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At Forrester Creations, Thomas asks Steffy if she knows what’s going on with Brooke, who has missed several meetings. Steffy tells him Hope basically said the same thing as their dad – that something was going on with Brooke. Thomas can’t understand her not coming to work. “What do you think it is?”

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At home, Brooke flashes through her interactions with Deacon on New Year’s Eve. Ridge asks if something’s upset her – she didn’t say a word on the way home from the AA meeting. Brooke is taking it all in but isn’t struggling with wanting a drink. Ridge senses she’s still struggling with what happened on New Year’s. She agonizes over what caused her to drink and say she still has regrets. Ridge is sorry for leaving her alone and promises she’ll never feel that loneliness ever again.
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At Il Giardino, Sheila overhears Deacon tell his manager that he’s rushing to mop because there’s someone special he needs to go see. The manager walks off and Sheila approaches. She muses, “Someone special? Would that be Hope… or Brooke?” Deacon hasn’t time to stand around and discuss his social engagements and tells her to mind her own business. Sheila figures it must be Brooke, and purrs that New Year’s Eve must have been VERY successful. Deacon wonders why she keeps asking about it. Sheila’s just making conversation. Deacon admits he hasn’t seen Hope or Brooke since then. Sheila asks if there’s a reason for that. Deacon complains, “Sheila give me a break, I’m trying to work here.” He’s not staying away, he just hasn’t been there since New Year’s Eve. He flashes to Brooke telling him he can’t come back. Sheila laughs when he blames work obligations. She wonders if Deacon staying away might have been Brooke’s idea. Deacon walks off with his mop and bucket. Sheila chuckles, “That must have been one hell of a New Year’s Eve; one hell of a party.”
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Sheila sits at the bar and eyeballs the bottles of champagne. She wonders, “Did I succeed? Did I get Brooke to drink again?” She flashes to their argument and to switching the labels on the bottles and muses that Brooke’s guarantee to destroy her life only guaranteed her destroying Brooke’s.

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Ridge arrives at Forrester Creations to find Thomas and Steffy discussing Brooke being a no-show again. “Dad,” Steffy asks, “What is going on with your wife?” They elaborate that they’re concerned and ask if it has to do with Deacon. Steffy thinks it was a huge slap in the face – Brooke opening up her home to him. “We don’t know what Brooke might do next.” Thomas wonders if it’s the best place for his father, to be over at Brooke’s with Deacon around. Steffy and Thomas miss him. Steffy adds, “Mom does too.” Ridge wants to know what this is all about. Steffy worries it’s only a matter of time before Brooke’s involved in another scandal – they don’t want that for him. Thomas muses that Deacon came back to town, but another person did too. Perhaps it was perfect timing for Taylor to arrive. Steffy needs Ridge out of Brooke’s place before she takes him down again.

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At home, Brooke is thinking about New Year’s Eve when Deacon startles her by saying her name. He knows Ridge is at work and can’t stop thinking about what happened between them. Deacon’s convinced she can’t stop thinking about it anymore than he can. “What we did New Year’s Eve.” Brooke doesn’t want him at the house. Deacon argues that won’t make them stop thinking about it. “All I can think about is kissing you.” Brooke isn’t blaming him; she wishes there was someone she could blame besides herself. She doesn’t understand what happened that night, she just had an intense urge to drink. Deacon urges her to go to a meeting. She explains she has, and that Ridge and Hope know about the drinking… but nothing else. Deacon feels not letting him on the property will only raise suspicions. “This about-face you’re doing is going to raise red flags!” He thinks Ridge and Hope will connect the dots. “The best thing you can do is let me back.” Brooke hollers, “I can’t see you anymore, Deacon! You get it?”
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Brooke goes over her guilt and regret and tears up over them kissing. Deacon thinks it’s possible that Ridge letting her down was the last straw – and now she’s got Taylor to contend with. Brooke fumes that she’s just waiting in the wings for something to go wrong. Deacon feels the night unleashed some inner desires. Brooke scoffs. Deacon knows what he felt when their lips touched. He thinks Hope would love to see her parents together. Brooke loves her husband, and if he knew what they did on New Year’s Eve he’d leave her. Deacon has tried to bury these feelings but he’s done. He grabs Brooke, “I love you. I’ve always loved you… and I always will.”

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