Brooke, Ridge worried embrace B&B
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Brooke admits to Hope that lying to everyone has been eating her up. “If he really knew the truth about what happened that night,” she says, “I would lose him. I would. He would walk away and never look back.” Hope points out it was just one kiss, not the end of the world. Brooke, however, reminds her that Deacon spent the night. And while nothing happened — “There’s not enough alcohol in the world,” she insists — that doesn’t matter because Ridge hates Deacon.

Brooke says she doesn’t want to lose her marriage over a “stupid, alcohol-fueled mistake.” Hope continues to suggest Brooke should just come clean, but Brooke wisely notes that “there’s no way I come out of this looking good.” Hope finally says fine, but insists that she has to tell Liam. After all, he knows what Douglas saw. Brooke realizes that Douglas is probably “running around telling everyone that he saw grandma kissing Santa!” She says that he’ll inevitably spill to Thomas, Steffy, Taylor and Ridge and that they’ll eventually figure out what the kid really saw. (Of course, Brooke seems not to realize that Douglas pretty much never sees his actual dad, let alone Steffy and Taylor.)

Hope updates Liam on kiss B&B

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Hope points out that Ridge and Brooke have forgiven each other for far worse than a drunken kiss. (Like that time Brooke accidentally slept with Oliver, thinking him to be Ridge… ) But Brooke says this is something Ridge wouldn’t be able to forgive. And wouldn’t ya know, Ridge walks in at just that moment, asking what’s going on.

At the cottage, Liam makes it clear to Douglas that nobody is mad at him for having spilled Brooke’s tea. Liam yet again grills poor Douglas about what he saw on New Year’s Eve. Liam says he’s proud of Douglas for telling the truth and that he believes the boy saw what he says he saw.

Taylor listens to her kids B&B

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Taylor and Ridge find themselves reveling in their shared hug, each admitting that it felt both good and familiar. “We loved each other so much,” she reminisces, and both acknowledge that what they shared lives on in their children. She says that the memories are one of the reasons she stayed away, but adds that “the same memories that kept me away for so long are the same ones that got me through some of the saddest moments of my life. When I couldn’t help looking back at what could have been.”

At that moment, Steffy and Thomas arrive at the office but stop at the door, seeing their parents hugging again. Steffy grins from ear to ear. Entering, Steffy and Thomas say how much they love having them all together, adding that it must be way nicer than going home to where Brooke has “rolled out the red carpet for Deacon.” Steffy and Thomas engage in a bit of Brooke bashing, suggesting that instead of fixing what’s wrong in his marriage Ridge should return to the bosum of his other family. “We would never let you down the way Brooke has,” she declares.

Thomas, Steffy talk to Taylor B&B

Ridge eventually returns home to Brooke, while Taylor and her children continue discussing his marriage. “How can you be so fair and reasonable all the time?” Steffy asks her mom. Taylor understands that her kids want to see their parents together, but there’s a hitch: Brooke, who is married to Ridge. “That could change,” muses Steffy. Taylor warns that wishing the end of Ridge’s marriage is bad karma. “Wouldn’t want that with Sheila and Deacon hanging around,” admits Thomas. Steffy insists they’re not “actively wishing bad luck” on Brooke and Ridge’s marriage before kinda continuing to do exactly that by saying “it’s only a matter of time” before Brooke shoots herself in the marital foot.

Carter and Paris kiss passionately, with him saying they should stop, but her pulling him in for another. Carter tries putting on the brakes, even as Paris insists it’s fine because she and Zende aren’t exclusive. In fact, he’s on a date with Sequoia. But Carter points out that Zende is only doing that because Paris urged him to. “He’s still in love with you!’ Carter lists all of Paris’ much-discussed amazing qualities and then allows her to pull him back into another kiss.

Paris coaxes Carter B&B

Suddenly, Carter is shirtless and Paris suggests they stop talking. But Carter once again pulls away, saying that after what happened with Eric and Quinn, he can’t go down that road again. Carter refuses to betray his good pal Zende. While Paris points out that Quinn was married and she’s single, Carter won’t change his mind. “I somehow came out of the whole situation with Quinn with some respect in tact,” he reminds her. “If I got with a woman that’s involved with a Forrester man? I mean, come on!” They’re like family to him, and he doesn’t want to lose that. But at the same time, he admits that Paris is downright irresistible…

Hope returns to the cottage. Liam says Douglas is standing by his story, and Hope says that’s because it was true. “My mother,” she says, “was kissing my father.” Meanwhile, Ridge asks Brooke why she seems so upset following her talk with Hope. She sings another chorus of the “Why did I drink that night” blues, apologizes for letting him down and says she doesn’t want to lose him. “There’s not a single thing that would make me walk out that door,” he promises her…

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke fears that Thomas is about to find out her secret from Douglas.

Brooke may think what she’s done is unforgivable, but kissing Deacon is far from the biggest scandal her marriage to Ridge has faced. Don’t believe us? Flip through the photo gallery below for proof!

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