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In her living room, Brooke learns from Hope that Douglas saw her kissing Santa on New Year’s Eve. Hope wants to know, “What’s going on, mom?” Brooke admits that after everyone left, Deacon came back. “He forgot his phone.” Hope marvels that this is new information and asks if her father convinced her to drink. Brooke says, “No.” Hope counters that he did something since he hasn’t been coming around since, and demands to know what it was. Brooke relays that Deacon tried to dissuade her from drinking, but she convinced him to join her. Hope wants to know if she’s still drinking. Brooke assures her she’s not, but she still can’t understand why she wanted to indulge that night. Hope feels there’s something more going on. “And there is – isn’t there?” She circles back to what Douglas said he saw. Hope levels, “You were kissing my father.”
Brooke truth out B&B

They sit down and Brooke goes back over everything that happened that night, explaining to Hope that Ridge called to say he wasn’t coming back. She grabbed the bottle of vodka and Deacon tried to stop her but she wouldn’t let him. Once she tasted it she just wanted more. “I convinced him too. At first we were having fun; we were just tipsy and having fun.” She recalls Deacon finding the hat from Christmas and putting it on. Hope tears up and concludes, “A Santa hat.” She wipes away a tear as Brooke explains how she and Deacon were discussing the good old days – it felt good, and they kissed. “Yes, your father and I kissed.”

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy teases Ridge about his ultra-serious photo and they get laughing. Taylor comes in and says nothing makes her happier than seeing the two of them working together like this. Ridge echoes his daughter when she expresses her happiness at having Taylor back in L.A. Thomas joins the camaraderie and Taylor bursts, “This! This is why I’m so glad I’m home!” Ridge grumps about getting back to work, so Steffy suggests they all get together later for dinner. Ridge is the lone hold out and has to check his schedule. Steffy guesses his hesitation has to do with Brooke – he’s so worried about her he can’t even leave her alone for an evening?! Thomas and Steffy take their leave of the office and Taylor tells Ridge their daughter was clearly trying to give them a moment alone.
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Taylor respects him not wanting to talk about Brooke but reminds him she’s a good listener. Ridge appreciates her and thanks her for coming home. Taylor hasn’t been this happy in a long time. Ridge feels she deserves it and she agrees. Taylor admits she had to ask herself some tough questions about why she stayed away so long. Ridge shrugs that she’s there now – the kids are thrilled and he’s smiling. Taylor loves to see that smile. Ridge wonders if she got any answers. Taylor admits the main reason she didn’t come back was Brooke – knowing he’d made a life with her. She couldn’t help but wonder what might have been if Sheila hadn’t shot her and they’d stayed together as a family. “I couldn’t stop thinking about what could have been. The memories we could have made. The life we almost had.” She tears up and decides she needs to go. Ridge pulls her into an embrace.
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At the loft, Carter and Paris make out. Paris tells him, “That was unexpected.” He questions, “Was it though?” Paris admits she’s felt something building between them. Carter wonders, “What do we do now?” She hopes they’ll kiss again. Carter does too, but he was referring to Zende. Paris recaps that she’s not ready for a lifetime commitment and he’s out on a date right now. Whatever is happening between her and Carter, she likes it. As they get closer and are about to kiss again, he asks if she’s okay with this. She is and questions if he is as well. Carter croons, “Do you even have to ask?” They start making out again.
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At Brooke’s place, Hope is glad her mother came clean with her. She wants her to forgive herself – it was just a kiss when she was drunk between two people who used to be close. Brooke admits that Deacon slept there overnight. He tucked her in and fell asleep beside her – they were fully dressed. Hope gasps, “What if Ridge had come home?” Brooke agonizes. “How could I do that? How could I risk losing my marriage and the man I love so much?” She knows Taylor and Steffy are just waiting for her to mess up so they can reunite their sweet little family. If Ridge finds out that Deacon was there, that they kissed and he was in her bed, she would lose him forever!

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