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At the cliff house, Thomas is glad Douglas told him the truth and asks again to be sure. Douglas reiterates that Grandma Brooke was kissing Santa, except it wasn’t Santa… it was Deacon. They go over the boy disobeying Liam to go up to the main house, where he saw Brooke kissing Deacon in a Santa hat. Thomas sighs, “Are you sure?” Just then, Steffy comes out of the bedroom, sees Thomas’ expression, and asks, “What’s going on?” Douglas goes off to watch a movie with Kelly, and Thomas tells his sister, “You’re not going to believe what Douglas just told me.”
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In the cabin, Brooke tells Hope and Liam she can’t understand what led her to drink that night. Liam figures it may not come to her until she stops worrying about it. Hope reiterates that her father agreed to keep the secret. They go over whether he can be trusted. Hope doesn’t think he’d betray her, and he also doesn’t want Brooke to be in any pain. “He just wants to make you happy. He loves you.” Liam buys that. Brooke prays she’s right. Hope is sure Deacon won’t talk. Her mother hopes Douglas won’t either. Liam reminds her that Douglas thinks she was kissing Santa, not Deacon. Hope agrees – her secret is safe. Brooke sums up that if Thomas, Taylor and Steffy find out, that would be the end of her marriage to Ridge.

At Il Giardino, Sheila wants to know if drinks are the only thing Deacon shared with Brooke on New Year’s Eve. Deacon informs her if something else happened, she’d be the last person to know – she’d sell him out a million ways to Sunday if you thought it would help you destroy Brooke. Suddenly, he spots Ridge and tells Sheila she’s got to go. Sheila grins – maybe Ridge found out about his drunken night with his wife.
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Sheila takes off just in time, as Ridge strides up to Deacon and snarks at him for working in a bar of all places. Deacon mops and cleans there so he can stay close to Hope. He doubts Ridge ever did a hard day’s work in his life. Ridge rants that he belongs in a bar, but not around his house, or around Hope. Deacon disputes his take. Ridge doesn’t trust him. Deacon insists his only angle is to be part of his daughter and grandchildren’s lives. Ridge is concerned about him being around Brooke. “You’re a curse. You’re a bad guy and bad things happen to Brooke when you’re around. So do me a favor. Stay away from my wife.” Deacon replies that it’s a free country and he chooses to live there near his daughter. Ridge thinks Hope will be collateral damage. Deacon calls Ridge obsessed. Ridge counters that he’s playing out of his league. “Brooke isn’t going to revisit the biggest mistake of her life. She wants nothing to do with you.” Deacon flashes to their kiss and asks, “You sure about that?” Ridge’s head snaps around.

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In Forrester’s design office, Grace watches Carter and Paris kissing. She stealthily leans in to grab her handbag off the chair, and then glares as they keep making out, unaware of her presence. Grace exits and closes the door, deep in thought. Inside, Paris and Carter pull apart and he warns they’re playing with fire. Paris muses, “At least we closed the door.” They agree they need to have more control – anyone could have walked in; Zende, Ridge, or her mom, who clearly wants her to be with Zende. Paris just wants to be in his arms. Carter wants that too. In the hallway, Grace thinks about going back into the office.
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In the office, Paris and Carter go over her not being exclusive with Zende. He’s not the guy to move in on another man’s girl – or at least he wasn’t until he had the affair with Quinn. “I could just lose myself in you, and say to hell with everybody else, but I’m trying to do better.” He doesn’t want Paris getting on the wrong side of the Forresters or disappointing her mom, who is clearly Team Zende. Paris and Carter agree their attraction must stay between the two of them. Paris goes off to a meeting and Grace joins Carter. She closes the door and states that it’s him, not Paris, she wants to talk to. Carter asks what’s on her mind. Grace launches into how happy she was to see Paris with a great job and a pure love with Zende. “Men like him don’t come along every day.” Carter agrees. Grace is glad. “You seem to want the best for Paris. Carter does. Grace levels, “And that’s Zende, not you.”

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In her room Sheila gives herself props for her plan working and muses that it’s the first step in her plot to destroy Brooke. She intones that Karma is a bitch; just like Brooke.
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At the cliff house, Thomas tells Steffy that Douglas told him that he saw Brooke kissing Santa Claus. It was not only not dad, it wasn’t on Christmas Eve, but New Year’s Eve. Steffy recalls that Ridge was away, so if Brooke wasn’t kissing dad, who was she kissing? Thomas intones, “Deacon.” Steffy’s jaw drops. Thomas reiterates, “Brooke was kissing Deacon.”

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