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At the cliff house, Steffy worries that Douglas just has a vivid imagination. Thomas insists that the boy saw Brooke kissing Santa Claus and it wasn’t their dad – it was Deacon. “Brooke was kissing Deacon.” Steffy exhales, “My God. Deacon and Brooke?” She recalls that Ridge was desperate to get home to her so she wouldn’t be alone. Thomas shrugs; now they know that she wasn’t alone. Steffy needs to hear everything Douglas told Thomas, and informs her brother, “This could change everything.” Thomas reminds her she already heard most of it. He recaps how Douglas came to be at the main house and what he saw – which was Brooke kissing Deacon who was wearing a Santa hat.

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Steffy marvels at Brooke turning to Deacon while Ridge was away – the one person he hates more than anyone. “What was she thinking?!” Steffy is certain that Brooke is trying to cover up and points out they wouldn’t have told Douglas to keep quiet if it wasn’t true. “Thomas, do you know what this could mean? For mom and dad?” Thomas and Steffy go over Brooke’s connection with Deacon being reignited. Thomas thinks it’s possible Douglas was mistaken. Steffy reminds him it was his son who told them Baby Beth was alive. If Brooke truly turned to Deacon, Ridge will end their marriage. Thomas muses that would turn over a new chapter in his relationship with their mother. Steffy believes it may be destiny – their family could reunite, and they would win this time. “Not the Logans, but the Forresters.”

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At the cabin, Hope assures her mother that everything will be okay. Brooke wants to believe that but secrets have a way of coming out. She’s not worried about Douglas so much now, but she is concerned about Deacon. Hope reminds her he promised to keep the secret. Brooke always wants to believe that love conquers all, but a secret this explosive might end her and Ridge. Hope suggests her mother not let this overtake her life. Only four people know and they’re committed to secrecy. Brooke reminds her that Douglas saw her kissing Santa and has no idea of the consequences if it gets out. If he tells Thomas it will be the beginning of the end for Ridge and her. Brooke muses that Ridge has forgive her for a lot over the years, and there’s a limit. Hope wants her to focus on her sobriety and not let fear and panic overtake her. “Your secret will be safe, and it’s going to stay that way.” She’s convinced it will remain a secret forever.
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At Il Giardino, Deacon sneers at Ridge for acting so much better than him – he’s so sure that Brooke would never want anything to do with a guy like him. Ridge insists that Brooke’s only tolerating him for Hope’s sake and that anything else is delusional. Deacon snarks, “Delusional huh? If you only knew…” Ridge doesn’t buy that Deacon is a changed man and is certain he’ll hurt Brooke or Hope or both of them. He won’t allow that to happen. Deacon smirks – they have something in common – they’re both protecting them. Ridge wants to know what he’s talking about. Deacon calls Ridge a bully. Undeterred, Ridge demands to know what he’s protecting his wife from. “What is it?!” Ridge tells Deacon if he really wants to protect Brooke, he should leave town – him being there is bad for her. Deacon muses, “Yeah, that really shows how much you know, Ridge.”
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At Forrester Creations, Paris interrupts Katie’s meeting with Zende. Katie teases that the designer’s been a little distracted and Paris may be the reason why. Paris excuses herself so they can resume, and wishes Zende luck with the design panel tomorrow as she goes. Zende confides in Katie that she can obviously suspects that something’s off between him and Paris – and she’s right. Zende fills Katie in on what’s been going on with them off-screen. Katie senses he regrets agreeing to be casual. Zende admits it threw him to hear Paris say that she wanted her freedom. Katie wonders if another guy has caught her eye. Paris returns in the doorway as Katie wonders if there’s another man in her life.
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In the design office, Grace demands to know how long Carter has had his eye on Paris. She informs him that her daughter deserves the very best, “And that’s Zende. Not you.” Grace attacks him for claiming to be Zende’s friend when he’s kissing Paris. “That’s right! I saw you kissing my daughter!” She sneers at him about going behind his friend’s back to try and steal his girlfriend. “I will not let this continue.” Carter wants to explain, but Grace doesn’t need to hear it. She’s already heard from Zoe about how much his affair with Quinn Forrester hurt her. She finds him duplicitous and untrustworthy – and not good enough for her daughter. “You crossed the line, Carter, with what you did to Zoe, and I won’t stand by and let that happen to Paris!”
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Carter argues he wasn’t engaged to Zoe when he was with Quinn, and their engagement fell apart in the first place because Zoe threw herself at Zende! Grace’s eyebrows go up. Carter admits he did things he wasn’t proud of, but he’s been working very hard to repair his relationship with the Forresters, and Zoe is doing very well in Paris. Grace thinks Zoe’s still in love with Carter, and won’t allow Paris to get involved with the man her sister still has feelings for. Paris belongs with Zende, who cherishes her. If Carter doesn’t end things with her daughter, Grace warns she’ll go to the Forresters and tell them what he’s doing – to another member of their family. “And this time, they won’t forgive you. Have I made myself clear, Carter?”

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