Ridge tries to reason with kids BB
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At the Forrester mansion, Deacon tells Brooke that he loves her. She responds by demanding he leave, reminding him that she doesn’t want him around. He thinks she’s fooling herself and senses she is afraid of what will happen if he stays. He feels a force is pushing them together, something that neither of them can control. She thinks the force was the booze, but Deacon waxes on about their connection, and that maybe there was a bigger reason for the kiss. He thinks it would be amazing for Hope if they were together. Brooke yells at him to stop. She insists she loves Ridge and knows he would leave her if he found out what happened. Brooke makes it clear that she won’t let that happen.

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At Forrester Creations, Thomas and Steffy tell their father that they can see something is going on between him and Brooke and it has them worried. Ridge assures them that they are fine, and he doesn’t want them to worry about his marriage.

Ridge tries to reason with kids BB

Steffy asks why Hope is being so territorial and defensive when it comes to her mother. Thomas and Steffy suspect there is something they don’t know about going on. Ridge assures them that there is nothing he and Brooke can’t handle, and everything is fine. He has respect for Brooke, her strength, and her honesty. Ridge tells his children that with everything under control at the office that he’s going to go home and check on Brooke.

Back at the mansion, Brooke gets a text that Ridge is on his way home. She orders Deacon to go. He agrees but says he won’t deny his feelings any longer. He loves her and nothing will change that. Deacon quickly kisses Brooke before taking off. Brooke looks at the photos of her and Ridge on the mantel and thinks about pouring out the bottle of vodka into the plant.

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Ridge arrives home and he sees Brooke is upset. He embraces her and reminds her that she can talk to him about anything, and it won’t change how much he loves her. Brooke notes people at Forrester must wonder where she’s been. He tells her that she doesn’t have to answer to anyone, but he can see she’s still dwelling on New Year’s Eve. Brooke says she wants to focus on him and doesn’t want to let him down ever again. He pulls her into another embrace as Brooke thinks about kissing Deacon and the shots they did.

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At the cabin, Liam and Hope work on their laptops, and Hope convinces Liam to give her a foot rub. He complies and wonders what is up with Deacon being MIA since New Year’s. He worries the lack of contact with Deacon could mean he’s up to his old ways. Hope admits part of it might be that her mom doesn’t want him around the house anymore. Liam wonders what brought that about-face. Hope comments that they’ll find out at some point, and for now, she’s just trying to support her mom and her sobriety. Liam asks if Deacon knows about the relapse. Hope doesn’t believe so, and she doesn’t want Taylor or Steffy to find out either.

Hope arrives at Forrester Creations to drop off some work. She runs into Steffy, who wonders if she’s there to put her on notice again. Hope only wants them to respect Brooke and Ridge’s marriage. Steffy feels Hope is protecting Brooke.  Hope assures Steffy that her mother is fine. Steffy warns her that people are talking as to why Brooke hasn’t been showing up at work, and whatever Brooke is dealing with she hopes it doesn’t consume her life and marriage more than it already has.

Deacon arrives at Il Giardino and thinks about his past with Brooke and making love to her.  He also recalls waking up in bed with Brooke on New Year’s.

The show ends with an image of Betty White and the message, “In loving memory.”

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