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Paris arrives at Carter’s loft to a romantic set-up. Carter wanted it to be a night to remember, so he went all out. He gives her flowers and says he wants to be sure she knows how important their time together has been to him. While she’s putting them in water, Carter flashes to Grace demanding that he end things with her daughter. They sit down to dinner and Paris figures he’s thinking about their kiss. She can’t stop thinking about it either. Paris isn’t sure where this is going, but she definitely wants to find out.

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In the Forrester office, Zende explains to Grace that he went along with Paris’ request to be non-exclusive to take the pressure off. Grace insists he’s the only man for her daughter. Zende doesn’t want to lose her, but he doesn’t want to hold her back either. He’s not convinced she still feels the same way about him that he does about her. Grace knows her daughter’s heart and urges, “Never give up on her, Zende. You can have the future you imagined, I’m sure of it.” Grace tells Zende that Paris is very bright but she doesn’t always know what’s best for her – and she does. She won’t let anyone or anything interfere with the happiness she knows Paris and Zende could have together.
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At Brooke’s place, Ridge tells Hope that he was just informing her mother that he paid Deacon a visit and he doesn’t know about her falling off the wagon. Hope overheard. Ridge leaves them to talk after suggesting to Hope that even though Deacon’s family, he shouldn’t be privy to what Brooke’s going through. Once alone, Hope and Brooke exchange a look.
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Brooke tells Hope that keeping this secret is making her miserable. She reiterates if this gets out it will be the end of her marriage. Hope understands her fear. Brooke confides in her daughter that she just feels so trapped – not being able to tell Ridge the truth, but keeping it inside makes her feel sick. She didn’t want to drag Hope into this and is mortified that Douglas saw her. Hope assures her he didn’t know it was Deacon. “The best thing to do is to just put it out of your mind.” Hope can’t imagine how anyone could discover the secret.

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At the cliff house, Thomas doesn’t want Douglas involved in Steffy’s machinations. She clarifies that they need proof – they need to get the security footage from Brooke’s system. Steffy knows someone who can do it and luckily, he’s on the payroll. She calls Charlie at Forrester and asks him to come to the house – and not to tell anyone where he’s going. Charlie’s keen on the covert ops and will be right over. Steffy disconnects and tells Thomas that Charlie will be able to get into dad and Brooke’s security system – they need proof she was with Deacon that night.
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Thomas wonders if Charlie will agree to hack into the system for Steffy. There’s a knock on the door and Steffy lets Charlie in and thanks him for coming. Charlie learns they have him there for a security job for him. Charlie asks what they need him to do. Steffy informs him they need him to access the security footage at dad and Brooke’s house.

Ridge surprises Taylor at her office and compliments her new shorter hair cut. She notes it was getting too long and looked almost “wiggy.” Ridge didn’t notice. He asks how she’s doing. She says she’s good… and much better now that he’s there.
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As Ridge and Taylor talk, they mention the family dinner with the kids that Taylor wasn’t able to join. She hopes to be at the next one, but wonders how Brooke feels about the idea. It’s been pretty obvious she’s going through something lately. Taylor urges Ridge, “Talk to me.” Taylor admits that Hope came by and talked about her mother facing a challenging time, Thomas says she hasn’t been coming into the office, and Ridge makes a tense face whenever she brings up Brooke’s name. Ridge just doesn’t want to get into it. Taylor wonders if there’s anything she can do to help his wife.
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At Carter’s loft, he and Paris take to the sofa where he recaps how he feels about her. She inspires him and it makes him want to spend even more time with her. Paris feels the same way about him. She feels a little guilty about Zende, but he’s seeing other people so there’s no reason they can’t explore what they have together. Carter muses, “Don’t look at me like that,” before going in for a kiss. They pull apart, and Carter flashes to Grace’s threat again. Paris senses something is going on with him. Carter asked her over there to talk about them – they have to make a decision about where they’re going from here.
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At the cliff house, Charlie wonders if there was a jewelry heist at Brooke’s. Steffy says a crime was committed alright, but not like that. Charlie confirms he can look at the footage. Thomas asks if he can do it from there. Charlie asks, “Got a computer?” They fork over a laptop and Thomas reminds him that he can’t say a word about what goes on there. Steffy stuns the security guard by admitting that they believe Brooke was with a man other than their father. He gawps, “Get out!” Steffy continues on to say that they need proof. “She betrayed dad.” Charlie just can’t believe Brooke would throw her whole life in the woodchipper like that. He asks who the guy is. Steffy says it’s Deacon Sharpe. Thomas adds that his son saw them, but he doesn’t want the boy involved in this, so they need evidence they can show. Charlie muses that Brooke has always been good to him, but he works for Steffy and Ridge. “If Brooke was with Deacon on New Year’s Eve, we’re going to find out.” Steffy sums up that it’s time for her dad to open his eyes about Brooke and give his relationship with their mother a fighting chance. “IF we can prove that Brooke was with Deacon that night.”
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