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At the cabin, Douglas insists it’s true – Santa was kissing grandma! Hope tells the boy that she and Liam are a little thrown off. Douglas reiterates he saw Brooke kissing a man in a red hat. They grill him to make sure he’s talking about New Year’s Eve and not Christmas Eve. Douglas says he’s sorry – Liam told him not to go up to the main house, but he did, and that’s when he saw grandma kissing Santa. Hope shoots Liam a look. She extracts a promise from the kid to never do that again. Douglas senses she’s worried about something. Liam admits they know Brooke didn’t go right to sleep that night, but questions again if Douglas got the days confused. Douglas insists it was New Year’s Eve. Hope says he seems pretty sure so she’s going to need him to tell her again everything he remembers about that night.

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Douglas recalls he couldn’t sleep without his stuffed bunny. He snuck out up to the big house and when he passed the living room window, that’s when he saw grandma kissing Santa. Liam asks if anyone saw him. Douglas says no. Hope wonders if it could have been a dream, but the boy is adamant it was real, and he saw it happen. She sends him off to do homework and Liam asks, “What could he possibly be talking about?” Hope doesn’t know – Ridge didn’t come back until the next day. “The only way to know for sure is to have a conversation with my mother.”
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In the main house, Ridge wants to know what he can do to make things better for Brooke. They’re in this together. Brooke and Ridge embrace. Ridge reminds the blonde that he’s her husband and will always be there for her. He confides, “I need you a lot more than you need me.” Brooke doesn’t even know how he can put up with her – she’s created another issue for them. Ridge reiterates that they’ll deal with this as a couple. Brooke sighs, “I hope so.” Ridge assures her they’ve got this and he’s not going anywhere.
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Brooke agonizes over what triggered her to drink. She’s been sober for so many years and out of nowhere she had the urge to drink. Brooke wishes she could erase that night. She wishes Ridge had been there with her… more than he even knows. Ridge rants about how he should know when she’s struggling. He wants to take her pain away and can’t do it. Brooke states that no one can. She has to make better decisions and doesn’t want what happened to ever happen again. Ridge recaps how she came clean and told him everything – that honesty makes him want to be a better person for her. “I love you so much,” he says as he pulls her into a hug. Brooke tears up with guilt feelings.

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At Carter’s loft, Paris notes that it’s immaculate. Talk turns to her financial portfolio. Paris knows she’s in good hands with him. She looks at the nest egg she’s building and marvels that he really is a financial genius. Paris is so thankful for everything he’s doing… and not just financially. She recounts how he’s gone above and beyond for her and doesn’t know what she’d have done without his guidance – especially where Zende is concerned. Paris realizes she’s not ready for marriage when she looks at Carter and can’t stop thinking about their kiss. It’s one of the reasons she can’t fully commit to Zende. Paris smiles, “But here we are, and I like it.” Carter likes it too. They both felt a little guilty about the kiss and go over how unexpected it was. Paris just wanted to thank him for the heads-up about Zende’s proposal and may have got a little caught up. She notes that circumstances have changed now – Zende’s out with a model and she’s there at Carter’s. The Forrester COO can’t get the kiss out of his mind and moves in for another one. They make out and then finally pull apart. Paris frets, “This could get complicated.” Carter nods, “I know.” They resume kissing.
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At the cabin, Liam offers Douglas help with his spelling homework but notices the boy is upset. Douglas can’t stop thinking about what he told him and mommy and worries they’re disappointed in him. Liam reassures the boy they’re proud of him for being so forthcoming. Douglas asks where Hope is and learns she’s gone to talk to grandma. The boy wonders if she’ll tell her what he said.

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Hope surprises Brooke in her living room as she’s flashing back to doing shots with Deacon. Hope asks if she came clean about everything because she and Liam had a conversation with Douglas, who came up to the house that night in search of his stuffed animal. “Is there anything that maybe he shouldn’t have seen?” Brooke asks, “What do you mean?” Hope mentions that he saw her through the window that night. Brooke fears he saw her drinking. Her daughter says he didn’t, but there’s something else and they can’t really understand it. Douglas was 100% certain, however. “Douglas says he saw you. He saw you kissing Santa Claus.” Brooke gasps, “What?” Hope repeats that the boy saw her kissing a man in a red hat. Brooke groans, “Oh my God.” Hope reminds her that Ridge was not home that night and asks, “What happened, mom?” Brooke looks aghast. Hope prompts, “Mom? Answer me, please.”

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