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At the cliff house, Hope warns Steffy and Taylor about taking advantage of Brooke’s situation. Steffy defends her mother. Taylor interjects that this is awkward and adds that she still isn’t sure what’s going on with Hope’s mother, but she’s happy to be of help if she can. Hope thanks her, but what her mom needs right now is stability. Steffy thinks Brooke is upset that her mother is back. Hope denies it. Taylor sweetly warns that she and Ridge will see each other often, but assures Hope that she did not come back to Los Angeles to break up his marriage to Brooke.
Taylor assures Hope B&B

At home, Brooke urges Ridge to go to work and not reschedule any more meetings. They go over her need to figure out what happened on New Year’s so it never happens again. Brooke appreciates how supportive Ridge has been, but he needs to go to the office. She’ll be fine on her own. Ridge loves that they can say anything to each other – no holding back.

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At Forrester Creations, Mrs. Buckingham comments on how dashing Eric Forrester is as Paris cautions, “Mom…” Carter comes in and Paris introduces them. Her mother muses, “Carter Walton. At last we finally meet.” Carter’s pleased to meet her and she asks him to call her Grace. Talk turns to Zoe, who is doing well and moving on with her life. Carter tells Grace that Paris has missed having family in town. Grace eyeballs him but doesn’t respond.
Carter, Paris, Grace B&B

Paris informs Carter that her mom is thinking about relocating to L.A. Grace confirms she’s fielding some interesting offers. Carter hopes everything works out for her. Grace does too – it will give her an opportunity to keep an eye on her girl. Not that her daughters need it; they are talented… and resilient. Carter looks admirably at Paris as he tells her mother how much of an impression she’s made on everyone there. Grace watches him knowingly.

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At the cliff house, Steffy recaps to Taylor how Deacon being around is a constant reminder to her dad of Brooke’s past indiscretions. Taylor figures she doesn’t want anyone thinking about that. Steffy counters that she’s not doing anything to stop it – she’s practically throwing it in Ridge’s face. They’re a wonderful family, but her dad can’t seem to tear himself away from the Logans and their drama. Taylor feels that Ridge knows his own mind. Steffy can’t believe he’s happy being forced to accept Deacon in his life and home. She complains that he always makes concessions to Brooke. Taylor doubts he sees it that way. Steffy questions why her dad isn’t with Taylor, who is a good person and spent her life doing good. She can’t understand why he’s not prouder of them; instead, he’s too busy with the Logans. Steffy doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Brooke, but odds are she brought it on herself. She fears Ridge will get caught up in it – his own happiness doesn’t matter! “Dad has no support over there, that’s why I’m so furious.” She gets that Hope needs her dad, but she needs hers too, and so does Thomas. Taylor thinks it was bad luck their family got torn apart, but Steffy disagrees, “Not all of it.” She hopes her mother is staying because she and Thomas need her, and dad does too. Steffy’s not asking her to compete for a man, but she should fight… for her family. Ridge needs to be with them, not the Logans. “Dad needs to be with the Forresters.”
Taylor, Steffy talk B&B

At home, Brooke and Ridge puzzle over what made her drink. Brooke guesses she lost control when he said he wasn’t coming home. Hope listens through the terrace curtains as Brooke thanks him for being so loving and supportive. Ridge will be right by her side through this battle. They kiss.
Brooke Ridge kiss B&B

After Ridge is gone, Hope joins Brooke, who tells her daughter how much she appreciates her support. Hope’s just glad she’s being open and honest and lets her know they’re there for her to lean on. She has one question, however, and says, “It’s about my dad.” She doesn’t understand the complete 180 she did. Hope hasn’t heard from her dad since New Year’s Eve and Brooke suddenly won’t even talk about him. “Did you say something to him? Did you tell him to stay away?” Brooke flashes to telling Deacon he can’t come back there ever. Hope wonders if she’s blaming her dad for her relapse – he was already gone when it happened. She feels everything began to unravel when she invited her dad back into their lives. “If something happened between you and my dad can you please tell me.”
Hope questions Brooke B&B

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At Forrester, Ridge comes upon Carter, Paris, and Grace in the office. Paris introduces him to her mother, who apologizes for her ex-husband’s behavior. Ridge turns the conversation to Paris. Grace takes the opportunity to talk up Zende. Paris insists her mom stay with her. Grace shoots Carter a look as they head out.

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