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At the cliff house, Steffy and Thomas feel Brooke played Ridge for a fool by kissing Deacon. Steffy thinks this could be the end of their marriage. She rants that Brooke doesn’t love their dad and only knows how to hurt and destroy. Thomas reminds her that Douglas could have been mistaken. Steffy ask, “What if he’s not?” She’s determined to find out exactly what happened that night as it could change everything for their mom and dad. “We have to talk to Douglas together.” She promises to talk to him gently, but they need to be sure if Brooke was really kissing Deacon. Thomas agrees, but after that he’s done. Steffy agrees.
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At home, Brooke thinks about kissing Deacon and grimaces. She flashes to asking Douglas to move on and Ridge comes in. He embraces her. Ridge urges her to stop beating herself up about New Year’s Eve and reminds her that she’s his sexy, beautiful wife. They go over how they first met, when she was standing by the pool serving champagne. She was in awe of all of them – especially him. Ridge was in awe of her and still is. He assures her they’ve made it though everything and will figure this out too. They express their love and kiss. Ridge has something to tell her. “I went to see Deacon today.” Brooke’s eyes flash.
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Ridge tells Brooke he found Deacon right where he expected – in a bar surrounded by bottles. Brooke asks if he talked to him about her relapse. He wouldn’t discuss that with him and promises his wife that Deacon knows nothing about what happened on New Year’s Eve.

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At Forrester Creations, Zende tells Paris he filled Katie in on their situation – and how he’s still crazy about her. Katie thinks they’re both young, beautiful and fabulous. Whatever they decide to be – or not to be – to each other, it will be fine. She wishes them the best and leaves. Zende tells Paris they’re great together, but he knows she’s not ready for anything beyond casual right now.
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As Zende and Paris continue talking, she brings up Sequoia. Zende admits the date was cool, but it doesn’t change how he feels about Paris. She looks at the ground. He doesn’t want to pressure her, however, and just wants her to be happy.

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In the design office, Grace demands that Carter end it with Paris. Zende is her future and who she deserves. “Not you!” Carter argues that Paris is a grown, single woman. Grace counters that he was hiding it because he knows it was wrong. He needs to stop it or she’ll go to the Forresters. She doesn’t know how he got them to forgive him for cheating with Quinn, but she doubts they’ll forgive him twice! Carter warns he doesn’t take well to threats. Grace brings up how he hurt Zoe again, and Carter snaps that she doesn’t know what her daughter did to him. Regardless, Grace won’t have Paris throwing away what she has with Zende for him – he’s a mess! “End it with Paris, or I’ll go to Ridge.” With that, she storms out.
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Grace finds Zende working in an office and he asks what she can do for him. She admits she did a little digging on him and found out about his past. She’s amazed by what he’s accomplished. Grace is grateful that Paris has a man like him in her life, but she needs to talk to him about his relationship with her. Zende says that’s fine. She knows they agreed to be non-exclusive, but Grace can see that he loves her. Zende just wants her to be happy. Grace hedges that there’s nothing she wouldn’t do to protect her daughter and give her the happiness she deserves.

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In the design office, Carter is thinking about Paris when she comes in. She got his text and asks what’s up. He notices she’s rattled and asks if everything is okay. She doesn’t want to hurt Zende, but can’t stop thinking about Carter. His expression causes her to ask if everything’s alright. He assures her everything’s fine and invites her to his place later. “It might be a night we never forget.” Paris grins. “I’ll see you later.” Carter looks concerned as she walks out.

At the cliff house, Thomas prompts Douglas to tell Steffy what he saw again. They establish once again that he saw his grandma kissing Santa Claus, but it was his mommy’s daddy, Deacon. Steffy asks him about Brooke asking him not to tell anyone. Douglas didn’t want to keep it from his dad. Steffy asks again if he’s sure it was Deacon. Thomas is positive. Thomas sends the boy off to finish watching his movie. Steffy and Thomas believe him, but realize they need proof. Something that would make it impossible for Brooke to deny she was with Deacon. Steffy has a way and reiterates that Ridge deserves better – he deserves their mother. “Our family could finally be reunited Thomas.

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope attempts to keep Brooke from spiraling out of control.

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