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At home, Brooke flashes to being drunk with Deacon. There’s a knock at the door – it’s Taylor. She explains she knows Ridge is at the office and is there to see Brooke. Taylor reminds the blonde that she asked if they could be friends, and that’s why she’s there – as a friend. She’s spoken to Ridge and Hope and it’s clear something is weighing on her. Taylor wondered if she could be of help. She questions Brooke about not being herself and not going into the office. Brooke’s taken aback to learn everyone’s been talking about her. Taylor figures it has to do with the return of Deacon and the dredging up of her past. “I’m right, aren’t I? Whatever’s troubling you has to do with Deacon.”
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In her room, Sheila paces and wonders if her switcheroo on New Year’s Eve worked. Did Brooke take a swan dive? It would serve her right for using Ridge to keep her from seeing her son. She wonders what happened that was so bad that Deacon couldn’t risk her even getting a whiff of it. Sheila thinks to herself that perhaps Taylor would know.

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In the boardroom, a Forrester executive tells Ridge he’s been trying to get Carter to go out with the guys. He’s been on the sidelines since he broke off his engagement and needs to get back in the game. Ridge wonders if he already has his eye on someone else. The exec questions if Carter’s been holding out on them. Carter flashes to kissing Paris, but denies there’s anyone. The exec keeps pushing Carter to go out – there are so many gorgeous and interesting women in Los Angeles. He declares that they’re going to Bikini Bar tonight and warns Carter not to back out as he exits the office. Ridge grills Carter about why he’s not anxious to get back out there – does he have his mind on someone else… like Quinn? Carter sighs. He’s thinking about Quinn less and less. He wants to be the man Ridge believes him to be. Ridge counters that it’s simple – don’t get involved with women who are in a relationship with someone else.
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In the design office, the model Zende is working with asks him out for a drink. He flashes to Paris telling him they’re young and single and accepts her invitation. Sequoia smiles, “It’s a date,” as Paris walks into the office and questions, “Did I just hear you guys say you’re going out tonight?” After the model leaves, Zende reminds Paris she made it clear that she’s not ready to be serious. “Am I wrong about that?” Paris denies being jealous and reiterates that they need to have more experiences. She doesn’t want Zende to think that she wants to stop seeing him; he’s amazing. Zende gets it – she’s not ready to be tied down. Paris wants him to be happy, so he should go out with Sequoia and have fun. Zende feels they can still care about each other and not be exclusive. He still sees a future with her in it. “Someday, I’m going to make you my wife.” They kiss.
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Later, Carter enters and Paris brings him up to speed on Zende and Sequoia going on a date. She supposes she should have expected it – it’s what she wanted. Carter asks if they discussed it. Paris confirms they did and it was a good conversation, but she needed time to process it. Seeing Carter makes her feel a lot better. She admits she can’t stop thinking about their kiss.
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At Brooke’s place, she tells Taylor she appreciates the offer of help but has a wonderful support system. Ridge comes in and is surprised to see Taylor there. She explains why she came and shows herself out. Brooke groans. Ridge asks if she’s okay and urges her to take a breath. He knows she doesn’t want to share what happened with anyone, but it’s obvious she’s still struggling. Brooke’s adamant that she doesn’t want Taylor to know about her drinking. She can’t even explain her decision to drink. Brooke agonizes, “My behavior didn’t even make sense that night.” Ridge has moved past it. He understands that she doesn’t want Taylor to know – it will be their little secret. They kiss and Ridge holds her.
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Sheila surprises Taylor in her office. The doctor asks what brings her by. Sheila can’t stop thinking about Taylor being separated from her grandkids for so long – she hopes she’s enjoying her time with them. Taylor hopes she’s not there to ask her to help make in-roads with them. Sheila admits she overheard Steffy tell her how much she misses her being with Ridge. It doesn’t seem fair that he’s with Brooke. She figures between Deacon being back and Taylor coming home, the blonde must be dealing with some stress. “How does she seem to you?”

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