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At the cabin, Hope tells Liam that she’s still in shock that her mom and Deacon kissed on New Year’s Eve. Hope recaps everything that happened that night and Liam asks how she’s feeling about it. “How do you feel about your parents kissing?” Hope doesn’t want anything to jeopardize her mom’s relationship – she knows how much she loves Ridge. Liam knows this, but they are her biological parents they’re talking about – she’s allowed to have an opinion. Hope supposes if she were younger she’d be excited about it, but she can’t even let herself go there.

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Liam wonders where Deacon stands. “Have you ever thought, what if this is all Deacon’s endgame?” He suggests to Hope that it might be the reason he tried to get close to Hope and the kids. Hope gawps. “I would hope not.” Liam backtracks, “Obviously he loves you very much, but this is Deacon. He could blow this whole thing up right now by telling Ridge.” Hope doesn’t think he’d do that. Liam doesn’t either, but again, it’s Deacon. Hope just wants to know ‘why that night and why now’? The go over Deacon trying to stop it and how neither of them should have allowed it to happen. Hope understands why her mom doesn’t want him around anymore. Liam raises his eyebrows and says obviously, Deacon brings out something in Brooke. Hope decides to pay her father a visit.
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In the main house, Brooke is thinking about waking up beside Deacon when Ridge comes in. He notices she’s off and she admits “that night” still haunts her. Ridge assures her it’s only temporary and won’t dictate the rest of her life. He pulls her into an embrace. She looks worried and hopes he’s right. They go over her attending meetings and taking full responsibility for her drinking. Brooke still can’t help but wonder why she did it. She agonizes, “How could I be so weak?!” Ridge urges her to stop beating herself up over it; she’s back on the road to recovery. Brooke just can’t understand why she made such a bad decision. Ridge wants her to cut herself some slack. Brooke ruminates about “putting him through this.” He reminds her she didn’t hurt him or betray him. He calls her his “loyal wife” and runs down her best attributes. “Try and forgive yourself for what happened. It was one night. Move on.” They kiss and embrace.
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At Il Giardino, Deacon flashes to professing his love to Brooke. Sheila appears and he blurts, “We’re closed.” She ignores him, laughs, and congratulates him on holding down the job there. She guesses he’s keeping his distance from her because of Brooke. Sheila glances at the champagne bottles with a sly grin and flashes to her vow to destroy Brooke’s life. She needles Deacon about his family time and learns that he hasn’t seen Hope and Brooke. She asks, “Deacon, what’s happening?” He complains and she insists she has his best interests at heart. Sheila knows he wouldn’t back down from pursuing Brooke. Deacon snaps that she has a husband and he’s not discussing the blonde with her. Sheila teases, “Are those tears I see in your eyes?” Deacon snarks, “Can it.” Sheila smirks, “You’ve got it bad for Brooke.”
Sheila grills Deacon B&B

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Sheila asks if Deacon has spoken to Hope and learns he hasn’t. She finds that strange. He acts exasperated with her questioning. Sheila admits she’s jealous of the access he’s had to his daughter and complains about Brooke being determined to keep her out of Finn and Hayes’ lives. Deacon warns her to leave Brooke alone and tells her to leave when he spots Hope coming in. Sheila walks off and Hope approaches her dad, who says he always has time for his girl. She admits she came to talk to him for a reason. “I know what happened between you and mom on New Year’s Eve.” Behind the shrubbery, Sheila tucks her hair behind her ear in an effort to better eavesdrop.

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Deacon asks Hope if her mom told her about the drinking. Hope confirms that she did, and Deacon insists he tried to get her to stop. Hope chastises him for joining in and he apologizes for it. Hope can’t understand what happened to trigger her mother’s drinking that night. She’s unconvinced that Ridge not coming back was enough to cause it. Hope shares that Brooke’s been struggling and relays that she also knows they kissed. Deacon protests that they weren’t thinking; they were drunk. “We got caught up in the moment and it just happened.”
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Sheila lurks behind a menu, but it’s noisy. Hope asks her father to be really transparent about that night. Deacon spent the night because he was in no shape to drive but nothing happened. Hope gets that, but her mother is panicked over the idea that Ridge might find out. “Mom does not want to lose him.” She explains that she’s vulnerable right now, and she came to make sure that Deacon won’t undermine the marriage. “Their future really is in your hands. So, tell me dad, what are you going to do?” Nearby, Sheila looks perturbed.

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