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At the cliff house, Douglas insists to Thomas, Steffy and Ridge that he isn’t talking about the song – he really saw grandma and Santa kissing! As the boy wonders whether she was thanking Santa for the presents, Ridge kneels down and asks him to tell them exactly what he saw.

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At the cabin, Brooke panics to Hope and Liam that Douglas will tell Ridge about the kiss. Liam reminds her that all the boy saw was the Santa hat. Brooke argues that’s all it will take for someone to figure it out! She agonizes about the possibility of Douglas saying something to Ridge and his kids – it won’t take much for them to figure it out. “Douglas won’t realize what he’s saying.” Hope feels he may not even talk about it, but Liam thinks he was kind of excited to tell him. Brooke urges her daughter to get the boy back there before it’s too late.

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At the cliff house, Thomas takes a call from Hope, who asks him to bring Douglas back to the cabin. “Right now, if possible.” Thomas asks if everything is okay. Hope stammers that something just came up and they can reschedule his visit. Thomas agrees, disconnects, and tells Douglas, “We better go,” as a puzzled Steffy and Ridge look on.
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At the cabin, Brooke grills Hope about what Douglas may or may not have said. “Ridge can’t find out about that kiss.”

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In the design office at Forrester, Grace lets Paris know she’s disturbed by what she just found out. She ran into Zende earlier and he was on his way out on a date with a model. Paris confirms she knew about it. Grace is appalled. “Paris! What is going on with you?” Her daughter explains they have a modern relationship. Grace doesn’t see that as a relationship. Paris admits she told him she didn’t want to get serious – she didn’t want to lead him on. She’s not against him dating the model. Grace is upset – the last time they spoke she made it sound like everything was fine between them. Paris sighs and confesses that Zende was going to propose. “I was able to stop him before he could.” Grace can’t understand why she’d do that – Zende’s a fine young man! Paris just wants her freedom. “I don’t think I’m ready for a lifelong commitment right now.”
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In the loft, Carter is thinking about Paris when a knock comes at the door – it’s Katie, who says he looks as though he was expecting someone else. She wants to go over the marketing numbers and notes he’s been hard to find at the office. Katie calls him out for the guarded look that comes across his face and asks, “Is there anything you want to share with me?” Carter turns it around on her and asks about Bill. Katie confirms he’s been working overtime to win her back. Carter wonders if he’s getting anywhere. She muses, “Time will tell.” Katie still wants to know what’s going on with Carter and can tell something’s on his mind. “Or should I say, someone?” she asks. Carter admits she’s on the right track, but doesn’t want to tell her since it won’t go anywhere. He has to be careful after what happened with Quinn. Katie asks if the person is married. Carter assures she’s not, but it’s complicated. He’s not sure where they stand and isn’t sure she knows either.
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At Steffy’s place, she questions the weirdness of Hope calling for Douglas to come home after he just got there.
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At the cabin, Brooke agonizes about kissing Deacon and him having spent the night. She rants about risking her marriage and her precious grandson witnessing her slip-up. Hope and Liam caution her about making him feel he did something wrong when he didn’t. Just then, Thomas and Douglas arrive. Thomas asks if everything is alright. Hope and Liam reassure him amid thanks for bringing him back.
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After Thomas is gone, Hope tells Douglas that his grandma wanted to have a little chat with him. The boy asks Brooke, “About what I saw at your house on New Year’s Eve?” They assure the kid that he did nothing wrong and that they believe. Douglas thinks it was funny what he saw. Brooke asks if he told anyone about the funny thing he saw. Douglas reveals that he told Thomas, Steffy and Ridge, but he forgot to tell them it happened on New Year’s Eve. Brooke asks to speak to the boy alone. Liam and Hope step out, and Brooke reminds Douglas what a great time they had on Christmas. Now, they get to look ahead and forget all about grandma kissing anybody. Douglas asks, “You mean Santa.” Brooke reiterates that Christmas and New Year’s are over and now they’re to look to the future. She hugs him and soothes, “All is forgotten,” but Douglas flashes to her kissing Santa.

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Thomas returns to the cliff house, where Steffy and Ridge asks what was going on. Thomas doesn’t know – Hope said it was a family thing. Steffy argues he was having a family thing there. Thomas feels there was definitely something going on and Hope wouldn’t have asked him to bring him back if it wasn’t important.

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