Deacon were kissing. Charlie doesn’t have footage of that angle in the house but they don’t see that Deacon left that night. However, the next day, the footage shows Deacon leaving the mansion. Steffy is stunned that Deacon spent the night with Brooke!

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Over at the mansion, Hope assures Brooke her secret is safe. Brooke can’t risk anyone else finding out — especially Ridge. She thinks about Taylor being back and how Steffy and Thomas wouldn’t care if her marriage fell apart. Brooke starts to panic and Hope tries to calm her.

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In her office, Taylor tries to push Ridge to open up but then backs off after he reminds her he’s there as a friend — not a patient. Over talk of her return, Ridge shows her the latest pics of their grandbabies then appears distracted. Taylor isn’t surprised, given his preoccupation with Brooke. Again they look at pics of the kids and Ridge thanks her for making things easy. “It’s always easy with us,” she replies and brings up the rough time he’s going through. Whatever Brooke is dealing with, Taylor says, she is lucky to have him. Ridge is always there for her. Taylor just hopes Brooke is deserving of him.

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Ridge arrives home, as Brooke is having flashbacks of the night with Deacon. Ridge misses walking into the house seeing Brooke happy and wonders if she’ll ever get past that night. With tears streaming down her face, Brooke replies, “I don’t know.” Ridge again says what happened that night wasn’t her fault, but Brooke is just scared. “Nothing’s gonna come between us,” Ridge promises. “You have to believe that.”

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Back at the cliffhouse, Steffy looks at the footage on her phone and she and Thomas anticipate Taylor’s arrival. Taylor appears and wonders what’s going on. Steffy brings up her return to L.A. then learns Ridge came to see her. Steffy knows Ridge still cares about her, but Taylor reminds the kids that they’ve all moved on — Ridge is with Brooke now. Steffy informs that they found out what’s had everyone so upset as of late. They’ve given Brooke the benefit of the doubt but… “Tell me what’s going on,” Taylor demands. “She cheated on him!” Steffy blurts, “with Deacon.”

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At Forrester, Zende tells Grace he’s okay with backing off a bit where Paris is concerned but she rants that it’s a bad idea. A model enters and they make plans to meet up later. After she leaves, Grace starts in again but Zende reminds her, “I’m the one seeing other people, not Paris.”

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At in his loft, Carter thinks back to Grace’s threat to go to Ridge if he doesn’t end it with Paris. She interrupts his thoughts and asks why he’s being so mysterious. He comments on what’s happening between them but says, “It’s time for that to change.” Paris wonders if he wants to tell people about them. Carter thinks back to sneaking around with Quinn and doesn’t want to do that again. Paris thinks Zende will understand but Carter clarifies that Zende will never know — no one will. They need to end things, tonight. She’s shocked as Carter explains that the Forresters will see him as the guy going after Zende’s girlfriend. But Paris says, “No one’s cheating here.” Carter knows it’s complicated but Paris refuses to let him go — they owe it to themselves to find out what they have. “I don’t want to let you go.” Carter again says it has to be this way.

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, someone else learns about Brooke’s night with Deacon.

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