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At Il Giardino, Sheila struggles to eavesdrop from behind a menu as Hope grills Deacon abut whether or not he’ll keep it a secret what happened with her mother. Deacon admits he’s thought about a future with her mom, but he doesn’t want it to happen that way. He won’t betray Brooke’s trust and won’t say anything to anyone. “I promise.” Hope smiles. Across the way, Sheila looks pained as she works to figure out what’s going on. Hope tells her father that she likes knowing that he and her mother cared for one another back when she was born. Deacon says if he got another shot with Brooke he’d work every day to make sure her life was filled with happiness. Hope’s sure he would. She thanks him for keeping quiet and heads out.
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Deacon looks thoughtful as he recalls kissing Brooke. Behind him, Sheila muses, “You and Brooke… on New Year’s Eve.” Deacon accuses her of eavesdropping. Sheila admits that she had trouble hearing, but leers, “I’m a little hurt, Deacon. You and Brooke, drinking buddies. Who would have imagined that?”
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In the cabin, Liam tells Brooke he knows she’d feel better if she came clean with Ridge, but on the other hand, it’s Deacon. Brooke agonizes over Douglas seeing them kiss. Liam figures the kid will forget – it will becomes like a fuzzy dream. Brooke worries he’ll get older and have questions; maybe try and figure out who she was with. She can’t let Ridge find out. Liam assures Brooke that all she did where Douglas is concerned was encourage him to move on. Brooke had no choice – her marriage is on the line.
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Hope returns to the cabin and tells Liam it went well. Brooke asks what went well. Hope explains that she went to see Deacon, who promised he wouldn’t tell anyone about the kiss. Brooke’s still worried about Douglas – her sweet, honest little grandson. Hope reassures her and they hug.

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At the cliff house, Douglas calls out to his dad to come see the seagulls as Steffy reminds him the young ones are sleeping. They tease the boy about thinking he saw grandma kissing Santa and Douglas looks sad. Thomas assures him they’re just joking and asks what’s wrong. Douglas goes off to play and Steffy recaps how much better their father’s life would be today if he’d stayed with their mother. Thomas feels they need to stop talking about this – their dad is committed to Brooke. Douglas reappears, and Steffy goes to do Kelly’s hair, so Thomas picks up where they left off asking what’s bothering him. The boy says he already told him about grandma. “It’s true.”
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At Forrester Creations, Grace can’t understand Paris wanting to be free to date other men – from what she’s seen you can’t pick a better man than Zende! Paris flashes to kissing Carter. Her mother asks, “Am I wrong?” Just then, Carter comes in. Grace explains that she’s grilling her daughter about her reasons for turning down Zende’s proposal. Paris insists, “I’m just not ready.” Grace apologizes for doing this in front of Carter, but she just can’t wrap her mind around this. Carter can’t argue that Zende’s a great guy. Grace pushes – if Paris won’t listen to her, she should listen to Carter – Zende’s too good to give up. She lectures that a guy like Zende doesn’t come along every day and asks Carter, “Am I right?” Carter blurts, “Yeah.” Grace figures Paris wants to see what else is out there, but points out she went for the guy that was more dangerous; more exciting, and look what happened. She urges her daughter to listen to Carter and exits.
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Paris and Carter go over her mom lobbying hard for Zende. Paris moves close and murmurs that there’s someone else she can’t stop thinking about. Carter can’t stop thinking about her either. They’re kissing when Grace peeks back in the door.

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At the restaurant, Deacon tells Sheila he couldn’t fill her in on New Year’s Eve because Brooke shouldn’t have been drinking. Sheila flashes to switching the labels and hides a grin as she thinks that her plan worked. Deacon can’t understand why she started drinking again. He warns Sheila that Brooke’s world isn’t going to come crumbling down again. Sheila smirks.
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At the cliff house, Thomas asks Douglas if he actually saw Grandma Brooke kissing Santa and guesses it was his Grandpa Ridge. Douglas clarifies that it didn’t happen on Christmas Eve, it was New Year’s Eve. Thomas questions if he saw Santa’s face and asks the boy to think back, “Who was kissing Grandma Brooke?” Douglas says, “It was mommy’s daddy.” Thomas marvels, “Deacon? Grandma Brooke was kissing Deacon?!” Thomas holds his upset son.

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