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In the cabin, Hope tells a stunned Liam that her mother confirmed what Douglas saw – except she wasn’t kissing Santa, it was Deacon. Liam marvels at this and hopes that Ridge doesn’t know. Hope says he doesn’t, but that’s what her mom is terrified about. After learning that Deacon slept over off-screen, Liam holds his head. “This is too much.” Hope assures that nothing happened, but Liam argues, “Nothing happened, but a lot happened.”
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In the main house, Ridge urges Brooke to believe in them; their destiny. “I’m here, no matter what.” Steffy appears and asks, “Dad? Brooke? What is going on?” She thinks it’s obvious that they’re going through something and wonders how long they’re going to keep this from her. Ridge tries to put her off and Steffy reminds him they were going to dinner. Her father doesn’t think it’s the best night for it., Steffy questions if he can’t leave Brooke and says she’s welcome to join them. Brooke urges Ridge to go with his daughter. Steffy gives Brooke a suspicious once-over before she and her dad exit.
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Grace Buckingham sneaks up on Zende in Forrester Creations’ design office. He’s glad to see her and they share a laugh. She asks about Paris, but Zende doesn’t know where she is. Grace admits she can’t stay out of her daughter’s love lives and she’s glad Paris found someone like him. Just then, Sequoia enters and announces she’s ready for her date with Zende. Grace pulls a face. Zende sends the model downstairs to wait for him and apologizes to Buckingham. He explains that he and Paris aren’t exclusive – it’s something they both want. Zende assures that Paris is very special to him before leaving.
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In Carter’s loft, he pulls away from Paris’ kiss and asks, “What are we doing?” She doesn’t see the problem, but he feels it’s not a good idea for this to go further. “I’m sorry, Paris. As much as I really, really want to… I can’t.” They go over how Quinn was married and Paris is not. Carter recaps that it still got very complicated and threatened his reputation with the Forresters and his job. Paris reminds him that Zende’s going out with a gorgeous model tonight. “Don’t you want to be with me as much as I want to be with you?” They start kissing again.
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Paris’ phone goes off and she answers – it’s her mother. She wants to talk to her in person and demands to know where she is. Paris agrees to meet her at the office and disconnects. Carter thinks her mother may have done them a favor and reiterates that he doesn’t want Paris to get hurt. He can only guess how his mother would feel about another one of her daughters getting involved in him. Paris teases, “Do you want me to ask her,” and warns, “We might be getting closer to finding out.”
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Once alone in his place, Carter does pullups in the kitchen. When he stops for a drink of water he flashes to kissing Paris and grimaces.
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In the design office, Paris finds her mother reading an article about Zende. Grace wants answers about what’s really going on between her daughter and the designer.

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In the cabin, Liam frets to Hope about what would happen if Ridge ever found out what her mother did. Brooke comes in and realizes that Liam’s in the know. She explains that they need to talk to Douglas and make sure he doesn’t tell anyone what happened. Liam says he’s outside playing; he’ll go and get him.

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At the cliff house, Steffy realizes that Ridge is worrying about Brooke and assures him she’ll be alright. He asks his daughter not to criticize his wife, she’s going through a lot. Thomas arrives with Douglas. Thomas says the boy was waiting out by the gatepost. The boy stuns them by voicing his concern that his mommy might be mad at him. Thomas asks, “Why would she be mad at you?”

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At the cabin, Liam tells Hope that Douglas isn’t outside. Hope realizes that Thomas already picked him up and left a voicemail saying he took him to Steffy’s house. Brooke panics – he’s going to tell them what he saw. “Ridge is going to know I kissed Deacon!” She warns if that happens, her marriage will be over and she’ll lose Ridge for good.
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At Steffy’s, Douglas recounts the story of sneaking up to the main house on New Year’s Eve to retrieve his stuffed animals. He’s sorry he disobeyed mommy and Liam, but when he got to the house that night he saw grandma kissing Santa. Thomas and Steffy exchange a strange look. Ridge kneels in front of the boy and asks, “You saw grandma kissing Santa? Grandma Brooke?”

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